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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are yellow or have a yellow theme.
Photography of Brexit - Gold

Brexit - Gold

150cm wide gold brushed cotton twill. Very soft but substantial and from Holland. Simply outstanding.
Part number: 3347a
Photography of Waterproof Lightweight Canvas - Fluorescent Yellow

Waterproof Lightweight Canvas - Fluorescent Yellow

150cm wide lightweight waterproof yellow canvas, 105gsm
Part number: 3401a
Photography of Denim - Golden Compass

Denim - Golden Compass

150cm wide heavy cotton denim with just enough stretch to give the cloth a more wearable softness, it comes in a colour which is somewhere between English and French mustards and gold. Quite different.
Part number: 1336
Photography of Poplin Prints - Summer Surprise

Poplin Prints - Summer Surprise

114cm wide good quality soft yellow cotton poplin with a white 'cloud' pattern that includes small yellow ,red and pink flowers. Between these clouds are cherries ,ripe and ready to be pickled.
Part number: 4501
Photography of Lead Kindly Light 1 m set piece

Lead Kindly Light 1 m set piece

150cm wide Italian made buttermilk coloured 60% poly, 35% viscose, 5% silk fine horizontally ribbed suiting. Soft and flowing, so for garments where you require a little air to get in this is your man. There is a beautiful sheen to the surface of the fabr
Discount 10%
Part number: 1312
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Lightweight Lemon

Viscose Jersey - Lightweight Lemon

Here we have a lovely quality lightweight jersey in a soft yellow. It is a substantial yellow, but not a bright-in-your-face shade. As it is lightweight it would be perfect for a cowl neck.
Part number: 1955b
Photography of Cotton Seersucker - Gingham - Yellow 2.9m set piece

Cotton Seersucker - Gingham - Yellow 2.9m set piece

150cm wide soft cotton yellow and white lightly seersuckered check fabric.
Part number: 1285e
Photography of Drills and Twills - Pale Lemon

Drills and Twills - Pale Lemon

156cm wide 100% lightweight cotton twill trousering, quite substantial with a soft finish.
Part number: 2029d
Photography of Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - French

Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - French

150cm wide. Lightly brushed Melton 95% wool 5% nylon coating which gives the cloth a little bounciness and lightness, it comes in another shade of mustard, rather more English than French but also just has a hint of sweetness about it.
Part number: 2040k
Photography of Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - English

Wool- I'd Like Mustard With That Please - English

150cm wide. 95% wool 5 % cashmere. Brushed Melton coating in a sort of dark peachy colour and if you donít like peach pretend it isnít because Iím not so sure if thatís a good description, itís a great colour, lovely and warm as indeed it will be to wear
Part number: 2040g
Photography of Panel Beater

Panel Beater

Listen up, this 145cm wide cotton shirting is a patchwork of pieces sewn together, not printed together but sewn together, in a not exactly a placid fashion but pretty random from a nice soft finish cotton lawn which has had printed on it many different t
Part number: 2021
Photography of The List - Patching Up

The List - Patching Up

This is a first one that varies in the make up of the cloth, in an all over fairly large patchwork floral design in pastel greens, pinks, blues and yellow. There is a faint interest in the pattern, not floral and it is quite delightful.
Part number: 1996e

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