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144cm/ 56" and above

Fabric by width 144cm/ 56" and above
Photography of John Kaldor - Shepherds Delight - Black

John Kaldor - Shepherds Delight - Black

This 145cm wide rich red densely woven beautifully draping polyester dress cloth comes in black with lime green, khaki, pink, peach and purple floral decoration, equally stunning just not as bright.
Part number: 6240b
Photography of Special Selection - Winter Berry

Special Selection - Winter Berry

150cm wide woollen Italian made 84% wool and 16% mohair suiting fabric is in what would be described as a dark red winter berry colour.
Part number: 7353e
Photography of Thomas Shelby

Thomas Shelby

This Yorkshire woven cloth is a well disguised herringbone tweed jacketing in a fabulous mixture of grey and black yarns. Perhaps a little bit of beige and a wispiness to the surface, quite a modern take on an old cloth.
Part number: 6297
Photography of Mouse's Back - Check

Mouse's Back - Check

Hello, how are you doing? Heading Antiques road trip. With the onset of longer nights comes switching the telly on sooner than you would like, when you can either watch these programs, news programs, repeats of all sorts of programs. Watching people buy h
Part number: 6296
Photography of Working Late

Working Late

A stand out wool Yorkshire woven tweed jacketing in a mixture of grey and blue cloths in a sort of prince and wales check, with a fine line over check in red and orange, quite special.   
Part number: 6295
Photography of Parley


A nice fairly chunky softly Yorkshire woven lightly pattern jacketing in a dark tweed of blue’s, grey, brown with speckles of lighter colours here and there.
Part number: 6294
Photography of Good Times

Good Times

A quite wonderful wool flat tweed in Yorkshire woven what you might call it a birds eye pattern. Not too small in many shades of blue with a hint of beige and white here the there. A good jacket weight and a lovely cloth.
Part number: 6293
Photography of Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry

Perhaps this is a little bit Grayson Perry in that it’s a dull cerise pink which has been brought about using pink and black yarns in such a way as to mottled which dulls the appearance of the cerise and what, but it’s still a vibrant colour. The cloth is
Part number: 6291
Photography of Moles Breath

Moles Breath

Superb British woven wool tweed. A lovely mixture of as many shades of greys yarns as you can shake a stick at with a fine line over check in cream and dark grey, a very handsome cloth.
Part number: 6290
Photography of Peaky Blinder

Peaky Blinder

A much soft woollen flat Yorkshire tweed in a quite wonderful melange of dark coloured yarns including black, grey, and beige, blue with this quite incredible soft finish, almost next to the skin kind of finish.  
Part number: 6289
Photography of My Old Man - Check Tweed

My Old Man - Check Tweed

If you wanted anything to remind you of an old fashioned Harris Tweed this is it. Quite straight forward sporting check tweed in a heathery , overall appearance with a check in dark brown, green and maroon and mustard mix and a much paler brown the whole
Part number: 6287
Photography of The Moments Before Dawn

The Moments Before Dawn

Something quite different, a soft woven light brown jacketing with a mild but substantial twill weave. A much softer cloth than what has gone before and perhaps more suited to a looser fitting garment than a traditional jacket.
Part number: 6286

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