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127 - 152cm Wide Cotton

127 - 152cm Wide Cotton for craft and quiltiing
Photography of Pretty


130cm wide very pretty ivory cotton lawn with an all over abstract floral design in green's, minks and blues.
Part number: 1802P18
Photography of Spotify


152cm wide, rather fine, vaguely crinkled, polyester chiffon in navy blue with an all over tiny polka dot pattern in white.
Part number: 1807BS02
Photography of Boma


160cm wide polyester elastane, Peachskin jersey in what is described as an animal print. There may be some elements of animal in the design but overall its heavily disguised but rather splendid. Gloriously soft and comfy to handle.
Part number: 1810H45
Photography of Looking For Space

Looking For Space

140cm wide finest cotton voile in black with an all over not to small floral print in pink, pale plum, red, green and mustard.
Part number: 1807M05
Photography of Sunny


The label says lemon curd, whilst I thought that was a bit funny, oddly enough it might even resemble lemon curd. What is it? It is a fabulous 158cm wide cotton 6 whale cord trousering which has been in some awfully expensive trousers which I would of dea
Part number: 1810J06
Photography of Clogs And Cow Bells

Clogs And Cow Bells

145cm wide woven polyester seersucker check in blue and white. Almost out of a yoghurt advert. Perfect for school dresses.
Part number: 1804J34
Photography of Muslin - Ivory

Muslin - Ivory

150cm wide, washed and shrunk in its natural state.
Part number: 1810L01
Photography of Muslin-Black


158cm wide, Egyptian cotton, black, fine muslin. I know you will have just the job for this.
Part number: 1807L01
Photography of Sand Storm

Sand Storm

150cm wide, 50% wool, 30% linen, 20% Nylon, fine tropical suiting which has all the elements you would wish to fine in a suiting for a warmer climate, fine weave, some slubbines and strength given by the ridiculously fine nylon thread that is in it. It ha
Part number: 1806E40
Photography of If they're not Lilies, then whose are they?

If they're not Lilies, then whose are they?

150cm wide, lovely quality, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, mildly satinised stretch dress fabric in black with an all over rather pretty floral print in shades of blue, cream grey and light purple.
Part number: 1810V07
Photography of Cherry Ripe

Cherry Ripe

150cm wide, Splendid 97% cotton, 3% elastane, cotton stretch dress fabric in black with an all over cherry design in red with green and teal foliage.
Part number: 1810V08
Photography of Aargh!


The dreaded spot, 148cm wide, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, absolutely splendid stretch dress fabric in off white with 5mm diameter red polka dot design.
Part number: 1810V12

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