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Mambo Italiano - Delicate Check

Mambo Italiano - Delicate Check Cu

Mambo Italiano - Delicate Check Cu

Approx Width: 150cm/59"   Composition:  100% cotton  

 Why would You call a cloth mambo ? Thatís some kind of deadly snake; any road up the following is one of a list of fabulous Italian cotton shirtings. They are all 150cm wide and have been in shirts made by at least one of the best known names in shirt making in Italy ,none are exactly formal but what does that matter in todays society the less formal the better but these do have more than just un-acknowledgement to formality.

Here we have extra ordinarily fine check. Italian fabric made up of black and white dotted line on pale pink background. 

What Can I Make With This? Shirt ,top ,blouse ,dress
Mambo Italiano - Delicate Check Cu Mambo Italiano - Delicate Check cu2
Product rating: *****
Part number: 2110c
£6.00 per mtr
Purchase matching lining (£2.75 per mtr): mtr
Purchase matching threads (£1.25 per unit): unit(s)

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