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Italian Cotton Shirting

Photography of Three Masters, One Governer - Shirting

Three Masters, One Governer - Shirting

A Italian made very fine cloth perhaps even shirting weight but fairly dense having said that.
Part number: 8129a
Photography of SET PIECE 4.5M Dash, Dash

SET PIECE 4.5M Dash, Dash

SET PIECE 4.5M We have just received a Melder of very posh shirting’s, the majority of which would only be seen in the best men’s shirts but no names ,this is one of many. 150cm wide fine Italian cotton shirting in a tiny dash, dash, dash pattern in lila
Part number: 5102b
Photography of Italian Shirting - San Pedro

Italian Shirting - San Pedro

145cm wide, 100% cotton lawn shirting in deep, dark navy. Classy cloth.
Part number: 1707J02
Out Of Stock
Photography of Night Cream- Nude

Night Cream- Nude

I haven’t come across a product which entirely suits my delicate skin, this cloth it is 150cm wide, very lightly textured, Italian cotton, easy care and with a lovely soft hand, in Night Cream Nude.
Part number: 6394b
Out Of Stock

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