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127 - 152cm Wide Cotton

127 - 152cm Wide Cotton for craft and quiltiing
Photography of Set Piece - Tweet Tweet 1m

Set Piece - Tweet Tweet 1m

A 146cm wide cotton poplin shirting with an all over ‘graphic’ little bird design. I think they are all meant to be garden birds, and not anything too exotic; although there is the odd one with a plume.
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Part number: SP8105
Photography of Roll Up, Roll Up - Fruit Candy

Roll Up, Roll Up - Fruit Candy

. Beautifully clean looking, the items depicted range from strawberries to peaches, apples, juicers for squeezing oranges, cartons for carrying picnics, sweets and other delights.
Part number: 7231e
Photography of Roll Up, Roll Up - Micro Dots

Roll Up, Roll Up - Micro Dots

150cm wide Pure white cloth with the tiniest of black dot designs which almost blend into the cloth.
Part number: 7231d
Photography of Roll Up, Roll Up - Heatwave

Roll Up, Roll Up - Heatwave

Another children’s summery design, this time depicting little girls on their holidays with backpacks, buckets and spades, sandcastles, all sorts of bits and bobs.
Part number: 7231c
Photography of Roll Up, Roll Up - Aqua Gingham

Roll Up, Roll Up - Aqua Gingham

Is a straightforward printed gingham in green and white, slightly larger check than a traditional woven gingham but none the worst for that.
Part number: 7231b
Photography of Roll Up, Roll Up - Hairdo

Roll Up, Roll Up - Hairdo

150cm wide printed cotton with rolls of sketchily drawn models from head to waist showing slightly different poses but all of them having their hair in rollers.
Part number: 7231a
Photography of Combed Cotton - Winter Floral

Combed Cotton - Winter Floral

150cm wide  100% Mercerised  Combed Cotton fabric.  This is a grey cotton poplin fabric with white, navy and teal floral pattern all over. White flowers gives a hint of winter time in it . 
Part number: 1470x
Photography of New Zealand Piece

New Zealand Piece

145cm wide Polly cotton viscose lightweight canvas in beige with an all over but fairly sparse print depicting brown engines, ship, airplanes, bicycles as it might appear in a museum. Maybe curtains for a little boys room or aprons for somebody else.
Part number: 7140
Photography of Flutterby


A rather sweet 148cm wide fine cotton poplin, in deep turquoise with an all over multi-coloured butterfly print, rather pretty.
Part number: 8184
Photography of William Morris - Rolling Frog

William Morris - Rolling Frog

150cm wide fairly fine cotton poplin in a not too pretty floral design in shades of khaki, sage green, pale blue and cream. I think this is a copy of a William Morris design or at least pays tribute to it, very sophisticated.
Part number: 5022
Photography of Sewing Room - Small Berry

Sewing Room - Small Berry

133cm wide cotton poplin fabric with an all over tiny black and white check Scattered over this are small strawberries. Use this to make a dress, crafts or soft furnishings.
Part number: 5012i
Photography of Spring Creatives - Avengers Fleece Round Badge

Spring Creatives - Avengers Fleece Round Badge

150cm wide 100% Polyester fleece. The grey ground is brought to life with large colourful badges depict classic Marvel charcters. Lovely and soft, this is perfect for fans of superheros. 
Part number: 1466d

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