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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are grey or have a grey theme.
Photography of Phoaar


Colour me happy! Make fabulous dresses and skirts that flow and are comfortable to wear in this lovely 150cm wide viscose floral coral dress material.
Part number: 1804J30
Photography of Taken for a Ta Ta - Coral

Taken for a Ta Ta - Coral

150cm wide Superb finest quality chino trousering in coral, manufactured in one of Germany’s best mills. Beautifully finished cotton with 2% lycra. It doesn’t get any better, I assure you. 
Part number: 1803M31b
Photography of The Reef

The Reef

154cm wide, 95% Polyester, 5% elastane, beautifully softly made, knitted crepe dress fabric in a fabulous shade of bright coral. The cloth has a melt in your mouth softness and drapes wonderfully.
Part number: 1803M41
Photography of Naven


Naven. This 150cm wide 95% Viscose 5% Elastane, French made jersey will either delight or frighten you to death. It’s a very colourful without being brightly coloured and is in a completely random abstract design.
Part number: 1802P04
Photography of Dee - Light Coral Mustard

Dee - Light Coral Mustard

148cm wide very fine, silky, polyester fine crepe blouse cloth which is made and designed in Spain. It comes in an abstract design and I bet it's a delight to wear; quite stunning.
Part number: 6375b
Photography of Night Cream- Bright Coral

Night Cream- Bright Coral

I haven’t come across a product which entirely suits my delicate skin, this cloth it is 150cm wide, very lightly textured, Italian cotton, easy care and with a lovely soft hand, in Night Cream Bright Coral.
Part number: 6394d
Photography of Jolly Day Out - Coral

Jolly Day Out - Coral

160m wide spring coloured 95% viscose 5% elastane jersey. Coral - soft jersey. fabulous draping qualities, especially for cowl neck tops, they may, however, look a little fine for a skirt.
Part number: 6388e
Photography of Floating on Air - Fabulous Coral

Floating on Air - Fabulous Coral

A beautiful quality lightweight soft and floaty chiffon fabric in fabulous coral. It is made from nylon which gives it the beautiful soft hand, it's really is nice. 145cm wide
Part number: 6381c
Photography of Cross Hatch - Denim

Cross Hatch - Denim

A 150cm wide polyester/cloth/linen look dress fabric in a sort of washed out denim blue. It isn’t washed out of course, it’s just the use of different shades of yarn in the weaving of the cloth. And there is a lot of weave interest as well, it is not a fl
Part number: 2045b
Photography of Put The Kettle On - The Sweet Garden - Coral

Put The Kettle On - The Sweet Garden - Coral

112cm wide very traditional tiny floral print in coral, pink and reds on white background 65% poly/ 35%cotton cloth. Make blouses and Summer dresses.
Part number: 6439a
Photography of Pleats Please - Peach

Pleats Please - Peach

145cm wide Peach polyester, elastane jersey; which has been produced in such a way to give it a very fine concertina/pleated effect. Lightweight and very silky, it probably belongs to early Hollywood
Part number: 7206a
Photography of Craft Cotton - Japanese Waves - Rose Pink

Craft Cotton - Japanese Waves - Rose Pink

140 cm wide craft dress cotton fabric in pink with a much darker red outline of wave design, beautiful fabric.
Part number: 7314h

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