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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are yellow or have a yellow theme.
Photography of Cotton Seersucker - Gingham - Yellow

Cotton Seersucker - Gingham - Yellow

150cm wide soft cotton yellow and white lightly seersuckered check fabric.
Part number: CM1285d
Photography of Benartex Aria Sonata Yellow

Benartex Aria Sonata Yellow

If the flowers on this pale yellow quilting cotton were white, I would call them daisies. As they are not, I shall just describe them; simple yellow flowers with multi-tonal green leaves and stems. There are even a few orange berries. The back ground has
Part number: 1763
Photography of Benartex - Rusty and Friends - Fox Hollow Yellow

Benartex - Rusty and Friends - Fox Hollow Yellow

Alice may have had an adventure down a rabbit hole, but there is also plenty to see in this fox hollow. A yellow quilting cotton with various fun scenes. 
Part number: 1753
Photography of Cotton Canvas - The Crafty Spot - Mango

Cotton Canvas - The Crafty Spot - Mango

44inch (112cm) wide printed canvas fabric in a mango yellow polka spot.
Part number: 1063j
Photography of The Coalmens - Chartreuse

The Coalmens - Chartreuse

150cm wide quite substantial but soft, 65% polyester 35% viscose lightweight coating in a very positive shade of English Mustard. Perhaps with the addition of a hint of green. So perhaps it is between English and Dijon, some may call it chartreuse.  It ha
Part number: 1645a
Photography of Penelope Satin

Penelope Satin

142cm wide Spanish made printed satin, a lovely quality satin dress fabric with a colourful abstract print. This is a good weight and is lovley and soft. It will drape beautifully and won't crease.
Part number: 1406
Photography of Millie Miglia - Maggi - Green Pink

Millie Miglia - Maggi - Green Pink

140cm wide this is part of a range of rather beautiful and very superior printed Italian woollens. All quite fine and wonderful
Discount 20%
Part number: 1458g
Photography of Waterproof - Nylon - Yellow

Waterproof - Nylon - Yellow

PU coated nylon fabric. It is a very bright yellow. 157cm wide this is a quality lightweight waterproof fabric suitable for making bags, bag linings. Perfect for shower curtains and pet clothing and lightweight children's
Part number: 1434a
Photography of Pretty Polly -Twit Twoo

Pretty Polly -Twit Twoo

A good quality poly/cotton with sleepy owls perched randomly. Prefect for little girls and boys alike.
Part number: 1419
Photography of One Fifty -Itsy-Bitsy- Yellow

One Fifty -Itsy-Bitsy- Yellow

Super quality 150cm wide cotton poplin with a tiny mustard and yellow floral pattern on a cream ground.
Part number: 1376k
Photography of Viva Espana

Viva Espana

148cm wide Spanish made printed satin, A lovely quality satin dress fabric with a colourful print. There is a slight peach skin finish to the cloth which makes it nice and soft- it has a lovely hand.
Part number: 1406
Photography of Poplin prints - Kathy Lemon

Poplin prints - Kathy Lemon

Super quality cotton poplin fabric with a large scale striped, spotted and floral pattern. Not every day you can say one pattern has all of those elements. The yellow base of the spotted section is a true soft lemon, while the flowers are in dark shades
Discount £1.95
Part number: 1350b

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