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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are blue or have a blue theme.
Photography of Ava


132cm wide, navy blue polyester viscose lightweight suiting with an absolutely all over jacquard design in the body colour…. A wonderful cloth.
Part number: 1812JK18
Photography of CoCo


138CM wide 76% polyester, 10% acrylic and 14% metallic yarn, beautifully out together in this very dressy cloth which embodies all the colours that it is made from.
Part number: 1810M23
Photography of John Louden - Raining Daisy

John Louden - Raining Daisy

130cm wide very fine but substantial cotton poplin in a denim blue with an all over tiny tumbling daisy head print in white, not to bright white therefore quite subtle.
Part number: 1811O11
Photography of John Louden - Doe A Deer Denim

John Louden - Doe A Deer Denim

140cm wide brushed back cotton poly lightweight jersey with a dark navy ground with sparkly pink deer’s.
Part number: 1810O05d
Photography of John Louden - Buzzy Bee's

John Louden - Buzzy Bee's

145cm wide pale blue and white mottled cotton fine jersey with an all over bee like print in navy blue with dots of pale orange splashed here and there but mostly on the wings of these creatures.
Part number: 1810O23
Photography of White Lines

White Lines

152cm wide, fabulous abstract print on a fine polyester crepe. Great for holidays, very lightweight and doesn't crease at all.
Part number: 1803C03
Photography of Cotton Jersey - New Moon

Cotton Jersey - New Moon

186cm wide excellent quality 95% Cotton | 5% Spandex knitted jersey fabric. Great for any kind of fitted wear. Jazzy leggings anyone?
Part number: 1809B02
Photography of Spotify


152cm wide, rather fine, vaguely crinkled, polyester chiffon in navy blue with an all over tiny polka dot pattern in white.
Part number: 1807BS02
Photography of Thar She Blows!

Thar She Blows!

148cm wide very fine polyester georgette in navy with a tiny all over quiet small flying bird or butterfly print in cream. It is really just a shape, you will have to make your own minds up about what it is.
Part number: 18058O16
Photography of OBJ


This cloth is certainly a joyful fabric, it is 150cm wide fine cotton chambray shirting with an all over not too small floral and butterfly design, with lots of pinks, blue, greens and a hint of yellow here and there, oh and white. Very pretty in a grown
Part number: 1810V01
Photography of Harry Stuttle-Navy

Harry Stuttle-Navy

150cm wide, polyester lovely quality “straw cloth”, something trying to imitate linen, cutting out the crease factor in Navy.
Part number: 1810V05A
Photography of SET PIECE 3.6M Four Weddings - Large Check

SET PIECE 3.6M Four Weddings - Large Check

150cm wide good quality poly viscose lightweight suiting in a black watch tartan/ clad that is to say it hasn't got all the pattern that a true black watch needs to have but it comes very close.
Part number: 1322b

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