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The Hills are Alive... Pink



Approx Width: 160cm/62"                  Composition:  Cotton

Italian - .With the sounds of people who are wishing they had never gone up in the first place. This is a 160cm wide cotton, very fine, (grey toned) weave shirting in either pale blue or pink with the absolute finest of white horizontal stripe weaves. Almost a chambray but heavier. I can remember this sort of stuff being woven on Lancashire looms a hundred years ago - bit of exaggeration there, to make a point. And it used to have hundreds of faults in it because the weave was so fine and the yarn kept breaking. Which in turn made it expensive, because somebody had to pay for all the faults. None such here, fabulous cloth.

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The-Hills-Are-Alive-Pink-Italian-cotton-suting-fabric-cu The-Hills-Are-Alive-Pink-Italian-cotton-suting-fabric-w
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