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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are yellow or have a yellow theme.
Photography of Best Wishes - Gold

Best Wishes - Gold

144cm wide ivory with gold brocade dress fabric. This jacquard weave is quite delicate, it is a small abstract floral pattern with matt and satin areas of ivory and hints of gold - really rather pretty.
Part number: 8142
Photography of Bag Lady

Bag Lady

146cm wide 100% polyester woven bag lining cloth! Perhaps not, maybe just for bags. It is not water proof and it is fairly ridged but not too much so will be hard wearing, it comes in a very dark brown with the word jaeger woven into it at regular interv
Part number: 7136
Photography of Next Event

Next Event

134cm wide 64% polyester 36% cotton almost double cloth in a very baby blue with an all over quite regimented floral design on the one side you have the floral design in cream and on the other you have it in the pale blue. I am not sure this is for a litt
Part number: 7135
Photography of Wedding armour

Wedding armour

140cm wide 87% polyester 12% metallic spandex lightweight suiting in cream and silver the base cloth is cream and the hieroglyph is in the metal bit and the spandex helps the whole thing stretch sufficiently for you to be able to wear it. It will look spl
Part number: 7134
Photography of Set Piece - Brocade - E.A.P 1.6m

Set Piece - Brocade - E.A.P 1.6m

Does this cloth have a touch of Byronic glamour? A pewter based brocade with a black floral design, imitating lace in some parts. Make yourself a skirt out of this, then head to the nearest castle. 
Discount 10%
Part number: 1981a
Photography of Something for the Weekend - Floral

Something for the Weekend - Floral

A 140cm polyester ‘Jacquard’ dress fabric with a floral design on a blue ground.
Part number: 8128b
Photography of Take Me or Leave Me

Take Me or Leave Me

142cm wide black and silver striped polyester taffeta. The stripes are approximately 1 inch wide and run selvedge to selvedge
Part number: 8142
Photography of Something for the Weekend - Ripple

Something for the Weekend - Ripple

A 140cm polyester ‘Jacquard’ dress fabrics in blue, gold and beige with hints of brown.
Part number: 8128a
Photography of Grey Whistle Test

Grey Whistle Test

A 140cm wide polyester jacquard suiting in black, gold and silver. Very traditional, fleur de lis type design as worn by men of the Edwardian era attending a ball.
Part number: 8125
Photography of Luxury Satin Backed Crepe - Silver

Luxury Satin Backed Crepe - Silver

150cm wide glorious PU coated satin backed crepe dress fabric. This one is a lovely silver colour, very glamorous.
Part number: 985t
Photography of Silk Like - Pewter

Silk Like - Pewter

145cm wide. Pewter polyester stretch soft peachskin shirting/blouse weight fabric.
Part number: 3369d
Photography of Silk Like - Silver

Silk Like - Silver

145cm wide. Silver polyester stretch soft peachskin shirting/blouse weight fabric.
Part number: 3369b

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