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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that have a pink/ purply theme.
Photography of Batik- Rome

Batik- Rome

Hand dyed and hand printed beautiful batik design in beautiful pinks & purple with hints of white. Very pretty.
Part number: 1709O07
Photography of Batik- Venice

Batik- Venice

Hand dyed and hand printed beautiful batik design in purple, greens and a little hint's of brown. Very pretty colours.
Part number: 1709O03
Photography of Batik- Florence

Batik- Florence

Hand dyed and hand printed beautiful batik design fabric in multi colours of pinks, purple, blue, green & turquoise, gorgeous summer colours.
Part number: 1709O08
Photography of Telford


This is something completely different in that is it 150cm wide but made up of entirely polyester and nylon, very fine, virtually creaseless with a little bit of give in the weave due entirely to what it is made from and this is in dark navy.
Part number: 1808J09
Photography of Heidi


Made in Italy this glorious designer borderie anglaise, to make something rather different & special.
Part number: 1905M08
Photography of Pink Strike

Pink Strike

A very elegant digitally printed design on a polyester dress fabric. There is a lot going on in this fabric the pale pink cloth has stripes of burnout and within these is a metallic yarn on top of which as quite a detailed print. This can be made into ve
Part number: 1905M06
Photography of Batik- Crete

Batik- Crete

Hand dyed and hand printed beautiful batik design in a multicolour's of purple, pink, green, blue.
Part number: 1807O14
Photography of Batik- La Palma

Batik- La Palma

Hand dyed and hand printed beautiful batik design in purple, pinks, yellow orange and green with hint of white.
Part number: 1807O15
Photography of Batik- Ibiza

Batik- Ibiza

Hand dyed and hand printed beautiful batik design in pinks, purple and turquoise with hints of white.
Part number: 1807O13
Photography of True Craft - Peacock Twerks - Pink

True Craft - Peacock Twerks - Pink

Soft and malleable, fine but densely woven true craft fabric from John Louden. Here we have a selection of peacock feather fabric, this one is in a lovely pink colour.
Part number: 1905O05B
Photography of Linen Chambray - Purple

Linen Chambray - Purple

New In - glorious European made 100% linen chambray dress fabric at 140cm wide. This one comes in deep, vibrant purple colour. Super for tunics, trousers and blouses.
Part number: 1807M01r
Photography of Linen Chambray - Baby Pink

Linen Chambray - Baby Pink

Glorious 100% linen chambray European made dress fabric at 140cm wide in a pretty pale pink
Part number: 1807M01p

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