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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are cream and beige or have a cream and beige theme.
Photography of Black Heart

Black Heart

Fine but substantial white cotton trousering with a tiny Black heart decoration scatted all over the cloth.
Part number: 1905P37
Photography of Pamploma


150cm fabulously fine cotton lawn with colourful but not brash colours in pretty floral print, not too big or too small, reds, pinks, purples, green and yellow and some dark centre.
Part number: 1905P36
Photography of King Of Cloths - Beige

King Of Cloths - Beige

You will know that corduroy is from the French ‘ Cord Du roy’ which effectively means King Of Cloths But whilst I can along with that, you might also say the same for Denim, the finest full worsted cloth money can buy.
Part number: 1905BEG01A
Photography of Alligators Smile -Persian Paisley

Alligators Smile -Persian Paisley

165cm Wide soft viscose lycra jersey is in pretty much the same colours but in sort of a paisley design and a bit Persian influence.
Part number: 1901C03
Photography of Alligators Smile -Abstract Stripes

Alligators Smile -Abstract Stripes

165cm Wide soft viscose lycra jersey in pattern which look like you’ve been testing print one brush stroke at a time and this is in black, white, grey and a peachy pink.
Part number: 1901C01
Photography of A Bunch Of Four - Dusky Pink

A Bunch Of Four - Dusky Pink

Super fine cotton shirting's from one of the finest weavers of this cloth there is, and they come in a very pale dusky pink, lovely shirting fabric.
Part number: 1808J18
Photography of Onsie


The pattern on the jersey is lots of broken stripes all pushed together in Black, brown, beige and a hint of green and dark brown and the fleece on the other side is grey. Scrumptiously wearable.
Part number: 1905M29
Photography of JL- FQ pack Christmas Gold Mix

JL- FQ pack Christmas Gold Mix

Same but slightly different, these are the same design as some of the other John Louden craft packs, but here there are 3 red and 2 ivory pieces and all the print is in gold metallic.
Part number: JLXMASG
Photography of JL- FQ pack All That Glitters

JL- FQ pack All That Glitters

This a really good pack if you want to keep things simple, 5 pieces of john louden craft cotton with an all over and heavy coverage metallic print, a little bit like a Christmas blender.
Part number: JLXMASF
Photography of JL- FQ pack Snowflake Glitter

JL- FQ pack Snowflake Glitter

5 x (50 x 52 cm) Christmas fat quarter pieces of craft cotton from John Louden.
Part number: JLXMASE
Photography of JL- FQ pack Ivory Gilt

JL- FQ pack Ivory Gilt

Superb John Louden Craft cotton fat quarter pack of ivory craft cotton each with a different metallic print in gold. 5 x (50 x 52 cm) pieces.
Part number: JLXMASB
Photography of Guipure Lace - Nude

Guipure Lace - Nude

Beautiful polyester guipure lace in nude, the motif is made by a series of closely packed embroidery stitches onto a fine fabric that disintegrates in the finishing process.
Part number: 1905M116A

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