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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are brown or are of a browm theme.
Photography of Set Piece - Changing Spots 2.5m

Set Piece - Changing Spots 2.5m

140cm extremely finely pleated, almost creased rather than pleated, polyester georgette.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP8153
Photography of Christmas Poly/Cotton - Gingerbread Man

Christmas Poly/Cotton - Gingerbread Man

112cm wide cheap and cheerful Poly/Cotton fabric with Gingerbread Man, cookies ad canes in cream colour.
Part number: 507g
Photography of The Promised Land - Chocolate

The Promised Land - Chocolate

Allow me to take you back in time, to the time of fustian trousers, boiler suits, clogs and Yorkshire tea before Harrogate got involved. It was also a time when they had cloths such as these and these are in fact very modern versions of moleskin. They var
Part number: 7380e
Photography of Farmers Ball - Stone

Farmers Ball - Stone

I can remember a time being invited to a young Farmers ball, which really was a youtherism for a wild and beardy get together for a young lad. Most of them came from a farming background but others were not, which gave way to the saying that farmer balls
Part number: 7379a
Photography of The Fall

The Fall

160cm wide, fine 95% viscose 5% spandex jersey with an all over mosaic like print, made up of flowers and leaves, all in lovely rich autumn colours, quite different.
Part number: 7365
Photography of Set Piece - Benartex- Sew Vintage- Floral-Golden 1m

Set Piece - Benartex- Sew Vintage- Floral-Golden 1m

112cm wide Sew Vintage Cotton Fabric By Bristol Bay studio. This design is made up of Vintage Flowers on a golden ground. A beautifully Detailed fabric with a sophisticated colour pallet.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP1372c
Photography of Set Piece - A Step Back - Honey Linen 1.5m

Set Piece - A Step Back - Honey Linen 1.5m

59 inch wide pure linen cloth in a rather fabulous pale honey colour. Beautiful 100% linen fabric from one of Ireland's best makers of linen jackets.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP4129e
Photography of Once Upon A Time - Narrow - Taupe

Once Upon A Time - Narrow - Taupe

110cm wide is a fine polyester crepe in taupe.
Part number: 7376k
Photography of Chino - Pale Sand

Chino - Pale Sand

150cm wide German made cotton chino trousering, quite fine with a hint of Lycra, in pale sand colour.
Part number: 7372b
Photography of Wool - Superfine - Taupe

Wool - Superfine - Taupe

150cm wide, superfine wool suiting in taupe, white, and lighter brown yarns, which prevents the cloth from bring plain. Almost fine enough to be a shirting its that good.
Part number: 7050b
Photography of Wool - Highlands

Wool - Highlands

150cm wide, Yorkshire made highland inspired herringbone tweed in a mixture of heather coloured yarns.
Part number: 7359d
Photography of Basketcase - Oatmeal

Basketcase - Oatmeal

140cm wide, lightweight basket weave/flut brookly weave in warm shade of an oatmeal.
Part number: 7356b

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