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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are black and or white or black and white mixed with other colours.
Photography of Military Checked - Woollen Jacquard

Military Checked - Woollen Jacquard

154cm wide, this extraordinary jacquard wool dress cloth is another fabric made for the catwalks.
Part number: 6231
Photography of Huddersfield's Best - Bella

Huddersfield's Best - Bella

Huddersfield, a place that has still got a firm grip on British manufacturing. A fine part of the world producing the finest wool fabrics in the world, this is no exception. Shinning Poly/Wool suiting cloth which will make you a stunning item. This comes
Part number: 6220b
Photography of Sometimes I Could Kiss A Fabric

Sometimes I Could Kiss A Fabric

When something comes along that is just that little bit different and special. This 150cm wide wool with silk suiting cloth.
Part number: 6228
Photography of Rockabilly


150cm wide, lovely cotton poplin black and white gingham fabric.
Part number: 6223
Photography of Glitter Ball

Glitter Ball

How to describe this? In brief a lace jersey embroidered metallic dress fabric the gold metallic and black embroidered lace sit on a polyester jersey baze giving a little bit of give. Definitely for these who do not wish to be ignored.
Part number: 6217
Photography of Get On The Good Foot

Get On The Good Foot

Perfect dancing gear. 155cm wide, devoré polyester velvet in polka dot. Different size spots to make it really interesting. Good this is a knitted devoré, so it stretches a lot so great for comfy dresses, skirts and tops.
Part number: 6216
Photography of Moby


Printed 150cm wide, black Georgette dress fabric with a white polka dot, a classic pattern.
Part number: 6212
Photography of Crinkled


Here we have an unusual polyester blouse fabric, this has ended at 130cm because it has been pleated and crinkled. There is nothing uniform about the pleating, it is like it has been scrunched and then a rubber type screen print applied leaving you with e
Part number: 6211
Photography of Dancing Armour

Dancing Armour

155cm wide black polyester fine net with 136cm wide swirly black sequin pattern. If you were making trousers you’ll need either strong elastic or braces. However it’s quite beautiful and beautifully made, handsome fabric.
Part number: 6208
Photography of That's Amore

That's Amore

150cm wide polyester devoré in black which is a fine polyester jersey based with a floral pattern in black. I’m not sure if this didn’t start out life as a polyester velvet and has been chemically removed some of the velvet to leave the pattern, In fact I
Part number: 6207
Photography of Called To The Bar

Called To The Bar

We are approaching the season when we spend our time being called to the bar or being dragged away from it. The time of year to sparkle, whether we feel like it or not! But when the time comes we just get on with it and enjoy it don’t we? This first cloth
Part number: 6206
Photography of Truely Madly Deeply

Truely Madly Deeply

Hook, line, and sinker we fell for this unusual fabric. Made in Italy this heart woven jacquard is a double cloth giving the fabric a wonderful texture, it is light and due to its stricture even though it is cotton virtually creaseless. Superb as 1 item,
Part number: 6203

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