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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are grey or have a grey theme.
Photography of Miracle Man - Velvet Needlecord - Grey

Miracle Man - Velvet Needlecord - Grey

152cm Stunning German made 15 wale velvet needlecord in grey. We only have an eyeful, grab it whilst you can. 
Part number: 3370d
Photography of Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Smoke

Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Smoke

150cm wide lovely viscose twill dress lining with a satin finish in (smoke) grey. This of course gives an expensive looking finish a shiny (but not cheap) bit of luxury to show off when you take off your jacket. Oh, and it is breathable too. Win, win!
Part number: 6116a
Photography of Plain Poly/Cotton - Marled Grey

Plain Poly/Cotton - Marled Grey

115cm wide good quality (not Chinese) soft plain dark grey 65% poly 35% cotton dress and craft fabric
Part number: 1530e
Photography of John Louden Canvas - Christmas Tree Grey

John Louden Canvas - Christmas Tree Grey

112cm wide cotton cotton canvas by John Louden with an all over Christmas Trees on grey background.
Part number: 6525a
Photography of Christmas Poly/Cotton - Snowman On Ice

Christmas Poly/Cotton - Snowman On Ice

112cm wide cheap and cheerful Poly/Cotton fabric in grey with snowman print.
Part number: 507d
Photography of Microlight - Grey

Microlight - Grey

Just arrived are these uber lightweight microlight performance fabrics, to give you an idea they are a lining weight so approx. 2oz, they are in two groups, the first is from a manufacturer using Pertex and the other a mill which I have yet to have confir
Part number: 7373b
Photography of Lace - Grey

Lace - Grey

145cm wide quite traditional soft corded lace. 100% polyester with a scallop edge and beautifully made.
Part number: 7376c
Photography of Mexicali Rose

Mexicali Rose

145 cm wide 100% polyester evening wear cloth, black, grey and pewter rose design. This is not a blue silver but a tinge of green to it. This will make a jacket or dress ready for the madness that is Christmas and new year.
Part number: 7369
Photography of Jacquard Jersey

Jacquard Jersey

150cm wide big black jersey fabric made of two cloths joined at the hips as it were. The base fabric is black and then onto the face attached by yarns either above or below is a grey all over dense “floral” pattern, all in all it makes a fairly chunky but
Part number: 7375
Photography of Meeting Yourself Coming Back

Meeting Yourself Coming Back

150cm wide very fine brushed cotton checked shirting has quite has the softest finish imaginable. The check itself is a small window pane check in shades of grey and black, Italy at its best, once again, made for an expensive British brand.
Part number: 7368
Photography of Set Piece - Poplin Prints - Dante 3.5m

Set Piece - Poplin Prints - Dante 3.5m

You could imagine this print artfully carved into a lady's dresser, where she would store her gown for tomorrow's ball. Although I cannot promise this cotton poplin will take you to a ball, I can promise the mixture of reds, green and yellows on a charm b
Discount 10%
Part number: SP1903
Photography of Chino - Skylight Grey

Chino - Skylight Grey

150cm wide German made cotton chino trousering, quite fine, in skylight grey colour.
Part number: 7372f
Photography of Wool - Transmogrifying

Wool - Transmogrifying

160cm wide, absolutely (transmogrifying) fine wool tweed from Yorkshire, in day but night shades of heather grey.
Part number: 7359j
Photography of Wool - Sporting

Wool - Sporting

150cm wide, lightweight 100% wool jacketing in grey, black and rust, sporting check.
Part number: 7359g
Photography of Wool - Lambswool

Wool - Lambswool

155cm wide. Just beautiful light weight lamb’s wool, flannel in dark navy.
Part number: 7359e
Photography of Wool - Highlands

Wool - Highlands

150cm wide, Yorkshire made highland inspired herringbone tweed in a mixture of heather coloured yarns.
Part number: 7359d
Photography of Wool - Hacking Suiting

Wool - Hacking Suiting

Fine 152cm wide, hacking checked suiting in grey and beige.
Part number: 7050a
Photography of Wool - Country

Wool - Country

150cm wide British wool in a marl pale grey and whilst it has arrived here as a suiting. It is just a little bit more country than that but still wonderfully light, beautifully soft and altogether delicious.
Part number: 7359c
Photography of The A List - Tailor

The A List - Tailor

150cm wide European, very interesting reversible cloth in colour between gold and grey, made of polyester, wool and viscose.
Part number: 7355b
Photography of The A List - Charcoal

