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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that have a pink/ purply theme.
Photography of Maroon 5

Maroon 5

150cm wide maroon silk chiffon fabric with a small window pane check in the weave.
Part number: 1334b
Photography of Beste - Lilac

Beste - Lilac

150cm wide Stunning lilac Italian cotton chino trousering fabric
Part number: 1327b
Photography of Beste - Purple

Beste - Purple

156cm wide purple cotton, recently arrived this comes from a small collection of Italian made lightweight cotton chino trouserings made for a well-known British designer.
Part number: CM27a
Photography of Friday Night Delight

Friday Night Delight

160cm wide pink cotton chambray shirting of some substance there is a fearful amount of yarn in this well finished cloth.
Part number: 1536
Product picture not available

Chiffon- Dusky Pink with lustre 2

Forgive the long title but we have ( or had depending on when you read this) 4 different dusky pink chiffons. They are all slightly different this must have a slight lustrous yarn in the warp it is very subtle but it is very pretty. Not a flat chiffon a
Part number: CM1323j
Photography of Kiss French - Wear Italian

Kiss French - Wear Italian

145cm wide quite substantial wool mix jersey jacketing fabric. With a zig zag sort of pattern in pale grey, white, turquoise, dark grey, pink and hints of purple, all quite subdued and the colours meld into each other. Its beautiful! And made from 70%
Part number: CM1482b
Photography of Italian Tweed - Pink

Italian Tweed - Pink

150cm wide basically a wool polyester and acrylic cloth in a fancy Italian weave which is fairly flat despite having quite heavy yarns and some of the yarns have got irregularities in.
Part number: CM1479f
Photography of Spanish Eyes - Dark Dusky Rose

Spanish Eyes - Dark Dusky Rose

140cm wide French, ridged lace in a gorgeous dark dusky pink, with a sheen in the petals of the floral design. There is a possibility of a little bit of lycra but there is an inherent stretch in the net, that the design has been knitted on to. Beautifully
Part number: CM1044h
Photography of Heavyweight Champion

Heavyweight Champion

This 150cm wide quite heavy and densely knitted scuba polyester jersey transports you to that world in colours that you might find in other parts of the universe
Part number: CM1070
Photography of Hall of the Mountain King

Hall of the Mountain King

This 150cm wide quite heavy and densely knitted bonded polyester scuba jersey transports you to that world in colours........
Part number: CM1215
Photography of A.N.D


145cm wide cotton 11 whale needle cord in a very dark red or some might say damson. To my mind there is not quite enough purple in it to be called damson, non the less a great colour and a great cloth.
Part number: cm1074
Photography of Playing the Field - Small Floral

Playing the Field - Small Floral

Two 112cm wide, polycotton floral print shirtings at each end of the floral spectrum. this is an all over pink, red and green tiny floral print
Part number: CM1075a

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