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Photography of Chasing Rainbows - Khaki

Chasing Rainbows - Khaki

Khaki - 150cm wide, fine twill medium weight cotton trousering in dark beige or light brown.
Part number: 1808J06e
Photography of Finest Pique

Finest Pique

This cloth is a fine soft knitted jersey in 72% Polyester and 28% modal which is a synthetic cotton so to speak. It has a delightful hand and will drape wonderfully well. It comes in this rather plain but splendid khaki.
Part number: 1807M04
Photography of Tried and Tested - Khaki

Tried and Tested - Khaki

150cm wide, 100% cotton, chino trousering in khaki.
Part number: 1807P19b
Photography of Water Resistant Canvas - Khaki

Water Resistant Canvas - Khaki

145cm wide PU coated polyester canvas: Very strong and water resistant. Great for anywhere you need strong, water repellent fabric. Garden furniture? Bags? Covers for anything? This one comes in a classic shade of khaki. Approx 225gsm!
Part number: 1780d
Photography of Indonesian Batik - Chennai

Indonesian Batik - Chennai

114cm wide. Beautiful hand tie dyed cotton batik in yellow, mustard and browns from Indonesia. This is the best quality...
Part number: 1712B01
Photography of Indonesian Batik - Rain Forest

Indonesian Batik - Rain Forest

114cm wide. Beautiful hand dyed cotton batik in yellow brown and green from Indonesia. This is the best quality...
Part number: 1803B15
Photography of Not In Real Life - Khaki

Not In Real Life - Khaki

150cm wide very slinky polyester fine jersey in light khaki very much the sort of cloth that if it slips off you or out of your hands it will just crumple to a nice neat heap on the floor. If you can handle these the you can make really elegant garments o
Part number: 1803E23a
Photography of Waterproof Lightweight Canvas - Bottle

Waterproof Lightweight Canvas - Bottle

150cm wide lightweight waterproof canvas, 105gsm
Part number: 3401e
Photography of Ala Greque

Ala Greque

This 150cm wide fine polyester crepe dress fabric comes in a shade of dark khaki/olive.
Part number: 7212
Photography of Barbour Lining - Olive

Barbour Lining - Olive

135cm wide good quality polyester dress lining in a dark olive colour - made for Barbour.
Part number: 1531c
Photography of Eau De Vie - Khaki

Eau De Vie - Khaki

150cm wide breathable ex Barbour 100% polyester, finely coated cloth. One in blue, one in khaki. Both with the same design except the khaki one has cream and brown little bits.
Part number: 7274b
Photography of Miracle Man - Ridiculously Fine Needlecord Khaki

Miracle Man - Ridiculously Fine Needlecord Khaki

146cm wide German made beautiful velvet cotton needlecord shirting fabric.
Part number: 3371n

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