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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are black and or white or black and white mixed with other colours.
Photography of Interference 1 m set piece

Interference 1 m set piece

Italian - Made for jackets retailing at £400 plus for a high end British designer label this is a superb Italian made 145cm wide cotton herringbone weave "denim" in black and cream. Good weight, and very strong with a nice finish. 
Part number: 1814
Photography of All washed Out 1.5 m set piece

All washed Out 1.5 m set piece

140cm wide. Cotton with some linen shirting/dress fabric in a washed out navy blue and white abstract all over design, on top of which are swirls of ribbon cut from the base fabric and sewn back on, gives it a bit of a gypsy sort of look. This cloth has s
Discount 10%
Part number: 2028
Photography of Poppycock 1.5 m set piece

Poppycock 1.5 m set piece

A 127cm wide 65% linen, 35% cotton lightweight suiting/shirting cloth. Comes in an off white with an all over ’hand drawn’ floral poppy like design in all sorts of pale tones of blues, lemon, lime pink, and outline detailing in darker blue. Lovely fresh l
Discount 10%
Part number: 1940
Photography of Dressiness - Navy 2 m set piece

Dressiness - Navy 2 m set piece

60” wide very dark navy, viscose/polyester/cotton lightweight suiting which has an element of “dressiness” and might even have been used for evening wear.
Discount 10%
Part number: 931a
Photography of Positively Discrete

Positively Discrete

Fairly coarsely woven cotton skirt cloth in navy blue with an all over abstract floral/ashtray design in white ,you know the sort of ashtrays that are a square ,you know the fag ends going to the bottom don’t take that image with you. I am just looking at
Part number: 2200
Photography of Alhambra


Black stretch polyester lace with a fairly open mesh knit with a very pretty black floral design which is quite dense. Beautifully delicate!
Part number: 2194
Photography of Incognito


Fine polyester net with an all over but not too dense floral pattern which is raised slightly from the best cloth. Mafia funeral vail?
Part number: 2188
Photography of Evening Ball

Evening Ball

Warm brushed cotton lightweight flannel shirting in a black and white small gingham check with an over check at 2/3 cm interwove in red a very cuddle-some sort of cloth.
Part number: 2182
Photography of California Girls

California Girls

This 97% Viscose, 3% Lycra jersey is fun and carefree. The stripes are suitably wide in white, coral, orange and one stripe is made up of thinner coral and white stripes. Though from a distance that can look like a marled band, rather than lots of tiny st
Part number: 1329
Photography of Missafair -  White

Missafair - White

132cm wide white knitted polyester jersey of an ilk that suggests relaxation, it is beautifully soft; with a scrunch up and fall out without even so much as a hint of a crease, within a fairly fancy knit with a tapas satin stripe half a centimetre wide in
Part number: 1321
Photography of Do I Hear Banjos?

Do I Hear Banjos?

This 150 cm wide cotton shirting is reminiscent of retire starry eyed inhabitable of the forests of Kentucky/Virginia/ North Carolina war in the film deliverance. It’s made of black a very pale green yarns woven in a very and quite fine horizontal stripe
Part number: 2157
Photography of Missefair - Black

Missefair - Black

Black knitted polyester jersey of an ilk that suggests relaxation, its beautifully soft with scrunch up and fall out without even so much as a hint of crease within a fairly fancy knit with a tapas satin stripe half a cm wide interspersed with a little b
Part number: 2145

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