The A List - Charcoal

150cm wide suiting fabric comes from a local manufacturer. Charcoal grey with a soft hand made of 60% Polyester and 40% Viscose.
Part number: 7355a
Photography of Poplin Prints - Grey Feather

Poplin Prints - Grey Feather

112cm wide delicate two tone feather print in a light grey.
Part number: 7352
Photography of Wool - Stick To Your Guns

Wool - Stick To Your Guns

This Autumn if we get an Autumn and if we don’t use this cloth in winter. 150cm wide Yorkshire wool flat tweed in grey, slightly open weave, so it’s of weight, ideally suited to jackets.
Part number: 7359h
Photography of A Grand Design - Heavenly

A Grand Design - Heavenly

150cm wide a lovely mid grey with an all over beautifully coloured floral print.
Part number: 7316e
Photography of From The Artists Page - Meghan

From The Artists Page - Meghan

145cm wide cotton lawn fabric in grey with spotty floral pattern.
Part number: 7315d
Photography of From The Artists Page - Hummingbird

From The Artists Page - Hummingbird

145cm wide cotton lawn fabric in grey with floral, insects and birds pattern.
Part number: 7315b
Photography of Craft Cotton - Paws

Craft Cotton - Paws

140 cm wide craft dress cotton fabric in grey with a tiny all over black paw print.
Part number: 7314i
Photography of Craft Cotton - Falling Leaves - Grey

Craft Cotton - Falling Leaves - Grey

140 cm wide craft dress cotton fabric with grey background and all over white tiny white leaf design.
Part number: 7314d
Photography of Poplin Prints - Aqua Rose

Poplin Prints - Aqua Rose

44" wide lovely quality cotton poplin fabric with an all over tattoo sort rose design on a aqua blue background.
Part number: 5602
Photography of Tea ,Tea - Silvery Grey

Tea ,Tea - Silvery Grey

148cm wide lightweight polyester taffeta in either silvery grey, kingfisher,dark navy or black.
Part number: 7304d
Photography of A Mess

A Mess

150cm wide cream, fairly tightly knit mesh cotton jersey, with an all over growing squawky floral design, in shades of grey.
Part number: 7301
Photography of Never Knowingly

Never Knowingly

158cm wide very fine super wool suiting in a melange of grey yarns and a hint of silver.
Part number: 7289
Photography of Sewing Room - Going Bananas

Sewing Room - Going Bananas

112cm wide super quality nice cotton poplin dress/craft fabric with juicy bananas design all over taupe/olive fabric.
Part number: 7263g
Photography of Denim - Grey Stretch

Denim - Grey Stretch

150cm wide approximately 10oz stunning soft silver grey cotton with 2% lycra denim fabric.
Part number: 7258
Photography of The Striped One

The Striped One

150cm wide cream and pale grey striped ribbed jersey with the most incredible soft finish.
Part number: 7232
Photography of Ponte Roma - Silver Marl

Ponte Roma - Silver Marl

150cm wide good quality densley woven 70% poly 26% viscose 3% elastane Ponte Roma Fabric in silver marl. perfect for leggings and coatigans this fabric is easy to sew and .....
Part number: 754c
Photography of Ponte Roma - Charcoal Marl

Ponte Roma - Charcoal Marl

150cm wide good quality 71% Viscose/ 26% poly/ 3% elastane Ponte Roma Fabric in a charcoal marled grey. Popular with our customers because it is easy to sew and care for.
Part number: 754d
Photography of Ponte Roma - Graphite

Ponte Roma - Graphite

150cm wide good quality 26% poly 71% viscose 3% elastane Ponte Roma Fabric in deep graphite grey-ish colour.
Part number: 7244a
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Grey

Viscose Jersey - Grey

100% viscose jersey fabric in a lovely shade of silver grey
Part number: 7261
Photography of Combed Cotton - Winter Floral

Combed Cotton - Winter Floral

150cm wide  100% Mercerised  Combed Cotton fabric.  This is a grey cotton poplin fabric with white, navy and teal floral pattern all over. White flowers gives a hint of winter time in it . 
Part number: 1470x
Photography of Poplin Prints - Wat Spot Dark Grey

Poplin Prints - Wat Spot Dark Grey

44" Fabulous Poplin Print Dark Grey Polka dot dress and craft printed cotton poplin fabric.
Part number: 7208
Photography of Pretty Polly - Twoo Who's Are Looking At You

