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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are cream and beige or have a cream and beige theme.
Photography of John Louden Canvas - Scandi

John Louden Canvas - Scandi

112cm wide cotton cotton canvas by John Louden with an all over Christmas Trees, Reindeers and Houses on a natural cream background.
Part number: 6525d
Photography of John Louden Canvas - Christmas Tree Natural

John Louden Canvas - Christmas Tree Natural

112cm wide cotton cotton canvas by John Louden with an all over Christmas Trees on natural background.
Part number: 6525c
Photography of John Louden Cotton - Poppy

John Louden Cotton - Poppy

112cm wide good quality John Louden cotton poplin dress or craft fabric in cream an all over red Poppys printed on.
Part number: 7042b
Photography of John Louden Cotton - Daisy

John Louden Cotton - Daisy

112cm wide good quality John Louden cotton poplin dress or craft fabric in cream with floral print.
Part number: 7042a
Photography of Join The Dots

Join The Dots

150cm wide very soft cotton lawn in very soft cream with an all over quite large floral design made up of dots. It seems to me a bit like a walks spoiled but I have to believe my colleagues when I am being silly, also the dots are all in a dark blue.
Part number: 6134
Photography of Christmas Poly/Cotton - Gingerbread Man

Christmas Poly/Cotton - Gingerbread Man

112cm wide cheap and cheerful Poly/Cotton fabric with Gingerbread Man, cookies ad canes in cream colour.
Part number: 507g
Photography of 50/50 - Cotton/Poly - Ivory

50/50 - Cotton/Poly - Ivory

112cm wide beautiful (50% Cotton, 50% Polyester) poly/cotton fabrics, we have them in 6 colours. They are shirting weight so You can use them for dressmaking and also any crafts.
Part number: 6140c
Photography of Italian Shirting - Ladder Pinstripe

Italian Shirting - Ladder Pinstripe

160cm wide Italian made beautiful cotton shirting fabric in a stunning navy and ivory ladder pinstripe design.
Part number: 5102d
Photography of Microlight - Beige

Microlight - Beige

Just arrived are these uber lightweight microlight performance fabrics, to give you an idea they are a lining weight so approx. 2oz, they are in two groups, the first is from a manufacturer using Pertex and the other a mill which I have yet to have confir
Part number: 7373d
Photography of The Promised Land - Camel

The Promised Land - Camel

Allow me to take you back in time, to the time of fustian trousers, boiler suits, clogs and Yorkshire tea before Harrogate got involved. It was also a time when they had cloths such as these and these are in fact very modern versions of moleskin. They var
Part number: 7380d
Photography of Lace - Ivory

Lace - Ivory

145cm wide quite traditional soft corded lace. 100% polyester with a scallop edge and beautifully made.
Part number: 7376b
Photography of Floppy Disc

Floppy Disc

145cm wide 80% viscose 20% polyester cloth, so soft its almost limp. Vaguely beigey pink/ silver and black yarns in a regimented but still fairly random abstract pattern for loose tops and dresses, big trousers. This could be made up either way, ie more
Part number: 7371

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