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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are cream and beige or have a cream and beige theme.
Photography of Not One For Alan

Not One For Alan

I don't think Alan was impressed with this one. We on the other hand thought you might be. A 100% polyester fake ivory metallic leather onto which has been stitched little sequins in the same colour. 
Part number: 1926
Photography of Clothworks  - Owl Be Watching You

Clothworks - Owl Be Watching You

Of course I may not be watching you now, but the little fellow on this cotton certainly is. A brilliant quality biscuity-yellow quilting cotton, with all the animals you would find in a garden, or even a forest. You can almost hear the crickets chirp. 
Part number: 1907
Photography of Poplin Prints - Here Boy

Poplin Prints - Here Boy

None of the dogs on this pale cream seem to be in agreement, as to where the whistle is coming from. Nevertheless they are all stood to attention, ready to sprint to their master. In mustard, deep teal, redish pink, and blue they make quite the colourful
Part number: 1901
Photography of It Ain't Half Hot

It Ain't Half Hot

A 150cm wide very fine beautifully made cotton.... trousering in very light creamy, sort of beige. The sort of thing used by desert forces, or indeed actors in the jungle.
Photography of Cotton Canvas - Raspberry Kisses

Cotton Canvas - Raspberry Kisses

This is a 44in 112cm wide printed cotton canvas fabric.Awarm cream base, with a dusky pink check all over it. To me it reminds me of a more organised raspberry ripple, a lovely cloth with an almost vintage look. 
Part number: 1675d
Photography of An Occasion

An Occasion

145cm Glorious coral and red floral print on a beautiful polyester crepe. It is wonderfully soft, with fabulous draping qualities. Another super dress fabric from John Kaldor. 
Part number: 1860
Photography of Crepe -White

Crepe -White

A lovely crepe from Carrington Bridal fabrics, it comes in a gorgeous dragonfly teal colour, drapes beautifully, doesn't crease and washes a dream at 40 degrees. What more could you want?
Part number: 1537b
Photography of Angelica -Beige

Angelica -Beige

150cm wide Italian cotton seersucker in a subdued white and beige stripe in various tones. The stripes are around half a centimetre wide, and some are bordered by the faintest of brown pinstripes. It has a very soft hand, and would therefore be very suita
Part number: CM1188b
Photography of Water Resistant Canvas - Beige

Water Resistant Canvas - Beige

145cm wide PU coated polyester canvas: Very strong and water resistant. Great for anywhere you need strong, water repellent fabric. Garden furniture? Bags? Covers for anything? This one is a beige, very classy and sure to suit many a style of gardens.
Part number: 1780d
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Cream

Viscose Jersey - Cream

160cm wide gorgeous Beige Viscose/Lycra lovely quality Jersey fabric, about 180-200gsm soft breathable Jersey fabric which is wonderfully drapey and comfortable to wear.
Part number: 1523k
Photography of Safari - Tan

Safari - Tan

Another Marks & Spencer's suiting fabric. It is a polyester, viscose and lycra, lightweight summer trousering in a tan colour; its tough but exceedingly soft fabric, quite creaseless and easy to look after cloth. Wonderful for jackets and clothes for trav
Part number: 310c
Photography of Liberty - Kayley Sunshine

Liberty - Kayley Sunshine

150cm wide impossibly fine cotton needle cord shirting in a delightful all over floral print in many shades of pink navy blue, green, brown, a hint of mustard and perhaps a touch of orange. Great children’s cloth.
Part number: 1750

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