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Fancy Dress Fabrics

Photography of Budget Satin - Claret

Budget Satin - Claret

142cm wide polyester satin dress fabric, in a delicious claret colour.
Part number: 8138n
Photography of Budget Satin - Lime

Budget Satin - Lime

142cm wide polyester satin dress fabric in one of the most vivid lime greens I have seen. You will turn heads with this cloth.
Part number: 8138m
Photography of Budget Satin - Pale Peach

Budget Satin - Pale Peach

142cm wide pale peach polyester satin dress fabric. The shimmery surface and peachy tone gives this cloth a refreshing feel.
Part number: 8138i
Photography of Budget Satin - Pink

Budget Satin - Pink

142cm wide pink polyester satin dress fabric. I say pink, but that is an understatement - for this is a very pretty shade of pink, with a lovely sheen to the surface.
Part number: 8138k
Photography of Budget Satin - Turquoise

Budget Satin - Turquoise

150cm wide turquoise polyester satin dress fabric. A good shine to the surface and a soft hand.
Part number: 8138f
Photography of Budget Satin - Red

Budget Satin - Red

142cm wide red polyester satin dress fabric. Not an orangey-red, but a red nonetheless.
Part number: 8138e
Photography of Budget Satin - Fuchsia

Budget Satin - Fuchsia

150cm wide. Polyester satin dress fabric in a shade of fuchsia that packs a punch.
Part number: 8138d
Photography of Budget Satin - White

Budget Satin - White

142cm wide polyester satin fabric in a white. A shimmery face and a soft feel.
Part number: 8138c
Photography of Budget Satin - Black

Budget Satin - Black

142cm wide polyester satin fabric in a proper black. A shimmery face and a soft feel.
Part number: 8138b
Photography of Budget Satin - Lemon

Budget Satin - Lemon

150cm wide polyester satin fabric in a lovely soft lemon colour. Nice soft feel.
Part number: 8138a
Photography of Release


Trousering in a fairly large all over tropical busy floral design in fairly dark colors of blue, dark brown, deep orange, black and lime green with odd big white and other off white flowers in and among the busy design. I think some brave lady would lik
Part number: 2144
Photography of Fancy Dress Satin - Red

Fancy Dress Satin - Red

148cm wide red decent quality Fancy Dress Satin Fabric, nice and soft and a good weight, thicker than lining and great for dresses. Great for fancy dress or costumes for school plays.
Part number: 1668f

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