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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are yellow or have a yellow theme.
Photography of Penelope Satin

Penelope Satin

142cm wide Spanish made printed satin, a lovely quality satin dress fabric with a colourful abstract print. This is a good weight and is lovley and soft. It will drape beautifully and won't crease.
Part number: CM1406
Photography of Winceyette - Farm

Winceyette - Farm

114cm wide delightfully patterned children’s Winceyette cloth
Part number: CM1446a
Photography of Millie Miglia - Maggi Red

Millie Miglia - Maggi Red

A very brightly coloured mosaic sort of design in oranges, purple, gold, cerise, yellow, black, aqua, marine with all manner of shapes printed into the mosaic.
Part number: CM1458g
Photography of Pretty Polly - Flutterby

Pretty Polly - Flutterby

A good quality poly/cotton with butterflys fluttering randomly. Prefect for little girls and boys alike.
Part number: CM1422
Photography of Waterproof - Nylon - Yellow

Waterproof - Nylon - Yellow

PU coated nylon fabric. It is a very bright yellow. 157cm wide this is a quality lightweight waterproof fabric suitable for making bags, bag linings. Perfect for shower curtains and pet clothing and lightweight children's
Part number: CM1434a
Photography of Pretty Polly -Twit Twoo

Pretty Polly -Twit Twoo

A good quality poly/cotton with sleepy owls perched randomly. Prefect for little girls and boys alike.
Part number: CM1419
Photography of One Fifty -Itsy-Bitsy- Yellow

One Fifty -Itsy-Bitsy- Yellow

Super quality 150cm wide cotton poplin with a tiny mustard and yellow floral pattern on a cream ground.
Part number: cm1376k
Photography of Viva Espana

Viva Espana

148cm wide Spanish made printed satin, A lovely quality satin dress fabric with a colourful print. There is a slight peach skin finish to the cloth which makes it nice and soft- it has a lovely hand.
Part number: CM1406
Photography of Poplin prints - Kathy Lemon

Poplin prints - Kathy Lemon

Super quality cotton poplin fabric with a large scale striped, spotted and floral pattern. Not every day you can say one pattern has all of those elements. The yellow base of the spotted section is a true soft lemon, while the flowers are in dark shades
Part number: CM1350b
Photography of Poplin prints - Rosetta Lemon

Poplin prints - Rosetta Lemon

Super quality cotton poplin fabric with a large scale sugary-sweet floral pattern on a lemon yellow base. The pink and blue flowers are set onto white clouds, with dots trumming them. Scattered over the base colour are smaller white rose buds with red ad
Part number: CM1349c
Photography of Poplin Print-Afternoon Tea-yellow

Poplin Print-Afternoon Tea-yellow

This very pretty yellow and pink floral cotton would make a fabulous tea dress, in fact any 1950s style dress.
Part number: CM873b
Photography of Poplin Print- Kitty Brown

Poplin Print- Kitty Brown

Did you go to brownies? I did and a good friend of mine was kitty. This is a very pretty floral cotton fabric, it works brilliantly with my skin tone but it does remind me of the brown and yellow in my brownie uniform.
Part number: CM1340

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