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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that have a red/ orange theme.
Photography of Cross Hatch - Coral

Cross Hatch - Coral

A 150cm wide polyester/cloth/linen look dress fabric in a sort of washed out pinky-orange. It isn’t washed out of course, it’s just the use of different shades of yarn in the weaving of the cloth. And there is a lot of weave interest as well, it is not a
Part number: 2045d
Photography of Chambray - Peach

Chambray - Peach

We have just received a Melder of very posh shirting’s, the majority of which would only be seen in the best men’s shirts but no names ,this is one of many. 150cm wide fine Italian chambray weave poplin in peach and orange yarns, the overall effect is a
Discount 20%
Part number: 7113
Photography of Carnival Festival

Carnival Festival

150cm wide, 92% polyester, 8 % elastane, fine, soft dress fabric in a multicoloured abstract design, which might suggest a Caribbean carnival. Wonderfully colourful, and beautiful cloth.
Part number: 1810M25
Photography of One Flew Over

One Flew Over

150cm wide, printed chiffon in a pattern with ribbons of the base material in swirls around the cloth.
Part number: 1812E20
Photography of John Kaldor - Midnight Express

John Kaldor - Midnight Express

150cm wide, John Kaldor viscose dress fabric with an element of stretch, but only enough to help with the draping. In a pattern which reminds me of what you might see if you are whizzing across France on the TGV..
Part number: 1812JK06
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Twilight

Cotton Jersey - Twilight

200cm wide excellent quality 95% Cotton | 5% Spandex knitted jersey fabric. Great for any kind of fitted wear. Jazzy leggings anyone?
Part number: 1809B04
Photography of Broadly Speaking

Broadly Speaking

150cm wide, quite hefty, cotton canvas in a quite bold dark red, cream plaid check with black forming the edges to the stripes. So we finish up with a check where the cream and red yarns cross you get another colour, which is either pink or a darker shade
Part number: 1808J31
Photography of Cherry Ripe

Cherry Ripe

150cm wide, Splendid 97% cotton, 3% elastane, cotton stretch dress fabric in black with an all over cherry design in red with green and teal foliage.
Part number: 1810V08
Photography of Aargh!


The dreaded spot, 148cm wide, 97% cotton, 3% elastane, absolutely splendid stretch dress fabric in off white with 5mm diameter red polka dot design.
Part number: 1810V12
Photography of The Merry Wives Of Salterforth

The Merry Wives Of Salterforth

Quiet outstanding 150cm wide, cotton poplin in pale cream with an all over modern take on an old fashioned floral design.
Part number: 1810V11
Photography of Oh Christmas Tree- Red

Oh Christmas Tree- Red

136cm wide, Christmas cotton poplin fabric with an all over Christmas tree print on a red background. This fabric can be used for Christmas shirts, crafts & soft furnishing.
Part number: 1812E05
Photography of Christmas Cotton - Festive Patchwork- Red

Christmas Cotton - Festive Patchwork- Red

136cm wide, Christmas cotton poplin fabric with a patchwork print in colours of red, gold, cream and black. This fabric can be used for Christmas shirts, crafts & soft furnishing.
Part number: 1812E07

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