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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that have a red/ orange theme.
Photography of The List - Carry on Peeping

The List - Carry on Peeping

A rather beautiful cotton lawn. This one has a hint of Persia about it in the swirly scrawly paisley sort of all over print in pale shades of orange, with smatterings of white. If it was in a Carry On film, a maid would be hiding her face behind the veil
Part number: 1996h
Photography of Candy Crepes - Red

Candy Crepes - Red

I do like a good crepe, as such when these lightweight polyester crepes came into stock I was like a child in a sweet shop. This one is red. Mouthwateringly delicious.
Part number: 1990p
Photography of Paisley Changeant Linings - Terry's Orange

Paisley Changeant Linings - Terry's Orange

We have a new collection of paisley linings - presently we are offering it in six colours, a nice quality polyester lining.This one has a petrol blue pase and a chocolatey-orange paisley design. Hence the name. When the light catches it however, the fabri
Part number: 990g
Photography of Waterproof Canvas - Hound Dog Red

Waterproof Canvas - Hound Dog Red

This PVC backed polyester waterproof canvas is a lot thicker than some we have had in the past. A deep red canvas with black paw prints all over it, some hound dog has had a good traipse over this.
Part number: 1991
Photography of When The Weather is Fine... Bonny Coral

When The Weather is Fine... Bonny Coral

This is an extremely bonny coral cotton poplin. There are many a floral cotton fabric about, however I think the pin prick detailing just makes this one stand out. Make into a tea dress and indulge in scones with fresh cream and jam. 
Part number: 1988p
Photography of When The Weather is Fine... Mary

When The Weather is Fine... Mary

Bright, Vivid and instantly cheering. Both the Mary I am thinking of, and this cloth share these characteristics so the name seemed only fitting. The mixture of flowers and paisley on this cotton poplin work brilliantly together.
Part number: 1988e
Photography of The Scarf

The Scarf

A 150cm wide fine soft silky polyester in an alternative Hermes print. A big swirly paisley design in red, grey, black, yellow and duck egg blue. The overall impression I suppose is red, although there is less red than some of the other colours.
Part number: 1978
Photography of Wupert


I went sailing with my friend Wupert on a rather hot day, we didn’t bother with those sail things, just had those big engines sticking out of the top and propellers. Well after going quite a long way, Wupert decided to stop in this secluded little cove so
Part number: 1954
Photography of Slow Twirl

Slow Twirl

A 135cm wide beautifully made skirt/light trouser weight polyester satin backed crepe in a flamenco deep orangey-red. Get your maracas out.
Part number: 1931
Photography of Red or Dead

Red or Dead

A 144cm wide mainly viscose crepe with just a hint of polyester and elastane in a light suiting weight. A very dressy and classy looking cloth, made for Issey Miyake. We only have it in this quite devastating shade of red, which you really are going to l
Part number: 1935
Photography of Ruby Ruby Ruby

Ruby Ruby Ruby

A 150cm wide lightweight cotton and nylon trousering in what says Ruby on the label. I’m not too certain about that. I suppose it could be, whatever it is a nice colour. The cloth is exceptional, and very light weight.
Part number: 1897
Photography of The Wiggly Wave - America

The Wiggly Wave - America

150cm wide 60 square, fairly coarse flat weave. Cotton, of a sort of heavy shirting weight with an all over, small American Confederate flag in red, white and blue waving merrily in the breeze. ​
Part number: 1941b

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