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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are brown or are of a browm theme.
Photography of Poplin Prints - Black Beauty

Poplin Prints - Black Beauty

112cm wide, cotton poplin print fabric with a beautiful floral design shades of brown & beige on a black background. This material would make a stunning dress, top or skirt.
Part number: 1807O20
Photography of Regency - Honesty

Regency - Honesty

Cotton lawn fabulous fine quality at 140 cm wide. All over floral design with blue, white, taupe flowers with green foliage on a nice red background.
Part number: 1807V03
Photography of Dads Army

Dads Army

150cm wide, fine not too heavy, polyester camouflage cloth in all the usual camouflage colours of green, brown, beige and black and of a weight more suited to children’s garments but then maybe not .
Part number: 1805BEG01
Photography of Panic


This is 150cm wide , light weight but not flimsy, polyester dress fabric in a black and taupe “distress” print. Its an all over design and whilst there may be a pattern match I don’t think it would be too significant. Very cleverly done.
Part number: 1805J10
Photography of Set Piece - Voile Oh Voile 3m

Set Piece - Voile Oh Voile 3m

150cm wide polyester lightweight suiting in a lovely shade of mushroom, there’s a little bit of crepe-ness to the feel.
Discount 10%
Part number: SetPiece3396
Photography of Set Piece - Poplin Prints - Rock Sand 1.75m

Set Piece - Poplin Prints - Rock Sand 1.75m

113 cm wide good quality cotton poplin fabric . Is this white with sand stripes or sand with white stripes? You decide.
Discount 10%
Part number: SetPiece2212b
Photography of Designer Lining - Collective Library

Designer Lining - Collective Library

150cm wide Fabulous European made polyester satin jacket lining fabric. Why not add a little surprise to your garment.
Part number: 1804A02
Photography of John Kaldor - Libby

John Kaldor - Libby

144 cm wide, fine cotton sateen from John Kaldor in a pale teal blue with an all over quite large floral pattern in a lemon, yellow mustard, pink, dark red, black blue and white. Quite vivacious.
Part number: 1804JK05
Photography of John Kaldor - Wedgewood Fleur

John Kaldor - Wedgewood Fleur

146cm wide, 100% polyester, very fine crepe, very light floral design in a blue, taupe, navy blue and off white from John Kaldor.
Part number: 1804JK04
Photography of John Kaldor - Evadne

John Kaldor - Evadne

140cm wide, 45% Rayon,40% polyester, 15% silk voile in a vivacious print from John Kaldor, in all the colours kingfisher blues, deep reds, orange, pale green, lime green, blue in a beautiful floral design on a brown ground.
Part number: 1804JK12
Photography of John Kaldor - Beyond The Black Hole

John Kaldor - Beyond The Black Hole

160cm wide, fine polyester, elastane, jersey, in a creation busting floral/abstract print in oranges, peach, pink, deep red, black, brown, and watered down versions of those colours with some white splodging, an eye catcher.
Part number: 1804JK10
Photography of Miracle Man - Dress Velvet Chocolate

Miracle Man - Dress Velvet Chocolate

140cm wide gorgeous Italian dress velvet fabric in milk-chocolate brown. They don't get any better than this. Velvet that is!
Part number: 1608J04

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