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144cm/ 56" and above

Fabric by width 144cm/ 56" and above
Photography of Coast - French Navy

Coast - French Navy

The look of a linen with the benefits of polyester. I hear you purists cry! Easy-care and almost crease-free.
Part number: 1601b
Photography of Ponte Roma - Knight Rider

Ponte Roma - Knight Rider

160cm wide very good quality knitted 70% Viscose 27% Poly 3% Elastane ponte roma dress/craft fabric in deep black colour.
Part number: 7244f
Photography of Candy Crepes - Lime

Candy Crepes - Lime

150cm wide polyester lightweight double crepe dress/craft fabric in warm shade of lime green.
Part number: 1990k
Photography of Summat Different

Summat Different

Summat Different - It’s grand when you come across something in the midst of all this cotton, and that is a fine woollen/ elastane crepe. A wonderful free-flowing, easy wear, very drapey, quite sensual dress fabric which just oozes class…. Just the one co
Part number: 6404
Photography of Shooting Stick

Shooting Stick

150cm wide quite magnificent cotton trousering in a tiny kilty check in pale grey, dark grey and I think, dark mustard although it may be light brown it doesn’t get a lot better.
Part number: 6405
Photography of Denim - Softly Does It

Denim - Softly Does It

Denim - Softly Does It – 100 % Cotton denim shirting’s. 145cm wide. Soft pale blue in colour.
Part number: 6378a
Photography of Denim - Grey Blue

Denim - Grey Blue

Denim – Grey Blue – not soft at all but may soften when washed. 145cm wide and 100% cotton.
Part number: 6378b
Photography of Denim - Sue Ellen

Denim - Sue Ellen

Denim – Sue Ellen approx. 10 oz plain weave giving a subtle linear look to it in indigo blue 145cm wide and 100% cotton.
Part number: 6377b
Photography of Denim - Jacket

Denim - Jacket

Denim Jacket – approximately 10 oz blue with gold yarns (= dull navy) soft denim – OK for heavier shirts too. 150 cm wide and 100% cotton.
Part number: 6377c
Photography of Denim - JR

Denim - JR

Denim JR – approximately 14oz twill denim in indigo blue- 160cm wide. Suitable for trousers, dress, shirt, or jacket.
Part number: 6377a
Photography of Wriggle It In

Wriggle It In

Wriggle It In -158cm wide fine 98% cotton, 2 % lycra denim suitable for tight trousers, loose shirts or maybe floppy hats. If you have the capacity to wriggle then this is the cloth……
Part number: 6379
Photography of Chino - Jet Black

Chino - Jet Black

All ‘summer weight’ i.e. fine cotton some finer than others but I will tell you as I go along. Jet Black, this is a plain weave.155cm wide
Part number: 6372j

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