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Shirting Fabric is a broad term used to refer to a variety of fabrics, where the fabric is generally tightly woven and less sheer, making them an ideal shirt weight. Shirting fabric tends to have a high thread count and is usually yarn dyed, ensuring that the pattern is woven into the fabric. Chambray and twill fabrics.
Photography of Night Cream- Pale Lilac

Night Cream- Pale Lilac

I haven’t come across a product which entirely suits my delicate skin, this cloth it is 150cm wide, very lightly textured, Italian cotton, easy care and with a lovely soft hand, in Night Cream Lilac.
Part number: 6394f
Photography of Binding In The Marsh

Binding In The Marsh

It is a pale blue, fairly heavy cotton shirting or perhaps even a lightweight dress fabric, very finely woven with just enough stretch and is 150cm wide.
Part number: 6362
Photography of Best Foot Forward - My Favourite

Best Foot Forward - My Favourite

This is perhaps my favourite of all these shirting’s in that it is a nice bold check…. this time we have a cotton shirting basically in lilac, dark blue and Turquoise with a double fine stripe in peach or could be orange very soft indeed.
Part number: 6350k
Photography of Best Foot Forward - The Finest - Navy

Best Foot Forward - The Finest - Navy

Identical to The Finest - White except this cloth is in dark navy blue and the fine stripes are in white.Softest cotton shirting in dark navy with a half centimetre wide stripe made up of thousands of little white stitches.
Part number: 6350j
Photography of Best Foot Forward - Houndstooth

Best Foot Forward - Houndstooth

150 cm wide, pure cotton finely woven, tiny houndstooth check in black white and blue.
Part number: 6350e
Photography of Best Foot Forward - Twill

Best Foot Forward - Twill

150cm wide, very soft pale blue twill weave cloth with a slight shimmer to the raised part of the twill.
Part number: 6350d
Photography of Sea Shanty

Sea Shanty

This is 155cm wide cotton / linen chambray weave shirting in pale blue, not entirely pale blue of course otherwise it wouldn’t be chambray, there is white in there and it is a mixture with a little bit of intricacy in the weave which makes this a rather f
Part number: 6276
Photography of Growing Up

Growing Up

This is 156cm wide Poly/Cotton hoedown check shirting in shades of brown and cream and mixtures of those where the checks merge or cross.
Part number: 8143
Photography of Sewing Room - Island Life - Beige

Sewing Room - Island Life - Beige

113cm wide cotton poplin beige with an all over floral print that you might find adorning the natives of a tropical island.
Part number: 5017b
Photography of Roll Up, Roll Up - Aqua Gingham

Roll Up, Roll Up - Aqua Gingham

Is a straightforward printed gingham in green and white, slightly larger check than a traditional woven gingham but none the worst for that.
Part number: 7231b
Photography of Seersucker - pink and white

Seersucker - pink and white

This is a lovely pink/white tiny check cotton seersucker so tiny the checks are only 1/8th of an inch big. Puff sleeves come to mind! 45 in wide
Part number: 97a
Photography of 50/50 - Cotton/Poly - Cherry

50/50 - Cotton/Poly - Cherry

112cm wide Superior Quality 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester poly/cotton fabrics, we have them in 6 colours. They are shirting weight so You can use them for dressmaking and also any crafts.
Part number: 6140c

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