Pretty Polly - Twoo Who's Are Looking At You

44" good quality polyester cotton fabric with adorable owls print in grey ,aqua and rusty brown.
Part number: 7203
Photography of Pleats Please - Peach

Pleats Please - Peach

145cm wide Peach polyester, elastane jersey; which has been produced in such a way to give it a very fine concertina/pleated effect. Lightweight and very silky, it probably belongs to early Hollywood
Part number: 7206
Photography of Denim - Inside or Out

Denim - Inside or Out

148cm wide strong dull grey cotton twill trousering with a lightweight brushed back, there are those who prefer to have the softness of the brushing next to them and there are others that would wear the brushing on the outside so that it look a little bit
Part number: 7186
Photography of Lining - Pinstripe - Grey

Lining - Pinstripe - Grey

145cm wide grey and ivory stripe polyester dress lining fabric.
Part number: 7170
Photography of Poplin Prints - Isabella

Poplin Prints - Isabella

Flower print cotton poplin fabric in white, pale yellow, pale blue, navy blue and dark brown all on a grey background.
Part number: 7156
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Mid Grey Marl

Viscose Jersey - Mid Grey Marl

150cm wide.Premium quality viscose jersey fabric in a lovely mid lead colour grey marl colour. This has 2% elastane to give you that little bit extra stretch.
Part number: 7361a
Photography of Grey Herringbone - Denim Shirting

Grey Herringbone - Denim Shirting

150cm wide fine cotton lawn in a marled grey with pale grey and darker grey yarns.
Part number: 7158
Photography of Viscose Jersey – Charcoal Marl Grey

Viscose Jersey – Charcoal Marl Grey

Lightweight and nice quality viscose jersey with 4 % elastane in a lovely grey marl... this would be very nice made into nice cowl neck tops and vest tops. Lovely draping qualities.
Part number: 5679
Photography of Mercerised Cotton Jersey - French Grey

Mercerised Cotton Jersey - French Grey

160cm wide superfine mercerised cotton jersey in french grey colour.
Part number: 4050o
Photography of Poplin Prints - Manor House

Poplin Prints - Manor House

113cm wide grey cotton poplin fabric with small flowers print all over. Simply cute.
Part number: 7130
Photography of This Way or That

This Way or That

154cm wide, fine beautifully made cotton suiting in navy but that isn’t the whole story, the yarns navy and grey yarns woven together give on the one side a very fine , tiny dash pattern and the reverse a dark navy with a pinprick dot pattern in the pale
Part number: 8222
Photography of Sea Shore

Sea Shore

140cm wide polyester Spanish made dress fabric in pale grey with an all over tiny abstract design in silver, the design looks a bit like pebbles by the sea shore seen through water.
Part number: 8214
Photography of Looking Forward to Going Back - Speckled Tweed

Looking Forward to Going Back - Speckled Tweed

150cm wide proper highland tweed in blues and speckled with grey.
Part number: 8195d
Photography of Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Grey

Poplin Prints - The Crafty Spot - Grey

A really lovely simple design in a shade of grey that could almost be green but is definitely not.
Part number: 10n
Photography of A Bonny One/Whisper

A Bonny One/Whisper

We have just received a Melder of very posh shirting’s, the majority of which would only be seen in the best men’s shirts but no names ,this is one of many. 150cm wide superfine cotton sateen in a grey and cream fine stripe not over done on the satin fro
Part number: 5102f
Photography of Italian Shirting - Check Mate

Italian Shirting - Check Mate

We have just received a Melder of very posh shirting’s, the majority of which would only be seen in the best men’s shirts but no names ,this is one of many. 150cm wide very fine Italian cotton poplin in a tiny grey, white and pink check, there’s enough y
Part number: 7102
Photography of Silky Soft - Silver

Silky Soft - Silver

We have just received a Melder of very posh shirting’s, the majority of which would only be seen in the best men’s shirts but no names ,this is one of many.There’s fine and there’s finer, this 150cm wide, silky soft. Cotton cloth is in a very light marled
Part number: 7100a
Photography of Georgette - Little Grey Cells

Georgette - Little Grey Cells

150cm wide pale grey, very fine, Polyester Crepe De Chine in a very pale grey.
Part number: 8135
Photography of New Job, New Suit

