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Italian Cotton Shirting

Photography of Mambo Italiano - Black As Night

Mambo Italiano - Black As Night

The first plain line ,this is as black as night cotton shirting cloth. With a very satiny feel ,a slight sheen to the finish and sadly a little bit narrower than the other at only 142cm wide
Part number: 2110a
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Delicate Check

Mambo Italiano - Delicate Check

Here we have extra ordinarily fine check. Italian fabric made up of black and white dotted line on pale pink background.
Part number: 2110c
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Dusky Pink

Mambo Italiano - Dusky Pink

Another plain shirting, this time in a very deep dusky pink.This Italian cloth is very fine soft and a slight sheen to the to the finish.
Part number: 2110e
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Pale Blue Check

Mambo Italiano - Pale Blue Check

Tiny chukaward check cotton shirting in three shades of blue and grey, with grey running one way and the blues running the other. Very tasty!
Part number: 2110h
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Pale Soft Pink

Mambo Italiano - Pale Soft Pink

The same plain cotton poplin as Black As Night, but this time is in a pale soft but not baby pink.
Part number: 2110j
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Pink Check

Mambo Italiano - Pink Check

Here we have same weave pattern as Pale Blue Check, but this time in two shades of pink and a dark grey.
Part number: 2110k
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Vertical - Dusky Pink

Mambo Italiano - Vertical - Dusky Pink

Sorry to be a bore but this is the same pattern as on previous cotton cloth. This time the stripes are in dull lilac and muted dark grey and somehow this Italian shirting gives a bluesy sort of Hugh quite amazing.
Part number: 2110g
Photography of Pull Your Socks Up

Pull Your Socks Up

140cm wide 65% Cotton 35% Silk, very pale olive Italian made shirting which has a positive radiance to it.
Part number: 4139
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