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Photography of Denim - Khaki Stretch

Denim - Khaki Stretch

150cm wide approximately 10oz stunning stretch khaki cotton with 2% lycra denim fabric
Part number: 7125d
Photography of Water Resistant Canvas - Khaki

Water Resistant Canvas - Khaki

145cm wide PU coated polyester canvas: Very strong and water resistant. Great for anywhere you need strong, water repellent fabric. Garden furniture? Bags? Covers for anything? This one comes in a classic shade of khaki. Approx 225gsm!
Part number: 1780d
Photography of Waterproof Lightweight Canvas - Bottle

Waterproof Lightweight Canvas - Bottle

150cm wide lightweight waterproof canvas, 105gsm
Part number: 3401g
Photography of Marching Orders

Marching Orders

148cm wide beautifully soft and fine polyester shirting in khaki! I don’t think they would allow soldiers to wear this and it’s the wrong colour for sailors. I cannot believe it will crease and I bet it is an absolute wow to wear.
Part number: 7142
Photography of Ala Greque

Ala Greque

This 150cm wide fine polyester dress fabric comes in a shade of dark khaki/olive which to my mind is typical of grease goes well with olive skin; mind you we will be hoping that it goes well with white skins as well as other coloured skins. I am told that
Part number: 7212
Photography of Autumn Flower

Autumn Flower

140cm wide soft fine olive cotton poplin dress fabric with an all over sombre floral print in dark hues of maroon, turquoise, green, rust, white.
Part number: 7272
Photography of Barbour Lining - Olive

Barbour Lining - Olive

135cm wide good quality polyester dress lining in a dark olive colour - made for Barbour.
Part number: 1530
Photography of Eau De Vie - Khaki

Eau De Vie - Khaki

150cm wide breathable ex Barbour 100% polyester, finely coated cloth. One in blue, one in khaki. Both with the same design except the khaki one has cream and brown little bits.
Part number: 7274b
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Apple

Georgette Dress Fabric - Apple

Gorgeous quality Georgette dress fabric in Fern
Part number: 2030l
Photography of If Its Not One Thing Its Another

If Its Not One Thing Its Another

140cm wide soft brushed polyester suede.
Part number: 2744
Photography of Khaki Check

Khaki Check

140cm wide exceptionally fine cotton voile in olive green.
Part number: 7132
Photography of Miracle Man - Ridiculously Fine Needlecord Khaki

Miracle Man - Ridiculously Fine Needlecord Khaki

146cm wide German made beautiful velvet cotton needlecord shirting fabric.
Part number: 3371n

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