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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are brown or are of a browm theme.
Photography of Taffeta- Green

Taffeta- Green

150cm wide taffeta in green with a shot with brown, flat cloth with a lovely sheen.
Part number: 1806E11c
Photography of Tartan - Muted Loden

Tartan - Muted Loden

Glorious 100% wool tartan fabric called Muted Loden. A suiting weight so fabulous for trousers, skirts, jackets, suits & kilts.
Part number: 1811A07
Photography of Cuddly - Brown

Cuddly - Brown

Very much the sort of cloth that you might want to cuddle up with in the absence of a pie or a pint or drive along with the car windows open. 160cm wide, polyester fur fleece in brown.
Part number: 1809J21d
Photography of Wool - Hunting Hounds

Wool - Hunting Hounds

A wonderful British woollen cloth with bold stripes which make the check look bigger, but this is positively greener, the checks are made up of moorland greens, dark reds and greys all intermingled with bolder stripes.
Part number: 1807K13*
Photography of Wool - Moorland Gent

Wool - Moorland Gent

Even though quite sombre, this British woollen cloth has a little bit of boldness to it, in that the stripes that make up the check are bigger. The colours here are very much moorland greens, dark reds and russets all intermingled.
Part number: 1807K01*
Photography of Wool - Herringbone

Wool - Herringbone

This is fairly different to all the others in that it has a faint, but positive herringbone weave pattern in grey, beige, a red colour rust and a mix of all these in addition to having a fairly fine white line over check.
Part number: 1807K04
Photography of Wool - Game On

Wool - Game On

A very traditional big check in many shades of brown with a fine line over check in dark red and a much softer cloth the sort of thing that Tink wore in Lovejoy, bless him. 158cm wide.
Part number: 1807K07
Photography of Chasing Rainbows - Tan

Chasing Rainbows - Tan

Tan - 150cm wide, fine twill weave cloth in pale brown.
Part number: 1808J06d
Photography of Winceyette - Sleep Tight- Boys Night In

Winceyette - Sleep Tight- Boys Night In

112cm wide is a rather splendid Winceyette flannel in checked brown, green and white. This fabric can be used for shirts or pyjamas, this material is really soft.
Part number: 1810B01
Photography of Poplin Prints - Peacocking

Poplin Prints - Peacocking

112cm wide, cotton poplin print fabric with a beautiful peacock feather print in wonderful colours of browns, turquoise & greens. This material would make a stunning dress, top or skirt.
Part number: 1810AC09
Photography of Fat Quarter Fabric Bundle - 5 Pieces - Autumn Leaves

Fat Quarter Fabric Bundle - 5 Pieces - Autumn Leaves

Fat Quarter Fabric bundle 5 pieces of 55 x 50cm good quality 100% cotton fabric in teal, turquoise and beige.
Part number: XFQ02A
Photography of Fat Quarter Fabric bundle - 6 Pieces - Sprig - October

Fat Quarter Fabric bundle - 6 Pieces - Sprig - October

Fat quarter fabric bundle. This Craft Cotton Pack contains 6 pieces of 55 x 50cm good quality 100% cotton fabric in green, blue and taupe.
Part number: XFQ02F

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