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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are brown or are of a browm theme.
Photography of Brocade


150cm wide Italian, stunning bronze, blue and black polyester brocade dress fabric. This fabric has body, it is not a draping fabric but it is soft and malleable and will be comfortable to wear. This will make up in to very expensive looking garments.
Part number: CM1624
Photography of Penelope Satin

Penelope Satin

142cm wide Spanish made printed satin, a lovely quality satin dress fabric with a colourful abstract print. This is a good weight and is lovley and soft. It will drape beautifully and won't crease.
Part number: CM1406
Photography of Angel Delight - Soft Beige

Angel Delight - Soft Beige

Approx Width: 141cm /55" Composition: Polyester Description: 60 inch wide viscose/ cupro like peachskin, this is as soft as a cloth can get and amongst other things I bet it makes fabulous nighties. It would actually be perfect for
Part number: CM824c
Photography of Millie Miglia - Tazio

Millie Miglia - Tazio

I’ve just found another one this one in this Millie Miglia range and it has a pale mushroomy coloured background with a fairly large floral design in darker different shades of brown, dark turquoise, olive, a hint of dark blue, turquoise, pale gold and mi
Part number: CM1458j
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - Doubletastic

Reasons to be Cheerful - Doubletastic

It says something on the babel now that is something I don’t understand? Substantial, heavy and is a Melton so it’s very smooth with a positive nap and has a fairly large quadruple line over check in oatmeal and another finer line over check in white with
Part number: CM1478n
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - Charles

Reasons to be Cheerful - Charles

100% wool in a herringbone weave made up of many shades of brown with hints of mustard and a fine line over check in red and pale blue this you could make skirts and trousers. A very classy wool jacketing cloth.
Part number: CM1485
Photography of Italian Tweed - Royal

Italian Tweed - Royal

150cm wide Ex Boden, basically a wool polyester and acrylic cloth in a fancy Italian weave which is fairly flat despite having quite heavy yarns and some of the yarns have got irregularities in. The colour is royal blue, purple, white and black all very c
Part number: CM1479b
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - The Imposter

Reasons to be Cheerful - The Imposter

140cm wide ‘boiled wool’ This actually made from 60% polyester and 40% wool whilst it has the appearance of a boiled wool I somehow doubt that it has actually been boiled it has been shrank because it would certainly be wider than this so it may have been
Part number: CM1481
Photography of Italian Tweed - Brown

Italian Tweed - Brown

Stunning ex designer Italian tweed, the sort of tweed that is associated with it with lots and lots of colours predominantly the overall effect I suppose would be brown but that is only one of the yarns in there.
Part number: CM1479a
Photography of Reasons to be Cheerful - Hacking

Reasons to be Cheerful - Hacking

100% British made wool in a fairly somber affair in a small hacking jacket check in brown, taupe grey and beige
Part number: CM1476
Photography of R Marnie

R Marnie

144cm wide fine polyester shirting in a variegated stripe weave which goes from very fine to much less fine across the cloth which has then been over printed with an animal print design. Depicting perhaps footprints perhaps the spots the coat of an animal
Part number: CM1455
Photography of Millie Miglia - Alfa Rust

Millie Miglia - Alfa Rust

An autumnal rusty red, pale orange, olive and sage green with brown outline detailing on a taupe ground
Part number: CM1458e

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