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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are grey or have a grey theme.
Photography of Sherpa Fleece Grey 1.10 set piece

Sherpa Fleece Grey 1.10 set piece

Sherpa jacquard fleece in black and burgundy.The background is black with fawn interference as it were. It’s not too heavy, but looks warm and a thing of purpose, if you had an Airedale terrier he would get lost in this. Fabulous fabric.
Discount 10%
Part number: CM452
Photography of Put The Kettle On - That's Enough

Put The Kettle On - That's Enough

112cm wide, polycotton featuring in ivory with a very sweet all over small purple flower design.
Part number: 30010
Photography of Is That a Hint?

Is That a Hint?

100% Wool flat weave suiting in may shades of grey, blue, black with a hint of... I thought it had green in but it doesn't. But it does have some lighter tones of oatmeal. 
Part number: 1290j
Photography of A Likely Story - Prudie

A Likely Story - Prudie

This 140cm wide loose knit, loose top over cloth comes in a cream colour made from polyester, with a beautiful soft hand; you would certainly be fooled into thinking this was a cotton. I imagine you can dress up or down in this cloth as su
Part number: 1572
Photography of Wallander 1.10 m set piece

Wallander 1.10 m set piece

A 150cm wide poly viscose elastane knitted suiting in shades of grey through to black and a tiny zig-zag pattern. It stretches all over the shop, it is fairly substantial, by the time you get round to making it; it will be the time of year to start wearin
Discount 10%
Part number: 1979
Photography of Sewing Bee

Sewing Bee

There’s a chap, one of the judges , in the sewing bee who’ s opinion on how to sew ladies cloths you can take a leaf but he must be good what he does or he wouldn’t be on the program would he. He is however an extremely smartly dress gentle meant and I th
Part number: 2205
Photography of Strawberry Thief

Strawberry Thief

This 137 cm wide cotton prints by Morris and Co. printed by Sandersons, Strawberry Thief was inspired by a real-life problem for many gardeners. Morris tried to grow strawberries at Kelmscott Manor but found they were often eaten by greedy birds.
Part number: 2191
Photography of Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Beautifully fine cotton lawn in the mixture of a very pale grey and white yarns with a little bit of irregularity in some of the yarns which breaks up the surface a little bit so it by no means just a plain grey cloth. It absolutely reeks of class!
Part number: 2177
Photography of Viscose Jersey - A Casual Encounter

Viscose Jersey - A Casual Encounter

A fine and lightweight viscose jersey, that has pale grey, light-to-medium-grey and darker grey stripes running horizontally along the cloth.
Part number: 1318b
Photography of Academy


Pale grey Italian cotton/linen suiting has typical linen slight slubyness in the weave and it would seem was meant for men’s suits, it has a great hand and can look as smart or unsmart as you wish.
Part number: 2170
Photography of Ash


150cm wide pale grey finely woven suiting in what you would swear to be pure wool, turns out to be a wool poly lycra mix. I must be losing it. A truly delicious cloth made for Laura Ashley....
Part number: 1328
Photography of Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

148cm wide 98% wool, 2% elastane  soft flannel suiting made for Hugo Boss, it comes in a warm pale grey made up of many shades and tones of yarn giving it a slightly marled appearance
Part number: 1325

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