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European Dress Fabrics

European Dressmaking Fabrics to Buy Online

Dress fabrics from all over Europe, the finest Italian shirting fabric, 100% cotton. Chino fabrics for trousers from Germany.
Photography of Miracle Man - Dress Velvet - Mid Grey

Miracle Man - Dress Velvet - Mid Grey

140cm wide. Beautifully soft mid-grey Italian dress fabric.They don't get any better than this. Velvet that is!
Part number: 3371e
Photography of Miracle Man - Dress Velvet Velour - Darkest Brown

Miracle Man - Dress Velvet Velour - Darkest Brown

155cm wide. A slightly heavier, but still superfine cotton velvet in the darkest Lindt chocolatey brown.
Part number: 3371i
Photography of Prestige - Dragonfly Teal

Prestige - Dragonfly Teal

A lovely crepe from Carrington Bridal fabrics, it comes in a gorgeous dragonfly teal colour, drapes beautifully, doesn't crease and washes a dream at 40 degrees. What more could you want?
Part number: 1537a
Photography of Ruby Ruby Ruby

Ruby Ruby Ruby

A 150cm wide lightweight cotton and nylon trousering in what says Ruby on the label. Im not too certain about that. I suppose it could be, whatever it is a nice colour. The cloth is exceptional, and very light weight.
Discount £1.50
Part number: 1897
Photography of Schofield - Black

Schofield - Black

A 146cm wide poly viscose elastane suiting in either navy, pale cream or black, truly a cloth for all seasons.
Part number: 1800a
Photography of Textured Taffeta - Heather

Textured Taffeta - Heather

Italian made lovely quality polyester taffeta in heather.
Part number: 1525u
Photography of The Undertaker

The Undertaker

60 wide, pure worsted wool fine twill flannel suiting in jet black, with a hand of silk. 2% lycra for a bit of give. Just beautiful.
Part number: 1052
Photography of Three Masters, One Governer - Trousering

Three Masters, One Governer - Trousering

A Italian made, this is heavier with a possibly finer weave and a slightly satin finish where the twill is hardly noticeable.
Part number: 8129b
Photography of Wedding Armour

Wedding Armour

140cm wide 87% polyester 12% metallic spandex lightweight suiting in cream and silver the base cloth is cream and the hieroglyph is in the metal bit and the spandex helps the whole thing stretch sufficiently for you to be able to wear it. It will look spl
Part number: 7134
Photography of Special Selection - Winter Berry

Special Selection - Winter Berry

150cm wide woollen Italian made 84% wool and 16% mohair suiting fabric is in what would be described as a dark red winter berry colour.
Part number: 7353e
Photography of Italian Black Cotton

Italian Black Cotton

142cm wide fine but substantial cotton poplin in black.
Part number: 7152
Photography of Three Masters, One Governer - I'm The Twill One

Three Masters, One Governer - I'm The Twill One

This is a ever so slightly coarser with a fine but obvious twill, a little heavier and perhaps a little more robust. Made in Italy, 100% cotton.
Part number: 8129z
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