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We have some lovely chiffon and georgette fabrics, which will make up lovely. If you are unsure of which to chiffon or georgette to choose; or have never sewn it before you can always read our blog first for tips on sewing delicate fabrics.
Photography of John Kaldor - Devour Me

John Kaldor - Devour Me

140cm wide white sheer polyester ‘silk’ made up of 15% silk 45% rayon and 40% polyester. A beautifully soft hand and comes in black, with an all over fairly large, yet delicate floral pattern in shades of brilliant orange, aqua marine and dark red all fee
Part number: 6307
Photography of Ark Right

Ark Right

This 150cm wide fine fabric is made from polyester and a little bit of a crinkle in the finish but what we have is a chiffon in black with an all over frond/ leaf design in lovely pastel autumn colours, quite see through despite a patterning and one which
Part number: 6258
Photography of John Kaldor - Ice

John Kaldor - Ice

145cm wide super fine polyester chiffon in an all over quite large pink, cream, black, a darker pink and other tones where these colours merge. Rather ethereal and reminiscent of makeup from the 1930s.
Part number: 6256
Photography of Here We Go

Here We Go

A 130cm wide supremely fine silk youryu chiffon in a rather delicate shade of Mulberry. You know, I might just admit I made that colour up, but it’s rather nice. A light-ish purple perhaps.
Part number: 2077
Photography of Moby


Printed 150cm wide, black Georgette dress fabric with a white polka dot, a classic pattern.
Part number: 6212
Photography of Christmas Sparkle - Flake Red

Christmas Sparkle - Flake Red

140cm wide polyester organza in red with an all over silver snowflakes pattern.
Part number: 6142b
Photography of Christmas Sparkle - Flake White

Christmas Sparkle - Flake White

140cm wide polyester organza in white with an all over silver snowflakes pattern.
Part number: 6142a
Photography of Georgette - Blush Pink

Georgette - Blush Pink

150cm wide gorgeous quality polyester Georgette dress fabric in deep, vibrant blush pink.
Part number: 2132a
Photography of Assegai


150cm wide black polyester georgette with an all over leaf/shield design in cream and the leafs are placed in such a fashion so though they have fallen.
Part number: 6131
Photography of Georgette Dress Fabric - Grape

Georgette Dress Fabric - Grape

Gorgeous quality Georgette dress fabric in Grape
Part number: 2132x
Photography of Alice Marley

Alice Marley

This  146cm wide very fine polyester georgette has a fairly large goth like floral abstract print in dark autumn colours of rust, blue, turquoise and brown on a black background.
Part number: 8152
Photography of Chiffon - Black

Chiffon - Black

150cm wide lovely quality dead flat black polyester chiffon fabric.
Part number: 1323f

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