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We have some lovely chiffon and georgette fabrics, which will make up lovely. If you are unsure of which to chiffon or georgette to choose; or have never sewn it before you can always read our blog first for tips on sewing delicate fabrics.
Photography of Highly Slung

Highly Slung

148cm polyester Georgette in a rather large abstract geometric design with some animal markings within the triangles created in the design. The colours involve black, dark and light turquoise, dark brown with a hint of mustard
Part number: 3360
Photography of Before Your Very Eyes - Wine

Before Your Very Eyes - Wine

150 cm wide polyester chiffon in wine with an all over tiny navy spot pattern, supremely sophisticated.
Part number: 3337b
Photography of Bircady


150cm wide black polyester georgette with an all over poppy and stalk design in dark red, pink and a hint of white. Tres elegante!
Part number: 5027
Photography of Mournful


170cm wide seriously fine, delicate and very beautiful polyester chiffon in Black. Be alone with your thoughts.
Part number: 3370
Photography of Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now

140cm wide fine polyester Georgette in shades of blue with an abstract pattern. I suppose it’s really only minor variations of one shade of blue and is exceptionally subtle.
Part number: 3343
Photography of Night Vision

Night Vision

It is like looking into a field of poppies through a machine at night time! Stunning boarder print on chiffon.
Part number: 1620
Photography of Chiffon- Grey

Chiffon- Grey

150cm wide nice quality mid grey chiffon fabric. This is not a flat shiny chiffon, it has a slight crepe weave which I think makes it look quite expensive.
Part number: 1323k
Photography of Whispering Grass

Whispering Grass

This 150cm wide very,  very fine and light Polyester “silk” chiffon fabric comes in lovely rich cerise, on its own perhaps not up to much but when combined with a liberty bodice the excitement is boundless
Part number: 8124
Photography of Chiffon- Pale Pink

Chiffon- Pale Pink

149cm wide very pretty pale pink fabric. This is not a flat shiny chiffon, it has a crepe weave giving it texture and an elegant finish.
Part number: 1323n
Photography of Chiffon- Turquoise

Chiffon- Turquoise

149cm wide turquoise polyester chiffon fabric. This has a very smooth finish ie there is no texture in the weave, both wrap and weft are the same colour giving it a flat appearance.
Part number: 1323l
Photography of Lady


150cm wide polyester chiffon with a pink floral design on a navy ground.
Part number: 1226
Photography of Liberty - Mawston Meadow

Liberty - Mawston Meadow

137cm wide finest silk chiffon in an all over tiny delicately coloured floral design on a sort of pale khaki background. Just fabulous and one that will test your sewing skills to the limit.
Part number: 1755

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