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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are cream and beige or have a cream and beige theme.
Photography of Rumpole


Does anybody remember rumpole of the bailey? A man who sold demeanour not to mention his looks, suggested that it had been lived in and slept in.
Part number: 1810J02
Photography of Egyptian Muslin - Ivory

Egyptian Muslin - Ivory

150cm wide, washed and shrunk in its natural state.
Part number: 1810L01
Photography of Sand Storm

Sand Storm

150cm wide, 50% wool, 30% linen, 20% Nylon, fine tropical suiting which has all the elements you would wish to fine in a suiting for a warmer climate, fine weave, some slubbines and strength given by the ridiculously fine nylon thread that is in it. It ha
Part number: 1806E40
Photography of Broadly Speaking

Broadly Speaking

150cm wide, quite hefty, cotton canvas in a quite bold dark red, cream plaid check with black forming the edges to the stripes. So we finish up with a check where the cream and red yarns cross you get another colour, which is either pink or a darker shade
Part number: 1808J31
Photography of The Merry Wives Of Salterforth

The Merry Wives Of Salterforth

Quiet outstanding 150cm wide, cotton poplin in pale cream with an all over modern take on an old fashioned floral design.
Part number: 1810V11
Photography of A Lace Collection- Sparkle

A Lace Collection- Sparkle

134cm wide, lace tulle with a scalloped edge on both sides in ivory. The pattern is a fairly large sprawling floral design embroidered in polished yarns with corded edge, some elements are embellished with holographic sequins which have a sparkly element
Part number: 1809C14
Photography of Embroidered Net - Crochet

Embroidered Net - Crochet

140cm wide, white net with and all over but not to dense "beautiful crochet" floral pattern in shades of pink, pale blue, pale grey, pale orange and pale turquoise.
Part number: 1810C04
Photography of Stretch Duchess Satin- Ivory

Stretch Duchess Satin- Ivory

150cm wide, 97% polyester 3% elastane heavy duchess satin in ivory. This cloth might be used for brides, bridesmaid and prom dresses.
Part number: 1810ST01
Photography of Glitter - Ivory

Glitter - Ivory

Cotton with lurex metallic glitter crafts fabric. This fabric can be used for crafts and interior's.
Part number: 1811J09
Photography of Mercerised Cotton Jersey - Duckling

Mercerised Cotton Jersey - Duckling

So here we have one of many new fabulous mercerised cotton jerseys that we have just received.... Duckling possibly the finest jerseys I have ever seen, in fact there cannot be a finer jersey anywhere.
Part number: 1807J23H
Photography of Wool - Field Check

Wool - Field Check

A very straight forward British wool flat tweed in pale grey, with a fairly fine white line over check which suggests it ought not to be worn as a suit but certainly as a skirt or trousers, absolutely splendid.
Part number: 1807K08*
Photography of Boiled Wool - Beige

Boiled Wool - Beige

150cm wide, 65% polyester, 35% wool, lightweight boiled wool in beige.
Part number: 1810M02

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