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Multicoloured dress fabrics at croft Mill
Photography of John Louden Canvas - Tropicana

John Louden Canvas - Tropicana

154cm wide cotton cotton canvas by John Louden in white with parrots all over printed on.
Part number: JL7243b
Photography of Carnival Festival

Carnival Festival

150cm wide, 92% polyester, 8 % elastane, fine, soft dress fabric in a multicoloured abstract design, which might suggest a Caribbean carnival. Wonderfully colourful, and beautiful cloth.
Part number: 1810M25
Photography of Poser


140cm wide, fine, soft and flowing viscose dress fabric, in navy blue with a tiny all over daisy pattern in shades of mauve, pale turquoise and white.
Part number: 1812C10
Photography of Charlotte Town - Ditzy

Charlotte Town - Ditzy

140cm wide, viscose, very fine crepe dress fabric, which might be found at a New England country fair, not necessarily for sale, but worn by the locals.
Part number: 1811H12b
Photography of Charlotte Town - Floral

Charlotte Town - Floral

140cm wide, viscose, very fine crepe dress fabric, which might be found at a New England country fair.
Part number: 1811H12a
Photography of One Flew Over

One Flew Over

150cm wide, printed chiffon in a pattern with ribbons of the base material in swirls around the cloth.
Part number: 1812E20
Photography of Me Tarzan

Me Tarzan

150cm wide, very fine polyester chiffon in what might be termed very loosely as an animal/jungle print.
Part number: 1812JK04
Photography of Everything's Coming Up

Everything's Coming Up

148cm wide, polyester chiffon in a colourful all over rose floral print, quite subdued with lots and lots of colour.
Part number: 1812C03
Photography of Confucius


150cm wide, polyester, elastane, super fine woven dress fabric.
Part number: 1812C04
Photography of Block Paving

Block Paving

150cm wide, soft, woven polyester dress fabric, in a fairly regular but not absolutely regimented block design.
Part number: 1812C02
Photography of Iggle Piggle

Iggle Piggle

Nothing at all to do with La La land. This is a 150cm wide, soft, finely woven polyester dress fabric in navy blue with a tine all over white floral and leaf design.
Part number: 1812C01
Photography of Vogue


166cm wide, 86% cotton, 14% polyester, 303gs/qm, cotton terry fabric in a deep navy blue with ladies displaying fashion hair and head wear. Due to limited stock no samples are available.
Part number: 1902H18*

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