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Joseph - Italian Designer Dress Fabric - cu

Joseph - Italian Designer Dress Fabric - cu

Approx Width:  57"/145cm    Composition:  Wool/Poly

Italian - A 145cm wide wool/poly felt in a fairly outrageous, completely all over floral design in tones and shades of pink, cerise, turquoise, browns, orange, bit of black. Fabulous article to look at, it can only have been made for jackets as it is fairly rigid, but still supple enough to wear. I called it a felt, because I didnít know what else to call it but itís not the sort of felt you would associate with craft work or menís caps of yesteryear. As John Denver used to say: far out.


Whilst Iíve been laid low, with the accident that I had a little earlier in the year, which caused me to miss my annual golf pilgrimage to Portugal; which thanks to the modern way of communicating, I was reminded about on an almost daily basis from the rest of the lads; either on the golf course on in the bar. It was at this time I gained a holier than thou attitude to almost anyone that was enjoying themselves and my intake from the vine diminished virtually to nothing. Iím sure I was better for it, but I neither felt it, or thought it. So I have begun the long road back to regain my taste buds, and so far it has to be said, that I am enjoying it.

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