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You can type any colour of fabric that you are looking for in the search box but here you will find fabrics that are yellow or have a yellow theme.
Photography of Hey Charlie

Hey Charlie

135cm wide checked plaid suiting fabric, nice quality poly/viscose elastane suiting fabric. Excellent recovery qualities so perfect for making comfortable skirts, trouser & dresses.
Part number: 1811LY01
Photography of Sunny


The label says lemon curd, whilst I thought that was a bit funny, oddly enough it might even resemble lemon curd. What is it? It is a fabulous 158cm wide cotton 6 whale cord trousering which has been in some awfully expensive trousers which I would of dea
Part number: 1810J06
Photography of Embroidered Net - Navy Net

Embroidered Net - Navy Net

140cm wide, Navy blue fine net with an all over "crochet" pattern in turquoise, pale cream, pale yellow, pale orange and shades of pink from pale to cerise.
Part number: 1810C06
Photography of Embroidered Net - Crochet

Embroidered Net - Crochet

140cm wide, white net with and all over but not to dense "beautiful crochet" floral pattern in shades of pink, pale blue, pale grey, pale orange and pale turquoise.
Part number: 1810C04
Photography of Pure Luxury - Boiled Wool - Mustard

Pure Luxury - Boiled Wool - Mustard

155cm wide, Absolutely glorious 100% boiled wool cloth in mustard from one of the finest fabric manufacturers in Europe.
Part number: 1811H02
Photography of Dare To Be Different

Dare To Be Different

146cm wide, fabulous yellow & black plaid dress fabric. 65% polyester & 35% viscose, it has a nice soft hand and scrumples without creasing, particularly goof for a dress or shirt but will be very good for trousers too.
Part number: 1811A01
Photography of Tartan - Muted Stewart

Tartan - Muted Stewart

Glorious 100% wool tartan fabric called Muted Stewart. A suiting weight so fabulous for trousers, skirts, jackets, suits & kilts.
Part number: 1811A01
Photography of Benartex- Machinaw Island- Petite

Benartex- Machinaw Island- Petite

112cm wide 100% cotton fabric from the leading supplier Benartex. This Fabric has a floral design on a green ground With 14 Different colours included.
Part number: 1362a
Photography of A Collection - Gilt Rich

A Collection - Gilt Rich

150cm wide, Gilt Rich A rich cream background with vaguely heraldic detailing in pink, black , blue and gold.
Part number: 1808B09d
Photography of Boiled Wool - Mustard

Boiled Wool - Mustard

150cm wide, 65% polyester, 35% wool, light weight boiled wool in mustard.
Part number: 1810M08
Photography of Chasing Rainbows - Mustard

Chasing Rainbows - Mustard

Mustard - A little ray of sunshine, 150cm wide, very fine hopsack in mustard.
Part number: 1808J06f
Photography of Bee Line

Bee Line

140cm wide, soft lightweight viscose dress fabric in mustard with an all over black and white floral print, and Im sure if I looked hard enough Id find bees.
Part number: 1809014

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