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Photography of The List - Swarm

The List - Swarm

I’m not at all sure about this one, but it’s here so let’s do our best. A pale fairly non-descript really khaki colour background with darker splodges here and there. And then an all over print in what appear to be a swarm of insects.
Part number: 1996a
Photography of Viscose Jersey Lightweight - Khaki

Viscose Jersey Lightweight - Khaki

Premium quality ringspun viscose jersey fabric with 5% lycra.  This is lightweight fabric but it is packed full of yarn making it wonderfully soft and therefore giving it superb draping qualities A soft, breathable and wonderfully comfortable fabric.
Part number: 1965
Photography of Night Manager

Night Manager

150cm fabulously fine pure cotton poplin shirting in a sort of khaki colour, only worn by private body guards to the very rich. This is from a 160 year old global brand, with a distinctly British attitude.
Part number: 1755
Photography of Premium Viscose Jersey – Khaki

Premium Viscose Jersey – Khaki

148cm wide khaki premium quality ringspun viscose jersey fabric with 5% lycra.
Part number: 1535i
Photography of Millie Miglia - Alfa Teal

Millie Miglia - Alfa Teal

Italian - Like some of the others in the Millie Miglia range this is another autumnal colouring but this time in teal with some olive, khaki, a little bit of pale gold perhaps and darker khaki outline detailing all on another darker grey background this t
Part number: 1458f
Photography of If You Through Enough Water- Khaki

If You Through Enough Water- Khaki

150cm wide rather splendid lightweight jacketing. This is a proofed polyester fabric from Italy Made for a well known British design house. we have tested this and believe it to be waterproof.
Part number: 1433f
Photography of One Fifty - Africa

One Fifty - Africa

Super quality 142cm wide cotton poplin with a blotted floral pattern. This fabrics colour reminds me of the army troops camouflage uniform however you can see the floral design along with the feel of African animals.
Part number: 1376a
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