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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are cream and beige or have a cream and beige theme.
Photography of Cotton Jersey - My Way

Cotton Jersey - My Way

160cm wide blue and ivory 100% Cotton striped jersey. Where the blue stripe is made up of ivory and blue so it does add a bit of interest. The stripes run horizontally and are 2 inches wide. Very nice and a classic fabric, perfect for tops and dresses, wa
Part number: 6313
Photography of Mercerised Cotton Jersey - Cream

Mercerised Cotton Jersey - Cream

180cm wide beautifully cream and beautifully mercerised cotton fine knit jersey.
Part number: 6308a
Photography of Voila - White Voile

Voila - White Voile

White Cotton Voile. Use to make dresses or curtains.
Part number: 684a
Photography of Waffle - White

Waffle - White

60” wide heavy cotton waffle fabric widely used at one time in the best places to stay where dressing gowns and slippers were made of the same.
Part number: 156a
Photography of Waffle II - In Cream

Waffle II - In Cream

60” wide heavy cotton waffle fabric widely used at one time in the best places to stay where dressing gowns and slippers were made of the same.
Part number: 156b
Photography of A Mess

A Mess

150cm wide cream, fairly tightly knit mesh cotton jersey, with an all over growing squawky floral design, in shades of grey.
Part number: 7301
Photography of Every Little Breeze

Every Little Breeze

150cm wide super soft floaty viscose jersey in a bit of a builder’s block pattern in shades of shiny cream and nude/flesh colour. Each block is no more than a centimetre long and about half of that wide. One of those, you can’t tell you’ve got it on cloth
Part number: 6270
Photography of John Kaldor - Ice

John Kaldor - Ice

145cm wide super fine polyester chiffon in an all over quite large pink, cream, black, a darker pink and other tones where these colours merge. Rather ethereal and reminiscent of makeup from the 1930s.
Part number: 6256
Photography of Parisienne


150cm wide, lovely soft beige wool flannel fabric with a navy, pale blue and cream plaid. Wool fabric of this nature can be made up into all kinds of things made for jacketing, it would make a lovely lightweight coat, cape a pencil skirt or fitted top. Ou
Part number: 6224
Photography of Duchess - Ivory

Duchess - Ivory

150cm wide, lovely quality ivory duchess sating firm and soft to handle, most popular for brides and bridesmaids dresses.
Part number: 6210
Photography of Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Putty

Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Putty

150cm wide lovely viscose twill dress lining with a satin finish in putty beige colour. This of course gives an expensive looking finish a shiny (but not cheap) bit of luxury to show off when you take off your jacket. Oh, and it is breathable too. Win, wi
Part number: 6116f
Photography of Fancy Linings - Willow Fawn

Fancy Linings - Willow Fawn

140cm wide Viscose/ Polyester fancy dress lining in cream/beige with an all over bouquet style floral print in taupe.
Part number: 6122d

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