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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are cream and beige or have a cream and beige theme.
Photography of Sewing Room - London Transport

Sewing Room - London Transport

112cm wide super quality very nice cotton poplin dress/craft fabric with a London bus, English taxi and phone booths design in reds ,royal and mustard/yellow.
Part number: 7263i
Photography of Sewing Room - Maritime

Sewing Room - Maritime

112cm wide super quality nice cotton poplin dress/craft fabric with maritime /navy topic design, laterns ,ships ,anrchors and rudders.
Part number: 7263h
Photography of Sewing Room - Flying Time

Sewing Room - Flying Time

112cm wide super quality nice cotton poplin dress/craft fabric with mini multicoloured stripe.
Part number: 7263f
Photography of Sewing Room - Watercolour

Sewing Room - Watercolour

112cm wide super quality nice cotton poplin dress/craft fabric with watercolour butterflies print flying all over the fabric.
Part number: 7263c
Photography of Set Piece - Hyacinth - John Kaldor 2.2m

Set Piece - Hyacinth - John Kaldor 2.2m

150cm wide fine soft polyester satin in a taupe background with an all over floral print in white, pale blue, pale turquoise and different shades of green.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP7176
Photography of Set Piece - Square peg round Hole - Saergae 1.8m

Set Piece - Square peg round Hole - Saergae 1.8m

155cm wide. Very boring desert beige cotton, linen and viscose lightweight suiting which will go with anything, when you’re as boring as this you need to, the cloth however does have lots of character, a good hand and will make anything you don’t want to
Discount 10%
Part number: SP2037b
Photography of Three Man In A Boat

Three Man In A Boat

This 130cm wide cotton/linen is of a weight suitable for all manner of garments, it has been printed not to suit any.
Part number: 7247
Photography of Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

150cm wide striped linen fabric in deep lilac and cream, the edge of each stripe has a tiny little darker lilac border.
Part number: 7245
Photography of Love And Understanding

Love And Understanding

136cm wide 50% linen 45% cotton dress cloth in cream with an all over fairly small floral print. Made for Ralph Lauren
Part number: 7244
Photography of Viscose - Botanical Gardens

Viscose - Botanical Gardens

German made 150cm wide viscose dress fabric with William Morris alike design in coral ,beige ,burgundy and white on a grey-ish charcoal black.
Part number: 7240
Photography of Viscose - Hello Baby

Viscose - Hello Baby

150cm wide lovely soft floral dress fabric with nice draping qualities.
Part number: 7237
Photography of Crafters - Cherry Grey

Crafters - Cherry Grey

A lovely 112 cm wide cotton craft and dress making cotton fabric with an all over red cherries on a silver grey spotty background.
Part number: 7227g

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