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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that have a pink/ purply theme.
Photography of Polly Polka - Purple

Polly Polka - Purple

A lovely Cadbury purple polycotton with white polka dots all over. Enough said.
Part number: 1723a
Photography of Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Small scattered purple flowers on a very light pink polycotton It looks as if some cheeky younger relative has sneaked blue petals into the mix, I hope the bride doesn't find out.
Part number: 1720
Photography of Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet

Purple flowers, wth darker purple accents, set on the palest of pale lilac bases. The polycotton is something to behold in it's sweet, feminine charm. 
Part number: 1712
Photography of Cotton Seersucker - Yeehar - Pink

Cotton Seersucker - Yeehar - Pink

150cm wide soft cotton pink and white lightly seersuckered check fabric.
Part number: CM1285c
Photography of Polyester jersey - Lilac

Polyester jersey - Lilac

168 cm wide soft and lightweight polyester jersey fabric in lilac. It may not set the world alight as the best fabric in the world but it is for a soft easy care cloth in a nice colour.
Part number: 1764b
Photography of Viscose Jersey – Rose Pink

Viscose Jersey – Rose Pink

A lightweight, nice and soft lovely quality viscose jersey fabric in a mid rose pink. This would look stunning made into tops or a lovely dress.
Part number: 129e
Photography of Linen - Purpley Raspberry Colour - 1.5m Set Piece

Linen - Purpley Raspberry Colour - 1.5m Set Piece

This is a 1.5m set piece.  Straight forward linen cloths with the usual slight slubbiness in the weave, and incidentally they are 144cm wide.
Part number: CM1229D
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Mauve - 1.4m Set Piece

Viscose Jersey - Mauve - 1.4m Set Piece

This is a 1.4m set piece.  170cm wide gorgeous Mauve Purple Viscose/Lycra lovely quality Jersey fabric, about 180-200gsm soft breathable Jersey fabric which is wonderfully drapey and comfortable to wear.
Part number: 1523m
Photography of Linen - Lilac 1m Set Piece

Linen - Lilac 1m Set Piece

This is a set 1m piece. Straight forward Irish lilac linen cloth with the usual slight slubbiness in the weave, and incidentally they are 144cm wide.
Part number: 1229h
Photography of Coral Sea

Coral Sea

A 150cm wide soft polyester ‘silk’ in a delightful shade of pale coral with an all over complimentary colourful floral design. This cloth has class stamped all over.
Part number: 1761
Photography of I Didn't Get Where I Am...

I Didn't Get Where I Am...

This 140cm wide viscose lycra fine silky jersey has a very large all over floral design in shades of purple, pink, grey, black on a cream ground. I have no doubt that this is going to be photographed and you’ll get a much better idea than, sadly, I am abl
Part number: 1659
Photography of Deepest Damson

Deepest Damson

100% British made deepest damson thick wool melton coating. Stunning. What Can I Make With This? Coat jacket
Part number: 1606

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