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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are brown or are of a browm theme.
Photography of Set Piece - Camel Rib 1m

Set Piece - Camel Rib 1m

Something quite different, a soft woven light brown jacketing with a mild but substantial twill weave...
Discount 10%
Part number: SetPiece6285
Photography of Driven To Distraction

Driven To Distraction

Quite a weighty polyester crepe dress cloth in a very elegant dark Brown beautifully drapery easy care and suitable for Day or Evening wear.
Part number: 1905P29B
Photography of Spot the dot

Spot the dot

Another jersey this time cotton and lycra – every bit as fine as the one before it and this comes in not a brilliant white but none the less white cloth with a tiny all over black polka dot pattern.
Part number: 1905P23
Photography of Onsie


The pattern on the jersey is lots of broken stripes all pushed together in Black, brown, beige and a hint of green and dark brown and the fleece on the other side is grey. Scrumptiously wearable.
Part number: 1905M29
Photography of Moccasin


100% Viscose knit, suiting weight, jersey in a South American peruvian design in stripes which have lots of small patterns within the stripes and comes in many shades of Brown.
Part number: 1905M37
Photography of Poplin Prints - Arabian Leopard

Poplin Prints - Arabian Leopard

112cm wide, cotton poplin print fabric with a Arabian leopard print in wonderful shades of creams, black and light browns.
Part number: 1902O03A
Photography of The Seventh Vail

The Seventh Vail

Lightweight 100% Polyester dress fabric in a Brown and Gold swirly Satin stripe pattern actually made up of stripes on a very fine white clear background making the other six Vail’s redundant
Part number: 1904J11
Photography of Sepia Leopard

Sepia Leopard

This is 146cm wide polyester satin habotai, another animal-themed print in this latest collection we have put online. This is a dramatic print in ivory, cream, and dark brown.
Part number: 1905M45
Photography of Chiffon Leopard

Chiffon Leopard

This season’s most sought-after print, animal prints have been everywhere this year and for good reason. Versatile, and if the right print, very classy, which we think this is.
Part number: 1905M44
Photography of Silk Leopard

Silk Leopard

A fine silk habotai with the most glorious abstract animal print in subtle hues of beige, olive, dark brown-black with hints of peach. A timeless and elegant print which, if you can handle a fine silk make beautiful clothes for years to come. It goes with
Part number: 1905M43
Photography of Melt In Your Hands - Animal

Melt In Your Hands - Animal

Fabulously Silky and fine polyester satin with a smooth finish relatively straight forward “Animal print” in Black and Grey.
Part number: 190506C
Photography of Me Tarzan

Me Tarzan

150cm wide, very fine polyester chiffon in what might be termed very loosely as an animal/jungle print.
Part number: 1812JK04

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