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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are brown or are of a browm theme.
Photography of SET PIECE 1.4M Testing Time - Fawn

SET PIECE 1.4M Testing Time - Fawn

A 150cm 100% polyester lightweight suiting in a very light brown/fawn. Well that’s the bone of the cloth, the feel is exceptionally soft but being a polyester it is extremely tough. It scrunches well, drapes beautifully and is very classy.
Discount 10%
Part number: 2053a
Photography of SET PIECE 4M Quilted - Brown

SET PIECE 4M Quilted - Brown

150cm wide quilted polyester with a 1oz wadding, great used as or why not "double" it up and make a gilet ?
Discount 10%
Part number: 6328a
Photography of Africa


This 155cm wide fine cotton twill trousering in darkest brown reminds me of Africa, why on earth would that be.
Part number: 1608501
Photography of Best Foot Forward - My Favourite

Best Foot Forward - My Favourite

This is perhaps my favourite of all these shirting’s in that it is a nice bold check…. this time we have a cotton shirting basically in lilac, dark blue and Turquoise with a double fine stripe in peach or could be orange very soft indeed.
Part number: 6350k
Photography of Wool - Bucks the Trend - Balmoral

Wool - Bucks the Trend - Balmoral

A British wool tweed jacketing in almost autumnal rustic colours and as our seasons meld into one another it can hardly matter. A beautiful heathery mix of yarns a lovely soft but firm hand. 160cm wide.
Part number: 1712k07a*
Photography of Wool - Historical - Parr

Wool - Historical - Parr

Here we have a cloth in a paisley fleur-de-lis design, a beautiful design that might be derived from medieval wares, it is hugely clever and very dramatic and probably not one to be overdone.
Part number: 1712k10c*
Photography of Wool - Marlene

Wool - Marlene

155cm wide fabulously woven fine pure new wool Italian suiting in a very dark brown with a woven half centimetre wide braid over check in black and a tailor brown, this will make a very different jacket.
Part number: 1708C06
Photography of Wool - Di Fabio

Wool - Di Fabio

158 cm wide, Italian black all wool suiting with tiny little self-coloured markings in the weave. Made up of black and brown yarns, the reverse of this cloth looks black and the face dark brown.
Part number: 1708C01
Photography of Linen - Brown Beige Dogtooth

Linen - Brown Beige Dogtooth

Superb quality European made, 150cm wide linen jacketing in a brown and beige small scale dog(hounds) tooth design. Super for shorts and trousers too.
Part number: 1705J05
Photography of Losing The Thread - Mushroom

Losing The Thread - Mushroom

150cm wide wonderful German made mushroom coloured soft silky polyester dress fabric, also good for a lightweight blazer.
Part number: 7360
Photography of Crossing The Bridge - Beige

Crossing The Bridge - Beige

We have here lightweight cotton canvas 112 cm wide with a small cream spot decoration and a fairly soft finish in beige.
Part number: 1802003a
Photography of Posh Lining - Dark Khaki

Posh Lining - Dark Khaki

Posh Lining made of viscose in khaki, 156cm wide.
Part number: 1804J33b

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