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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are yellow or have a yellow theme.
Photography of Clothworks - Tumble Town

Clothworks - Tumble Town

Oh no! All of the houses on this yellow quilting cotton seem to have tumbled over! Though it has got to be said, some are more upright than others... I'm sure the washing lines will dry all the same. Lovely quality stuff, it will make up into a fun quilt
Part number: 1911
Photography of Clothworks  - Owl Be Watching You

Clothworks - Owl Be Watching You

Of course I may not be watching you now, but the little fellow on this cotton certainly is. A brilliant quality biscuity-yellow quilting cotton, with all the animals you would find in a garden, or even a forest. You can almost hear the crickets chirp. 
Part number: 1907
Photography of poplin Prints - Bagheera

poplin Prints - Bagheera

The only thing this sun drenched jungle is missing is a black panther, lazily dozing on a branch. The giraffes, elephants, hippos, zebras and lions are no where near asleep however, all them seem to be dancing or at least foot-tapping. All the animals and
Part number: 1902
Photography of Different Strokes

Different Strokes

140cm fabulously dramatic lime, black, brown and ivory satin dress fabric from John Kaldor. This is a fine polyester dress fabric which flows and drapes beautifully
Part number: 1860
Photography of Cotton Seersucker - Gingham - Yellow

Cotton Seersucker - Gingham - Yellow

150cm wide soft cotton yellow and white lightly seersuckered check fabric.
Part number: CM1285d
Photography of Benartex Aria Sonata Yellow

Benartex Aria Sonata Yellow

If the flowers on this pale yellow quilting cotton were white, I would call them daisies. As they are not, I shall just describe them; simple yellow flowers with multi-tonal green leaves and stems. There are even a few orange berries. The back ground has
Part number: 1763
Photography of Benartex - Rusty and Friends - Fox Hollow Yellow

Benartex - Rusty and Friends - Fox Hollow Yellow

Alice may have had an adventure down a rabbit hole, but there is also plenty to see in this fox hollow. A yellow quilting cotton with various fun scenes. 
Part number: 1753
Photography of William Morris

William Morris

An all over rather droopy floral design in purple, very pale mustard, beige, grey, with some other little tiny red flowers dotted hither and thither.
Part number: 1653
Photography of The Coalmens - Chartreuse

The Coalmens - Chartreuse

150cm wide quite substantial but soft, 65% polyester 35% viscose lightweight coating in a very positive shade of English Mustard. Perhaps with the addition of a hint of green. So perhaps it is between English and Dijon, some may call it chartreuse.  It ha
Part number: 1645a
Photography of Millie Miglia - Maggi - Green Pink

Millie Miglia - Maggi - Green Pink

Italian - 140cm wide this is part of a range of rather beautiful and very superior printed Italian woollens. All quite fine and wonderful
Part number: 1458g
Photography of Waterproof - Nylon - Yellow

Waterproof - Nylon - Yellow

PU coated nylon fabric. It is a very bright yellow. 157cm wide this is a quality lightweight waterproof fabric suitable for making bags, bag linings. Perfect for shower curtains and pet clothing and lightweight children's
Part number: 1434a
Photography of Pretty Polly -Twit Twoo

Pretty Polly -Twit Twoo

A good quality poly/cotton with sleepy owls perched randomly. Prefect for little girls and boys alike.
Part number: 1419

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