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127 - 152cm Wide Cotton

127 - 152cm Wide Cotton for craft and quiltiing
Photography of Aargh!


The dreaded spot, 148cm wide, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, absolutely splendid stretch dress fabric in off white with 5mm diameter red polka dot design.
Part number: 1810V12
Photography of Plantagenet


150cm wide, fine and lovely quality cotton poplin shirting in cream with and all over quite beautiful floral print.
Part number: 1810V13
Photography of The Merry Wives Of Salterforth

The Merry Wives Of Salterforth

Quiet outstanding 150cm wide, cotton poplin in pale cream with an all over modern take on an old fashioned floral design.
Part number: 1810V11
Photography of Harry Stuttle - Fushia Pink

Harry Stuttle - Fushia Pink

150cm wide, polyester lovely quality “straw cloth”, something trying to imitate linen, cutting out the crease factor in Fushia Pink .
Part number: 1810V05b
Photography of Cover Up

Cover Up

160cm wide, this is actually two fabrics in one, a pretty paisley floral fabric bonded to a metallic knitted underlay. Very pretty it could be used as detailing for sleeves and the neck line or could be made as a tunic using a lining. All in all a very pr
Part number: 1811J11
Photography of Two In One

Two In One

146cm wide, a fabric of 2 halves but ultimately what we have here is a navy polyester jersey fabric with a gold metallic print.
Part number: 1811J06
Photography of Winceyette - Sleep Tight- Festive Bird

Winceyette - Sleep Tight- Festive Bird

150cm wide is a rather splendid Winceyette flannel with an all over Christmas theme print festive bird design in pink, green & white on a navy background.
Part number: 1810B02
Photography of Winceyette - Sleep Tight- Christmas Is Coming!

Winceyette - Sleep Tight- Christmas Is Coming!

150cm wide is a rather splendid Winceyette flannel with an all over Christmas theme print of snowmen, polar bears, Christmas trees, reindeer, snowflakes and gingerbread-men on a white background.
Part number: 1810B04
Photography of Cotton Canvas - Red

Cotton Canvas - Red

Cotton canvas in red. very strong cloth for use anywhere you need strength.
Part number: 1809O17
Photography of There's a Novelty - Burnley

There's a Novelty - Burnley

Cotton shirting in blue with small claret elephants in an all over print . Nice for children and soft furnishings. 140cm wide.
Part number: 1807B01
Photography of Dobbylicious


145cm wide, wonderful pale lilac chiffon with the addition of a small dobby about one inch apart, delightfully pretty.
Part number: 1801J27
Photography of Pop Lawn - Peach

Pop Lawn - Peach

Cotton lawn really nice quality plain coloured fabric, 145cm wide very pretty in peach.
Part number: 1807J08

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