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145cm/ 58" and above

Fabric by width 145cm/ 58" and above
Photography of Catherine


150cm wide This is another of our Polyester fabrics from Spain....  From a mill in Spain specialising in the production of polyester dress fabrics.
Part number: 4075
Photography of Grrr


150cm wide.This comes from a Spanish mill specialising in polyester production. This is no ordinary polyester dress fabric, the quality could be described as designer. I hate to use such terminology but... 
Part number: 4073
Photography of A Soft Spot For...

A Soft Spot For...

This is a 150cm wide polyester velour burn-out jersey dress fabric.
Part number: 4072
Photography of James Bond

James Bond

150cm wide. poly wool elastane super fine lightweight gabardine suiting in black.
Part number: 4072
Photography of Listen Carefully

Listen Carefully

This 150cm wide 45% wool 55% polyester finest gabardine, all of which is woven into a band on the selvedge in gold on this black suiting.
Part number: 4065
Photography of Damsonite


140cm wide poly, viscose, elastane suiting in a deep damson colour, with a fancy double pinstripe.
Part number: 4063
Photography of Pretty Jersey

Pretty Jersey

160cm wide. A very pretty viscose elastane jersey dress fabric with a lovely aqua background, on to which there is a sweet floral in peach, purple, claret and brown.
Part number: 4060
Photography of Forsaking All Others - Ponte

Forsaking All Others - Ponte

A 150cm wide quite splendid and quite heavy polyester elastane, almost ponte roma like jersey.
Part number: 4057
Photography of Superior Satin Crepe - Ivory 1.95m set piece

Superior Satin Crepe - Ivory 1.95m set piece

A 150cm wide very superior fine polyester ‘silk’ luxury satin crepe dress cloth, in jet black. It just hangs there. Rather splendid. How to describe this fabric?.....
Discount 10%
Part number: 1989e
Photography of Washed Off - White 1.56m set piece

Washed Off - White 1.56m set piece

A 150cm off white ‘washed’ cotton blouse cloth, with a nice soft ‘used’ finished.
Discount 10%
Part number: 2049
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Vertical - Dusky Pink 2.35m set piece

Mambo Italiano - Vertical - Dusky Pink 2.35m set piece

Sorry to be a bore but this is the same pattern as on previous cotton cloth. This time the stripes are in dull lilac and muted dark grey and somehow this Italian shirting gives a bluesy sort of Hugh quite amazing.
Discount 10%
Part number: 2110g
Photography of Black hole 1.3m set piece

Black hole 1.3m set piece

147cm wide black cotton lycra light weight hopsack trousering lovely example of its Genre
Discount 10%
Part number: 1691

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