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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are black and or white or black and white mixed with other colours.
Photography of Give a Little Love

Give a Little Love

Now here we have something very interesting, a 144cm wide quite stunning polyester spandex jacketing fabric with lots of stretch for comfort. this fabric is made in Spain and if you can handle your stripes you are going to get something rather special.
Part number: CM1625
Photography of Black Silk Chiffon

Black Silk Chiffon

140cm wide Black Silk Chiffon Dress Fabric
Part number: CM1323m
Photography of Walnut


152cm wide black jacquard polyester jersey. What’s black and looks like a walnut? Well a black walnut of course. This jersey cloth has a pattern of black scrolls which look a little bit like the shell of a walnut. This will look wonderful as a jacket, leg
Part number: CM1623
Photography of Black Narcissus

Black Narcissus

152cm wide black and silver evening wear dress cloth or maybe light weight suiting, yeah why not. In an all over rose design in black. It wouldn’t be difficult to be an absolute mystery in this one, fabulous cloth.
Part number: CM1622
Photography of Black hole

Black hole

147cm wide black cotton lycra light weight hopsack trousering lovely example of its Genre
Photography of Viscose Jersey - White

Viscose Jersey - White

145cm wide gorgeous White Viscose/Lycra lovely quality Jersey fabric, about 180-200gsm soft breathable Jersey fabric which is wonderfully drapey and comfortable to wear.
Part number: CM1523i
Photography of Clothworks Impressions - Sprig Black

Clothworks Impressions - Sprig Black

111cm wide gorgeous cotton blender fabric from Clothworks, with the smallest of floral designs.
Part number: CM1495e
Photography of Clothworks - Cultivate Your Joy

Clothworks - Cultivate Your Joy

The Clothwork cotton is printed in 15 colours, in the design of 'Cultivate Your Joy' by Peg Conley. Although it is a very pretty design, the title is a pearl of wisdom too. I'm sure the quality of this fabric will bring joy to many.
Part number: CM1497
Photography of Clothworks - Blueberry Skies

Clothworks - Blueberry Skies

Gorgeous quality cotton from Clothworks, with a black and metallic design by Pamela Mostek. Although this pattern shows us blueberries, it does have a delightfully wintry feel.
Part number: CM1495
Photography of Clothworks Impressions - Flora White

Clothworks Impressions - Flora White

111cm wide gorgeous cotton blender fabric from Clothworks. Plain but beautiful. Wonderful for craft and quilting projects, this cotton comes form one of America's best quilt and craft fabric suppliers.
Part number: CM1493a
Photography of Satin Backed Crepe - Black

Satin Backed Crepe - Black

150cm wide glorious PU coated satin backed black crepe dress fabric.
Part number: CM945f
Photography of Party Time - Not For Fishing

Party Time - Not For Fishing

120cm wide black net in polyester lycra with obviously little bit of stretch attached to which has been lots of black sequins in the satin ribbon floral pattern embroidered onto it. Plenty clever, rather nice too.
Part number: CM1514

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