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Drill | Twill Fabric

Cotton Twill is constructed with a twill in the weave to create a strong diagonal pattern in the weave.  A  Drill Fabric is also a breathable material making it comfortable to wear whilst working. Heavyweight cotton, this fabric is most commonly used for making uniforms and workwear due to its strong and durable nature. As it is 100% cotton.
Photography of Cotton Canvas - Baby Blue

Cotton Canvas - Baby Blue

Cotton canvas in baby blue. very strong cloth for use anywhere you need strength.
Part number: 1809O17A
Photography of Cunard


150cm wide, Cotton trousering in fine very dark navy, plain weave with a slight satinised finish to one side.
Part number: 1809J05
Photography of Dalton


150cm wide, Cotton trousering in medium weight fine twill and this is in a dark navy.
Part number: 1808J12
Photography of Chasing Rainbows - Mustard

Chasing Rainbows - Mustard

Mustard - A little ray of sunshine, 150cm wide, very fine hopsack in mustard.
Part number: 1808J06f
Photography of Cotton Canvas - Red

Cotton Canvas - Red

Cotton canvas in red. very strong cloth for use anywhere you need strength.
Part number: 1809O17
Photography of The Undertaker

The Undertaker

60 wide, pure worsted wool fine twill flannel suiting in jet black, with a hand of silk. 2% lycra for a bit of give. Just beautiful.
Part number: 1052
Photography of Going Back

Going Back

154cm wide woollen cloth which is almost as fine as any shirting you can imagine. Just as closely woven, just as soft and is made up of kingfisher blue and black yarns.
Part number: 1702J02
Photography of NSX


Its made of superfine cotton, it could be used as a shirting or a treasuring or suiting. It comes in a colour which I think, although describe as pale gold, it as a peachiness to it and is a very warm colour
Part number: 1708J07
Photography of I Should Be So Lucky In - Grey

I Should Be So Lucky In - Grey

58in wide grey polyester mix suiting with viscose and elastane in grey. A good weight, in face an extremely decent cloth, about 260gsm this twill suiting cloth has a superb hand.
Part number: 1066b
Photography of Camel Rib

Camel Rib

Something quite different, a soft woven light brown jacketing with a mild but substantial twill weave. A much softer cloth than what has gone before and perhaps more suited to a looser fitting garment than a traditional jacket.
Part number: 6285
Photography of Tailors Lining - Brown Twill Stripe

Tailors Lining - Brown Twill Stripe

160cm wide wide tailor's lining fabric of a quality of a bygone era and you dont have to use this as a lining. In a brown twill weave with fine vertical stripe relief
Part number: CM002c
Photography of Denim - Brace yourself Sheila

Denim - Brace yourself Sheila

150cm wide Brace yourself Sheila type denim in broken twill weave, traditional in colour. Good strong 14oz denim.
Part number: 1801B02

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