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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are yellow or have a yellow theme.
Photography of Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Pale Gold

Viscose Twill Dress Linings - Pale Gold

150cm wide lovely viscose twill dress lining with a satin finish in pale gold colour. This of course gives an expensive looking finish a shiny (but not cheap) bit of luxury to show off when you take off your jacket. Oh, and it is breathable too. Win, win!
Part number: 6116g
Photography of Christmas Sparkle - Flake Red

Christmas Sparkle - Flake Red

140cm wide polyester organza in red with an all over silver snowflakes pattern.
Part number: 6142b
Photography of Christmas Sparkle - Flake White

Christmas Sparkle - Flake White

140cm wide polyester organza in white with an all over silver snowflakes pattern.
Part number: 6142a
Photography of A Small Gathering - Stripes

A Small Gathering - Stripes

150cm wide taffeta lining which around about way are out here from a small defunct tailoring operation. This is the only fancy one and is in a silvery bluey grey colour with narrow purple stripes, in regular intervals.
Part number: 6171a
Photography of Where Do We Go From Here

Where Do We Go From Here

155cm wide viscose, nylon, polyester, elastane. Quite a humpty suiting in very fine black and gold yarns with a flock of oriental design attach to it in wonderful eastern shades of rust, teal, light mustard and black. If anything the design reminds me of
Part number: 7383
Photography of Mexicali Rose

Mexicali Rose

145 cm wide 100% polyester evening wear cloth, black, grey and pewter rose design. This is not a blue silver but a tinge of green to it. This will make a jacket or dress ready for the madness that is Christmas and new year.
Part number: 7369
Photography of A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

140cm wide, polyester, silver and black jacquard dress fabric in silver, grey & white, sort of camouflage design. I would like to describe it all to you but I can’t, A camouflage like design but a bit posher.
Part number: 7375
Photography of Floppy Disc

Floppy Disc

145cm wide 80% viscose 20% polyester cloth, so soft it’s almost limp. Vaguely beigey pink/ silver and black yarns in a regimented but still fairly random abstract pattern for loose tops and dresses, big trousers. This could be made up either way, ie more
Part number: 7371
Photography of Yukon


150cm wide, quite finely woven but substantial polyester suiting printed in waves of gold and silver speckles. I have a picture of this in my head of this cloth being wrapped round a fairly lithe and dare I say curvy body which puts me out of it, an inter
Part number: 7382
Photography of Wool - Lambswool

Wool - Lambswool

155cm wide. Just beautiful light weight lamb’s wool, flannel in dark navy.
Part number: 7359e
Photography of Wool - Highlands

Wool - Highlands

150cm wide, Yorkshire made highland inspired herringbone tweed in a mixture of heather coloured yarns.
Part number: 7359d
Photography of Wool - Hacking Suiting

Wool - Hacking Suiting

Fine 152cm wide, hacking checked suiting in grey and beige.
Part number: 7050a

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