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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are black and or white or black and white mixed with other colours.
Photography of Get Flocked

Get Flocked

A 148cm wide fine white cotton vaguely crinkled cheesecloth type fabric with an all over tiny spot woven in flocked design. A lovely soft hand and just a tad bohemian.
Part number: 1925
Photography of Magpie


A lovely white cotton lawn fabric, with a pretty sequined embroired floral design
Part number: 1923
Photography of Holier Than Thou

Holier Than Thou

A 135cm wide black cotton embroidered cloth, in a not too fancy pattern of stripes with holes in them. Some of the holes have suggestions of petals around them but they don’t really look like flowers. Worth its weight in potatoes.
Part number: 1925
Photography of Clothwork - Scrumptious White

Clothwork - Scrumptious White

A lovely quality crafting cotton from Clothworks, with a variety of sweet treats printed onto a white base. This cloth is truly, truly scrumptious.
Part number: 1910
Photography of Poplin Prints - A Stitch in Time

Poplin Prints - A Stitch in Time

A stitch in time, saves nine. Or at least that is what my mother used to say, especially when it comes to buttons. There are various buttons, bobbins, pins and safety pins scattered all over this white cotton poplin. In fact the design looks similar to th
Part number: 1904
Photography of Poplin Prints - Bumble White

Poplin Prints - Bumble White

A small part of me thinks I should not want to make anything out of this fabric, however the majority of me thinks it is the bees knees. A lovely quality cotton poplin in white with hovering bumble bees in rows. Why are they in rows you ask? Naturally
Part number: 1900b
Photography of Crown Prince

Crown Prince

A 150cm wide fine cotton trousering in a subdued small Prince of Wales check, with the check made of a very fine black lines. A casually smart sort of cloth.
Part number: 1895
Photography of Drama


140cm wide lovely German made cotton lightweight stretch suiting/ dress fabric. This will be wonderful made up into jackets, dresses, skirts and trousers. It is a black print on an ivory cloth.
Part number: 1863
Photography of Interference


Italian - Made for jackets retailing at £400 plus for a high end British designer label this is a superb Italian made 145cm wide cotton herringbone weave "denim" in black and cream. Good weight, and very strong with a nice finish. 
Part number: 1814
Photography of Morse Code

Morse Code

142 cm wide Italian made cloth for a top end British designer; a brushed cotton suiting and jacketing fabric. Oodles of yarn giving a good weight and a tiny black and white check.........
Part number: 1813
Photography of Wear it With?

Wear it With?

Fabulous Italian made scuba dress fabric. This is a branded scuba with the print on one side and a plain ivory on the reverse. It is a fabulous Italian jersey, made by the finest makers of jersey you will find.This will make a fabulous skirt, wear it with
Part number: 1810
Photography of For The One and Only Kate Moss

For The One and Only Kate Moss

60in wide black mechanical stretch crepe fabric. We may well get into trouble for using her name, I am not entirely sure but please let us know if you do know. This fabric was made for her collection at Top Shop. These dresses retail at £150 + mark, not t
Part number: 381b

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