New Job, New Suit

A 150cm wide polyester suiting in very dark grey, with a fine lilac pinstripe at 1cm intervals and a plain fine fancy stripe between those.
Part number: 8122
Photography of Tracks of My Tears

Tracks of My Tears

140cm wide polyester/cupro lightweight suiting in a fine herringbone design in shades of grey, and each herringbone pattern has a very faint but discernible pinstripe edge to it
Part number: 8114
Photography of Father Down

Father Down

155cm wide it says on the ticket. 99% wool, 1% elastane suiting. Fearfully finely woven with a fabulously soft hand and great, great draping qualities.
Part number: 8106
Photography of Cupcake - Grey

Cupcake - Grey

115 cm wide lightweight cotton hopsack with an all over and quite colourful cupcake and other confectionery fancies in the design. Possible uses are pinny’s, lightweight dungarees and perhaps even a tiny kitchen curtain.
Part number: 8101a
Photography of The Way We Were - Gunmetal

The Way We Were - Gunmetal

150cm wide. Ridiculously fine velvet ‘suede’ in a glorious shade of gun-mental, with a small amount of stretch. Made in Italy.
Part number: 5071c
Photography of The Way We Were - Silver Grey

The Way We Were - Silver Grey

150cm wide Italian made pale silvery grey very fine velveteen with a tiny amount of stretch
Part number: 5071b
Photography of Sewing Room - Grey Spot

Sewing Room - Grey Spot

113 cm wide cotton poplin fabric in dark grey with polka dot alike print in sage green,pale blue and orange.
Part number: 5013d
Photography of Cold Snap - Pale Grey

Cold Snap - Pale Grey

148cm wide. A lightly brushed lightweight wool melton, with almost fleece like feel it is perfect for coats. This pale grey is great for those who enjoy a minimalist style or colour scheme.
Part number: 4172g
Photography of Miracle Man - Dress Velvet Mid Grey

Miracle Man - Dress Velvet Mid Grey

140cm wide. Beautifully soft mid-grey Italian dress fabric.They don't get any better than this. Velvet that is!
Part number: 3371e
Photography of Harking Back - Wisteria

Harking Back - Wisteria

113cm wide very nice cotton poplin fabrics. This one with an all over floral wisteria pattern on grey background. Beautiful for dress or good for crafts .
Part number: 4176a
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Zara

Pima Cotton Lawn - Zara

137cm wide. A nice quality pima cotton lawn fabric in greys, and blues. The pattern, if you look at it laid flat looks a bit floral, but from any other angle I'm sure you could call it abstract.
Part number: 303f
Photography of Italian Crepe - Silver Grey

Italian Crepe - Silver Grey

Italian poly/viscose/spandex designer crepe dress fabrics in a light silver grey. A medium weight stunning quality dress fabric with some give to make these well fitted dresses you like.
Part number: 1162c
Photography of Spring Creatives - Avengers Fleece Round Badge

Spring Creatives - Avengers Fleece Round Badge

150cm wide 100% Polyester fleece. The grey ground is brought to life with large colourful badges depict classic Marvel charcters. Lovely and soft, this is perfect for fans of superheros. 
Part number: 1466d
Photography of Silk Like - Pewter

Silk Like - Pewter

145cm wide. Pewter polyester stretch soft peachskin shirting/blouse weight fabric.
Part number: 3369d
Photography of Paisley Changeant Linings - Slate Grey

Paisley Changeant Linings - Slate Grey

We have a new collection of paisley linings - presently we are offering it in six colours, a nice quality polyester/viscose lining.
Part number: 990t
Photography of Yorkshire Wool - Chalk Stripe

Yorkshire Wool - Chalk Stripe

160cm wide wool jacketing made in Yorkshire. This is in a mid-grey with a fine white chalk stripe and if anything, an even finer blue chalk stripe in between the other chalk stripes. 
Part number: 3373b
Photography of Pongee - Grey

Pongee - Grey

150cm wide pale grey polyester dress fabric. Fine as you like with a lovely soft hand. Jubilicous!
Part number: 3381b
Photography of Groo War - Pale Grey

Groo War - Pale Grey

145cm wide pure cotton supremely fine lawn in pale grey.
Part number: 1338b
Photography of Could Change - Grey

Could Change - Grey

A 150cm wide grey polyester self-coloured pinstriped suiting, completely washable, quick drying, doesn’t crease. Spill, wash and go.
Part number: 1588b
Photography of Two Suits - Check

