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Knitted, Boucle and tweed dressmaking fabrics
Photography of Shorn


150cm wide English made. This is a mottled interwoven grey and cream check, lightweight coating with a hint of boucle. Made of 76% Wool, 12% Poly, 12% Cotton it has an extremely soft hand and is rather tasty.
Part number: 5031
Photography of More Yorkshire Wool - McTavish

More Yorkshire Wool - McTavish

An almost identical check to one of our other wools but this time much lighter colours of cream, sage green , dark brown, a hint of orange and darkish blue. 
Part number: 3372
Photography of Wider than a mile

Wider than a mile

This almost 2 metre wide loosely knit cotton pique leisure garment fabric comes in pure white and is very much a cloth to wear after exercise or maybe even during exercise or just for lounging about.
Part number: 3400
Photography of Sewing Bee

Sewing Bee

There’s a chap, one of the judges , in the sewing bee who’ s opinion on how to sew ladies cloths you can take a leaf but he must be good what he does or he wouldn’t be on the program would he. He is however an extremely smartly dress gentle meant and I th
Part number: 2205
Photography of Wool- Prince of Wales

Wool- Prince of Wales

150cm wide. Quite delicately patterned prince of wales check wool suiting in beige and a darker brown. It’s described as tweed and probably is in that it has quite a bit of weave interest. Quite at home in jackets, skirts or indeed coats.
Part number: 2040c
Photography of More Yorkshire Wool - Hamish

More Yorkshire Wool - Hamish

Hamish is a very traditional Scottish highland tweed check in oatmeal, brown, turquoise, and green.
Part number: 3372c
Photography of More Yorkshire Wool - Goose

More Yorkshire Wool - Goose

Goose is a very nice 156cm wide lightweight British (Yorkshire made) done it all tweed in black, grey and white.
Part number: 3372f
Photography of More Yorkshire Wool - Splendid

More Yorkshire Wool - Splendid

158cm wide traditional lightweight Yorkshire tweed fabric in brown and green tones.
Part number: 3372g
Photography of More Yorkshire Wool - Heather

More Yorkshire Wool - Heather

156cm wide Yorkshire made lightweight flat tween in browns, mustard and hints of green.
Part number: 3372h
Photography of Deceptive


A 150cm wide quite coarsely woven polyester ‘tweed’ cloth in lots of lovely pale autumn colours. Mainly fawns and browns, but with some cream, white, pale turquoise and other hues where the yarns meet. It is meant to look like a linen cloth, and indeed it
Part number: 4101
Photography of More Yorkshire Wool - Oak Barrel

More Yorkshire Wool - Oak Barrel

An absolutely fabulous 150cm wide British Wool flat tweed suiting in lovely autumn tones of gold, rust and shades of brown all very carefully interwoven. 
Part number: 3372b
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