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Photography of The Maker - Hampton

The Maker - Hampton

Viscose jersey fabric. Fabulous and stretchy, team it with a plain jersey to make a drop-dead gorgeous outfit.
Part number: 1908A17c
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Navy

Georgette Dress Fabric - Navy

Here we have a selection of new colours of our lovely Georgette fabric. This Georgette dress fabric is a navy colour & 150cm wide.
Part number: 2030S
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Claret

Georgette Dress Fabric - Claret

Here we have a selection of new colours of our lovely Georgette fabric. This Georgette dress fabric is a claret colour & 150cm wide.
Part number: 2030P
Photography of All I can see

All I can see

Another superb viscose Lycra jersey fabric from Liberty. This is a clever print made up of shades of mauve and aqua distressed roses on a black ground.
Part number: 1328
Photography of Wriggly Tin

Wriggly Tin

132cm wide, polyester dress fabric in black with a tiny all over damson coloured spot design on a cloth with a permanent if only slight creasing. I think this is substantial enough for big ball gowns, but who goes to the ball.
Part number: 1612J02
Photography of Naughty But Nice - Burgundy

Naughty But Nice - Burgundy

Soft and lacy very gentle in appearance and texture in a burgundy colour 150 cm wide.
Part number: 1903J17e*
Photography of Prestige - Wine

Prestige - Wine

150cm wide soft, polyester crepe cloth in wine, which in its own way is just as wonderful, it doesn’t crease.
Part number: 1812JK12
Photography of Sesame Street- Burgundy

Sesame Street- Burgundy

150cm wide, 100 % fine 180s cotton in burgundy in a tiny birds eye weave
Discount £1
Part number: 1809J08a
Photography of Ruby Ruby Ruby

Ruby Ruby Ruby

A 150cm wide lightweight cotton and nylon trousering in what says Ruby on the label. I’m not too certain about that. I suppose it could be, whatever it is a nice colour. The cloth is exceptional, and very light weight.
Discount £1.50
Part number: 1897
Photography of As Tears Go By, I sit and Watch... Damson

As Tears Go By, I sit and Watch... Damson

Even for those of us who can remember the era, for which that song came, may not had a garment made out of this rather fabulous damson polyester dress fabric, somewhat shiny. Definitely made for on the posh side of things. A rather beautiful.
Part number: 193m
Photography of Wombling Free - Wine

Wombling Free - Wine

158 cm wide, super soft, polyester elastane faux suede, incredibly soft and being made from what it is will almost look after itself.
Part number: 1811J14b*
Photography of John Kaldor - A Fine Vintage

John Kaldor - A Fine Vintage

170cm wide, fine viscose elastane jersey in a rather gorgeous shade of claret from John Kaldor. The surface is not totally plain and flat it has a little bit of interest from minute white specs.
Part number: 1812JK02

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