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We have some lovely chiffon and georgette fabrics, which will make up lovely. If you are unsure of which to chiffon or georgette to choose; or have never sewn it before you can always read our blog first for tips on sewing delicate fabrics.
Photography of Christmas Sparkle - Flake Red

Christmas Sparkle - Flake Red

140cm wide polyester organza in red with an all over silver snowflakes pattern.
Part number: 6142b
Photography of Christmas Sparkle - Flake White

Christmas Sparkle - Flake White

140cm wide polyester organza in white with an all over silver snowflakes pattern.
Part number: 6142a
Photography of Georgette - Blush Pink

Georgette - Blush Pink

150cm wide gorgeous quality polyester Georgette dress fabric in deep, vibrant blush pink.
Part number: 2132a
Photography of Assegai


150cm wide black polyester georgette with an all over leaf/shield design in cream and the leafs are placed in such a fashion so though they have fallen.
Part number: 6131
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Grape

Georgette Dress Fabric - Grape

Gorgeous quality Georgette dress fabric in Grape
Part number: 2132x
Photography of Alice Marley

Alice Marley

This  146cm wide very fine polyester georgette has a fairly large goth like floral abstract print in dark autumn colours of rust, blue, turquoise and brown on a black background.
Part number: 8152
Photography of Changing Spots

Changing Spots

140cm extremely finely pleated, almost creased rather than pleated, polyester georgette.
Part number: 8153
Photography of Chiffon - Black

Chiffon - Black

150cm wide lovely quality dead flat black polyester chiffon fabric.
Part number: 1323f
Photography of Chiffon - Dusky Pink With Lustre

Chiffon - Dusky Pink With Lustre

Forgive the long title but we have ( or had depending on when you read this) 4 different dusky pink chiffons. They are all slightly different this must have a slight lustrous yarn in the warp it is very subtle but it is very pretty. Not a flat chiffon a
Part number: 1323j
Photography of Chiffon - Turquoise

Chiffon - Turquoise

149cm wide turquoise polyester chiffon fabric. This has a very smooth finish ie there is no texture in the weave, both wrap and weft are the same colour giving it a flat appearance.
Part number: 1323l
Photography of Flower Show

Flower Show

140cm wide polyester organza with lots of additions, the yarns vary through very, very fine to quite coarse and the whole thing is held together by an over check.
Part number: 7267
Photography of For The Finer Things - Silk Chiffon

For The Finer Things - Silk Chiffon

Beautiful 140cm wide black silk chiffon fabric. This is not dead flat - there is a subtle and lovely crinkle to it.
Part number: 7346

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