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144cm/ 56" and above

Fabric by width 144cm/ 56" and above
Photography of Brushed Tartan

Brushed Tartan

Excellent quality shirting fabric in blue, red, green checked, we are loving the colours of this brushed tartan shirting fabric.
Part number: 1909V02
Photography of French Terry - Denim Marl

French Terry - Denim Marl

Plain denim marl 50% Cotton, 45% Polyester 5% Elastane French Terry jersey fabric with a looped back.
Part number: 1910H03
Photography of French Terry - Ashes

French Terry - Ashes

Plain ashes 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane French Terry jersey fabric with a looped back.
Part number: 1910H10
Photography of Telehassa


Polyester wool coating in a big blanket sort of check-in navy blue, green, and some cream it has a brushed surface so the colours meld somewhat into each other – it has a lovely finish and will make a super coat.
Part number: 1812E23
Photography of Picnic At Bold Creek

Picnic At Bold Creek

Not far from where Billie Joe jumped off, failing to make a splash other people were enjoying the great outdoors but their blanket was made from this.
Part number: 1812E17
Photography of A Whole Lot Of Ribbing

A Whole Lot Of Ribbing

Soft stretchy polyester elastane jersey with a quite prominent rib pattern, very soft and fairly flimsy.
Part number: 1910B01*
Photography of Express yourself

Express yourself

95% Viscose 5% Elastane Jersey in a beautiful marine blue with an all-over arty floral design in light blue, very pale orange, tomato, peach and white – A beautiful and vibrant cloth.
Part number: 1902H53
Photography of Armadillo


Black polyester jersey with a printed leather look pattern, that could be that of an armadillo, I'm guessing because I haven’t seen one – quite stretchy and a fair amount of body.
Part number: 1810J46
Photography of Serengeti


Beautiful soft viscose lycra jersey would be quite at home there it is a diagonal stripe pattern the stripes are in various widths and come in teal, blue, very pale orange, black and cream
Part number: 1901C05
Photography of Helga


Black, white and champagne - polyester, elastane, satin dress fabric in an all-over floral pattern – A very interesting cloth.
Part number: 1812E22
Photography of Rushed Off My Feet

Rushed Off My Feet

Very dark and navy blue substantial polyester elastane and jersey with an all-over very busy floral pattern – A very light oak brown, I suppose a little bit of autumnal.
Part number: 1910O01
Photography of Girraffe


Very fine 95% viscose 5% elastane jersey in an all-over geometric pattern in blue, olive green and cream
Part number: 1905H52

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