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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are grey or have a grey theme.
Photography of Wool- Country Tweed

Wool- Country Tweed

Wonderful British made county tweed check skirt jacket weight woollen tweed in grey taupe, pale blue and what appears to be a navy blue or black and there are different tones in the colours as the yarns cross each other to form this rather splendid good s
Part number: 2040f
Photography of Be Ready

Be Ready

150cm wide. Quite heavy but soft brushed cotton cavalry 12 in charcoal grey. A hell of a cloth and one which will be extremely hard to destroy.Made in one of Germany finest mills.
Part number: 2017
Photography of The List - Pale Grey

The List - Pale Grey

A rather beautiful cotton lawn. This is a pale-ish grey cloth with an all over but not dense medium sized floral design, in lots of pastel, turquoises, mustard, orange, pink, lilac, little purple and white. Superb quality with a lovely soft finish.
Part number: 1996d
Photography of Bangalore - Pale Grey

Bangalore - Pale Grey

A 127cm wide pure natural silk dupion in pale grey. Not a soft and flowing silk fabric but more in the way of a taffeta, and of course it has lots of natural slubbiness in the weave. Because of the natural state of the cloth
Part number: 2045b
Photography of Viscose Jersey Lightweight - Marl Grey

Viscose Jersey Lightweight - Marl Grey

premium quality ringspun viscose jersey fabric with 5% lycra.  This is lightweight fabric but it is packed full of yarn making it wonderfully soft and therefore giving it superb draping qualities A soft, breathable and wonderfully comfortable fabric.
Part number: 1963
Photography of Suoop


A 135cm wide flat polyester crepe in a light mushroom colour that might sound a little bit anonymous. By the same token, it is also very distinctive; wonderfully creaseless, soft and drapey.
Part number: 1935b
Photography of Poplin Prints - Denver

Poplin Prints - Denver

If you were just to glance at this fabric, you might think, out of the corner of your eye that it was just printed with white and pale blue circles on the grey base. However on closer inspection there are small red dashes, as if to mimic stitching that tr
Part number: 1905
Photography of Poplin Prints - Dante

Poplin Prints - Dante

You could imagine this print artfully carved into a lady's dresser, where she would store her gown for tomorrow's ball. Although I cannot promise this cotton poplin will take you to a ball, I can promise the mixture of reds, green and yellows on a charm b
Part number: 1903
Photography of Ey Up Chuck - Pale Pewter

Ey Up Chuck - Pale Pewter

Otta going out somewhere grand to eat? Well tha might as well, after getting thi posh frock on..... 150cm wide Fine pale pewter crepe floral dress fabric,
Part number: 1851c
Photography of Ey Up Chuck - Grey

Ey Up Chuck - Grey

Otta going out somewhere grand to eat? Well tha might as well, after getting this posh frock on.... Lovely soft polyester crepe dress fabric in grey with a small flower
Part number: 1851b
Photography of Denim Stretch - Leopard

Denim Stretch - Leopard

Italian - A superb quality Italian lightweight cotton stretch printed twill. It comes in a stong multi-tonal grey, black and white leopard print. 
Part number: 1725c
Photography of Water Resistant Canvas - Grey

Water Resistant Canvas - Grey

145cm wide PU coated polyester canvas: Very strong and water resistant. Great for anywhere you need strong, water repellent fabric. Garden furniture? Bags? Covers for anything? This one comes in mid-grey. Approx 225gsm!
Part number: 1780c

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