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You can search for any colour of fabric by typing the colour you want in the search box. If you hover over the ‘Fabrics by Colour’ in the menu bar you will see the themes we have broken them down into. Alternatively there are also links below.



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Photography of Gurteen- All Is Safely Gathered

Gurteen- All Is Safely Gathered

160cm wide. Light weight cotton canvas in a deep lilac colour with some interest in the weft, giving it more of a linen look. Beautiful cloth!
Part number: 2034d
Photography of Gurteen- Foneball- Pale Caramel

Gurteen- Foneball- Pale Caramel

156cm wide. Lightweight cotton canvas in a Pale caramel, salt of the earth stuff.
Part number: 2034c
Photography of Gurteen- Flattery

Gurteen- Flattery

156cm wide. Lightweight Cotton canvas in a deep lilac colour with some interest in the weft, giving it more of a linen look. Beautiful cloth! Light suiting weight and a good finish.
Part number: 2034b
Photography of Gurteen- west Point

Gurteen- west Point

160cm wide. 100% cotton. Lightweight trousering in pale grey but not just a straight forward pale grey, there is a hint of air force blue in it hence the reference to west point.
Part number: 2034a
Photography of Square peg Round Hole - Pale Face

Square peg Round Hole - Pale Face

156cm wide. Exceedingly pale green cotton dull satin finished trousering. There’s a little bit of weave interest in the form of a shadow stripe but you’ve got to get mighty close to notice.
Part number: 2037h
Photography of Lovely Lawn - Why Worry

Lovely Lawn - Why Worry

135cm wide. Cotton with a dash of elastane shirting dress fabric, not quite a lawn quality but not a long way off and it’s in a very fresh white and turquoise green abstract design, probably has an Arab influence covered in all and expensive, no that is j
Part number: 2022b
Photography of Something Light - Magenta Sky

Something Light - Magenta Sky

145cm wide. Fine cotton lawn shirting in a delicious shade of magenta.
Part number: 2006e
Photography of Be Ready

Be Ready

150cm wide. Quite heavy but soft brushed cotton cavalry 12 in charcoal grey. A hell of a cloth and one which will be extremely hard to destroy.Made in one of Germany finest mills.
Part number: 2017
Photography of Inky Pinky Par Le Vou

Inky Pinky Par Le Vou

140cm wide. Very fine cotton Pink dyed, very fine cotton Bedford cordwith an all over children’s abstract print in squares with flowers in them and all the other flowers dotted here and there, containing the colours green, lilac, mauve, a darke
Part number: 2004
Photography of Viscose Jersey – Perfect Pink

Viscose Jersey – Perfect Pink

A lightweight, nice and soft lovely quality viscose jersey fabric in pink. This would look stunning made into tops or a lovely dress.
Part number: 129e
Photography of Something light - Willy Wonka

Something light - Willy Wonka

140cm wide. Fine cotton lawn in a very dark brown, this could be a Lindt chocolate brown.
Part number: 2007b
Photography of Check This

Check This

152cm wide. Polyester trousering in a fairly traditional county check in a black and white with a red over check all on a light brown cloth. It’s a woven check so wear the colours cross each other there is some interference which adds to the attractivenes
Part number: 2013
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