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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are black and or white or black and white mixed with other colours.
Photography of Complimentary


Leading on from the previous cloth this could perhaps to some extent go with it, it is another heavy polyester lycra knitted cloth but this time it has a bit of a knitting sort of feel and appearance to it, maybe this was used for some panelling but still
Part number: 6454
Photography of Sienna


150cm wide. Fine, almost super fine polyester drape in black, there is no roughness at all in the feel, just soft and melts in the hand silkiness.
Part number: 6152
Photography of Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Black

Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Black

150cm wide lovely viscose twill dress lining with a satin finish in black. This of course gives an expensive looking finish a shiny (but not cheap) bit of luxury to show off when you take off your jacket. Oh, and it is breathable too. Win, win!
Part number: 6116e
Photography of Fancy Linings - Lace

Fancy Linings - Lace

140cm wide Viscose/ Polyester fancy dress lining in taupe with black lace print. Perfect for jazzing up the inside of any garments.
Part number: 6122c
Photography of Stretch Breathable Lining - Charcoal

Stretch Breathable Lining - Charcoal

What a wonderful thing; breathable stretch dress lining made from viscose with 3% Elastane. Just that little bit extra give if You need it. At the time of posting we had this in 3 colours but we have limited stocks. This one comes in Charcoal black.
Part number: 6121a
Photography of Love To Hold Me - Italian Ponte Roma - Black

Love To Hold Me - Italian Ponte Roma - Black

This luxurious Italian made black ponte roma is made up of 45% wool 40 % viscose 10% polyamide and 5% elastane and is just wonderful, black as night and soft to touch....
Part number: 6143a
Photography of Quant - Black And White Ponte

Quant - Black And White Ponte

152cm wide good quality Polyester Ponte Roma Fabric with an unusual rhombus type design in white and black colour. This would make an amazing pencil skirt or light jacket.
Part number: 6148
Photography of Cloqué Fleur

Cloqué Fleur

135cm wide pretty floral stretch double jersey the flowers are raised in a similar way to a cloqué jersey, so this is not a plain cloth, this fabric is soft but it is not going to drape flexibly into beautiful ripples. It is stretchy and will be good for
Part number: 6155
Photography of British Wool Jersey - Black

British Wool Jersey - Black

150cm wide British made 100% Wool, heavy jersey of the highest order- absolutely beautiful densely, superb knitted wool jersey fabric.
Part number: 6154
Photography of Christmas Sparkle - Flake White

Christmas Sparkle - Flake White

140cm wide polyester organza in white with an all over silver snowflakes pattern.
Part number: 6142a
Photography of Set Piece - White Cotton Lycra Drill 1.4m

Set Piece - White Cotton Lycra Drill 1.4m

A 60” wide fine white cotton lycra twill, lots and lots of very fine yarn in this so it doesn’t want to be wasted on.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP370
Photography of Set Piece - Supersonic - Black 1.75m

Set Piece - Supersonic - Black 1.75m

54” wide superfine black cotton lawn with a calended satin finish you hear of fabrics described as having two, three, four, five, six hundred thread count, I honestly don’t know what this is I’ve got a magnifying glass on it and I couldn’t begin to count
Discount 10%
Part number: SP303v

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