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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that have a pink/ purply theme.
Photography of Lustrous Lilac

Lustrous Lilac

150cm wide, blouse satin, soft and lightweight - comes in a dusky lilac.
Part number: 6214
Photography of Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer

130cm wide, pale rose pink net completely cover in tiny rose gold sequin, hardly any weight in it at all so not just for tiny dancers.
Part number: 6209
Photography of Luxury Satin Backed Crepe - Dark Dusky Pink

Luxury Satin Backed Crepe - Dark Dusky Pink

150cm wide, European, glorious satin backed dark dusky pink crepe dress fabric. This is a medium weight superb quality satin backed crepe dress fabric that can be worn either way crepe side or satin side up. Perfect for evening bridal wear It is very hard
Part number: 945z
Photography of Crest Of The Slump - Pink

Crest Of The Slump - Pink

140cm wide cotton needle cord in either a lovely warm pink, which has exceptionally thicker cords or number 2, red which is a little bit lighter with slightly finer cords. Apart from looking good they do wear well.
Part number: 7312d
Photography of A Small Gathering - Pale Sea Green

A Small Gathering - Pale Sea Green

150cm wide acetate changeant taffeta lining from a small but now defunct tailoring operation. it comes in a pale sea green with a hint of lilac.
Part number: 6171c
Photography of A Small Gathering - Stripes

A Small Gathering - Stripes

150cm wide taffeta lining which around about way are out here from a small defunct tailoring operation. This is the only fancy one and is in a silvery bluey grey colour with narrow purple stripes, in regular intervals.
Part number: 6171a
Photography of Wool - Brown - Tweed

Wool - Brown - Tweed

150cm wide, gorgeous tweed jacketing in a dark warm brown, tweed with a faint dark purple-ish blue and black over check forming 5cm by 4cm oblongs, but greatly Yorkshire made cloth.
Part number: 7359a
Photography of Collaboration - Pink

Collaboration - Pink

170cm wide, right royal mixture of yarns knitted together to produce loosely constructed lightweight fabric.In pink beige, blue & lilac with a little bit of gold lurex woven in or knitted in.
Part number: 7321a
Photography of Night Hawk - Pink

Night Hawk - Pink

A 140cm wide stretchy knitted suiting. Can be used in either tight or loose garments, there is plenty of body and a bit of a fine, knobbly self-coloured pattern in the makeup. In vibrant cerise pink colour.
Part number: 1619b
Photography of Georgette - Blush Pink

Georgette - Blush Pink

150cm wide gorgeous quality polyester Georgette dress fabric in deep, vibrant blush pink.
Part number: 2132a
Photography of John Louden Canvas - Flamingos

John Louden Canvas - Flamingos

112cm wide cotton cotton canvas by John Louden with an all over Flamingos print on a pale blue background.
Part number: 7243a
Photography of John Louden Cotton - Becky

John Louden Cotton - Becky

112cm wide good quality John Louden cotton poplin dress or craft fabric in dark navy blue with floral print in pink.
Part number: 7042c

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