Two Suits - Check

This is an Italian made approximately 160cm wide men’s suiting, but since when has that been a problem? It would make a stunning dress. This is a pure new worsted wool, made up in a very elegant and tiny check in various greys, it has a beautiful hand and
Part number: 2058a
Photography of Indian Silk Dupion - Pale Grey

Indian Silk Dupion - Pale Grey

James Brindley Silk Dupion. A 127cm wide pure natural silk dupion in pale grey. Not a soft and flowing silk fabric but more in the way of a taffeta, and of course it has lots of natural slubbiness in the weave. Because of the natural state of the cloth
Part number: 2045b
Photography of Suoop - Fine Grey Crepe

Suoop - Fine Grey Crepe

A 135cm wide flat polyester crepe in a light mushroom colour that might sound a little bit anonymous. By the same token, it is also very distinctive; wonderfully creaseless, soft and drapey.
Part number: 1935b
Photography of Denim Stretch - Animal Print

Denim Stretch - Animal Print

Italian - A superb quality Italian lightweight cotton stretch printed twill. It comes in a stong multi-tonal grey, black and white leopard print. 
Discount 30%
Part number: 1725c
Photography of Water Resistant Canvas - Grey

Water Resistant Canvas - Grey

145cm wide PU coated polyester canvas: Very strong and water resistant. Great for anywhere you need strong, water repellent fabric. Garden furniture? Bags? Covers for anything? This one comes in mid-grey. Approx 225gsm!
Part number: 1780c
Photography of Clothworks Impressions - Flora Grey

Clothworks Impressions - Flora Grey

111cm wide gorgeous cotton blender fabric from Clothworks. Four colours of grey go into this print, plain but beautiful.
Discount £1.95
Part number: 1493d
Photography of Bomber


138cm wide Italian made soft grey twill jacketing fabric. An elegant material which was originally an expensive menswear label, perfect for bomber and parka style jackets.
Part number: 1600
Photography of Poplin Prints - Cottontail Grey

Poplin Prints - Cottontail Grey

This cotton is as cute as can be. The bigger rabbits are interspersed by fairy-tale-like mushrooms and smaller rabbits sitting patiently in a row. Every so often, a friendly bird pops up to say hello. The mid-grey base gives a good contrasting effect, mak
Part number: 1675b
Photography of Poplin Prints - W. Morris - Silver/Grey

Poplin Prints - W. Morris - Silver/Grey

This is a very pretty cotton poplin with almost a look of William Morris. The flowers are pink, with yellow centres. The larger groups of flowers have petals that are fringed with red. Among these, there are yellow, orange and beige coloured smaller scale
Part number: 1065a
Photography of Re-enactment - Grey

Re-enactment - Grey

150cm wide as daft as it may sound this polyester Melton fabric also known as a washable wool nowadays is easily mistaken for wool in weight, in its handle and its appearance although lighter than an equivalent wool cloth would be. Not authentic but for t
Part number: 1022d
Photography of I Should Be So Lucky In - Grey

I Should Be So Lucky In - Grey

58in wide grey polyester mix suiting with viscose and elastane in grey. A good weight, in face an extremely decent cloth, about 260gsm this twill suiting cloth has a superb hand and a good 2 way stretch. I would imagine this is best suited to trousers, sk
Part number: 1066b
Photography of Poplin Prints - Sherlock

Poplin Prints - Sherlock

A lovely grey poplin with bunches of vintage style flowers scattered across it. Very pretty.
Part number: 996a
Photography of Boyzone


150cm wide cotton with polyester canvas in pale grey, with an all over medium size vehicle design in a wide array of bright colours. All manner of vehicles included in the design, from racing cars to fire engines.
Part number: 4103
Photography of Strewth


Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water something crops up, til you wonder why you wanted to go in. This 126cm wide cloth is just such a one. First of all ,you have the width, where on earth does the 126cm come from? Secondary ,its made from
Part number: 4140
Photography of Unadulterated


145cm wide virgin wool. A glorious pale grey sifted with many different shades of grey into the intricate and still very plain weave pattern.
Part number: 4145
Photography of Sewing Room - Vintage Grey

Sewing Room - Vintage Grey

113 wide cotton poplin fabric in grey or maybe dusky lilac, with beautiful vintage floral pattern in beige ,cream and ivory. Perfect for shirts or crafts .
Part number: 5013h
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