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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are blue or have a blue theme.
Photography of A Right Royal Carry On

A Right Royal Carry On

A 150cm wide very fine twill cotton trousering in a vivid royal blue.
Part number: 1896
Photography of Rosaline Crinkle

Rosaline Crinkle

145cm soft crinkle polyester satin georgette John Kaldor dress fabric, a good silk imitation, this is not a fine georgette but it may still need lining but have a look at the photos to see what you think.....
Part number: 1860
Photography of Funny Valentine

Funny Valentine

A 147cm wide polyester elastane jersey in an all over ‘animal’ print in blue on white with then a rose print upon that. The roses are mostly in pinks and peach, a little bit of deep rusty colours and white, and green foliage. I think it’s rather nice.
Part number: 1875
Photography of Al Kafaf - Blue

Al Kafaf - Blue

A 145cm wide poly/cotton elastane trousering in pale blue Don’t let go of your camel with this one, or nobody will ever find you. Quite robust and very strong. It actually looks a little bit different one side to the other, but the right side is the on
Part number: 1861b
Photography of Go Forth: Be Bold and Brave

Go Forth: Be Bold and Brave

148cm good quality cotton/stretch blue floral dress fabric. All the benefits of a breathable fabric in a decent weight of approximately 1820 gsm with a little bit of give. Fabulous for comfy pants, shirts, jackets and dresses.
Part number: 1856
Photography of Polly Polka - Powder Blue

Polly Polka - Powder Blue

A lovely powder blue polycotton with white polka dots all over. Enough said.
Part number: 1723b
Photography of Polly Polka - Turquoise

Polly Polka - Turquoise

A lovely deep turquoise polycotton with white polka dots all over. Enough said.
Part number: 1723c
Photography of Esme - Aqua

Esme - Aqua

A white cotton poplin with black, all over outlines of leaves and flowers. To my mind it looks as if an artist, possibly in a small ground floor apartment in Paris, has dipped his brushes into three shades of water colours; a mossy green, an almost royal
Part number: 1718a
Photography of Zug


Not there, but almost a powder blue polycotton. Full of various types of steam trains and tracks. Some of the trains look like cargo trains, while others might be carrying the landed gentry in their cabins. I'm sure children will love this.
Part number: 1713
Photography of Jumping the Broom

Jumping the Broom

This mid-navy floral polycotton has a touch of the sixties about it, don't you think? Maybe its the shape of the bold scattered flowers? Maybe its the combination of navy, peach, yellow and pink? Who knows. Either way, its groovy baby...
Part number: 1711
Photography of Water Resistant Canvas - Turquoise

Water Resistant Canvas - Turquoise

145cm wide PU coated polyester canvas: Very strong and water resistant. Great for anywhere you need strong, water repellent fabric. Garden furniture? Bags? Covers for anything? This one comes in turquoise. Very fresh, and certainly very summery.
Part number: 1780a
Photography of Cotton Seersucker - Gingham - Navy

Cotton Seersucker - Gingham - Navy

150cm wide soft cotton navy and white lightly seersuckered check fabric.
Part number: CM1285e

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