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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are grey or have a grey theme.
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Marl Grey

Cotton Jersey - Marl Grey

180 cm wide very finely knitted marl pale grey 100% Cotton jersey, beautifully made again with a soft hand. Perfect for T-Shirt and blouse.
Part number: 6310a
Photography of Stretch Breathable Lining - Frosty

Stretch Breathable Lining - Frosty

What a wonderful thing; breathable stretch dress lining made from viscose with 3% Elastane. Just that little bit extra give if You need it. At the time of posting we had this in 4 colours but we have limited stocks. This one comes in frosty grey.
Part number: 6121d
Photography of Plain Poly/Cotton - Silver Grey

Plain Poly/Cotton - Silver Grey

115cm wide good quality (not Chinese) soft plain silver grey 65% poly 35% cotton dress and craft fabric.
Part number: 1530x
Photography of Top Coat

Top Coat

This is a heavyish weight all wool cloth, with a hint of a herringbone tweed weave in lots of muffled, muted shades of grey, beige, bit of black with the overall appearance is of a flat tweed. The weight is sufficient to make a light top coat, and certain
Part number: CM1286
Photography of Thomas Shelby

Thomas Shelby

This Yorkshire woven cloth is a well disguised herringbone tweed jacketing in a fabulous mixture of grey and black yarns. Perhaps a little bit of beige and a wispiness to the surface, quite a modern take on an old cloth.
Part number: 6297
Photography of Working Late

Working Late

A stand out wool Yorkshire woven tweed jacketing in a mixture of grey and blue cloths in a sort of prince and wales check, with a fine line over check in red and orange, quite special.
Part number: 6295
Photography of Moles Breath

Moles Breath

Superb British woven wool tweed. A lovely mixture of as many shades of greys yarns as you can shake a stick at, with a fine line over check in cream and dark grey, a very handsome cloth.
Part number: 6290
Photography of Peaky Blinder

Peaky Blinder

A much soft woollen flat Yorkshire tweed in a quite wonderful melange of dark coloured yarns including black, grey, beige and blue with this quite incredible soft finish, almost next to the skin kind of feel.
Part number: 6289
Photography of Blue Horizon - Silver Grey

Blue Horizon - Silver Grey

150cm cotton and viscose suiting comes in black and grey with grey yarns in the weft. It gives the impression of looking at the sea at sunset but not necessarily around Briton. Beautiful Italian made cloth or another famous maker, it also comes in pale bl
Part number: 6272b
Photography of Prestige - Gun Metal

Prestige - Gun Metal

150cm wide polyester flat crepe dress fabric with a quite imperious quality in a gun metal grey, a class act.
Part number: 1537e
Photography of John Kaldor - Body Stocking

John Kaldor - Body Stocking

180cm wide, super fine 72% viscose 20% wool and 8% elastane jersey in a very dark mottled black/ grey incredibly soft and probably made as a base layer fabric which may or may not wick away body odours and dampness.
Part number: 6253
Photography of Absolute Flannel

Absolute Flannel

145cm wide 75% wool 25% polyamide flannel suiting in grey, however when you turn it over you find another flannel and you look closely and find that is in fact two flannels, one in a pale grey and the other in a darker charcoal grey, reversible jackets? O
Part number: 6231

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