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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are black and or white or black and white mixed with other colours.
Photography of Set Piece - Brocade - E.A.P 1.6m

Set Piece - Brocade - E.A.P 1.6m

Does this cloth have a touch of Byronic glamour? A pewter based brocade with a black floral design, imitating lace in some parts. Make yourself a skirt out of this, then head to the nearest castle. 
Discount 10%
Part number: 1981a
Photography of Set Piece - The Coalmens - Black 1m

Set Piece - The Coalmens - Black 1m

]150cm wide quite substantial but soft, 65% polyester 35% viscose lightweight coating in a very positive shade of Black. It has a very lightly raised, brushed abstract pattern on the surface which softens the cloth even more. If you get the contrasting co
Discount 10%
Part number: 1645b
Photography of Poplin Prints - Jackie

Poplin Prints - Jackie

113cm wide white cotton poplin with adorable floral print in coral-red ,yellow ,pink and pale blue.
Part number: 7128
Photography of Tenshun


160cm wide fine cotton drill in off white, be a woman of substance.
Part number: 8220
Photography of Mini Check

Mini Check

150cm wide fine soft cotton poplin in what is described on the label as a mini check in green and white. Dress up or down in this one.
Part number: 8233
Photography of Yawn


140cm wide very fine, beautiful black, Italian made viscose jersey which when stretched will be fairly see-through so do be careful.
Part number: 8229
Photography of Would You Believe It?

Would You Believe It?

I’m stood standing looking at this beautifully patterned shirting which I fully expected to be a cotton voile and it’s not it is 80% polyester, 20% cotton. It feels a lot like cotton but it isn’t, the partly sort of patchwork design is made up of pieces o
Part number: 8227
Photography of White Cloths and Others -  Sheeting

White Cloths and Others - Sheeting

270cm wide white fine cotton, it can only be sheeting at this width but would only be at home in the tropics I think, it is fine but  a lovely cloth and it’s white.
Part number: 8225b
Photography of Work Out

Work Out

150cm wide really beautifully made Italian, light-ish weight knitted cotton black Ponte Roma, great for anything that you require, a hard wearing, good looking, continuously good looking  cloth.
Part number: 8225
Photography of Two Lawns - Pink

Two Lawns - Pink

140cm wide quite fine cotton lawn.
Part number: 8221b
Photography of Two Lawns - Aqua

Two Lawns - Aqua

140cm wide quite fine cotton lawn.
Part number: 8221a
Photography of Starter for 10

Starter for 10

150cm wide, roughly half and half linen and cotton in a white mesh net with an all over but sparse flower and leaf design in black and grey
Part number: 8212

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