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144cm/ 56" and above

Fabric by width 144cm/ 56" and above
Photography of A Sandwich  - What a Picnic

A Sandwich - What a Picnic

Almost 150 cm wide black fine cotton polyester lawn quite densely woven and hence very black. Good but no cigar!
Part number: 2152
Photography of A Small Gathering - Dark Red

A Small Gathering - Dark Red

150cm wide soft taffeta in a dark ruby red brought about by using red yarn and black yarns, which is only really discernible if you tear it and pull the threads out. The threads are obviously very fine and the result in colour is quite magnificent. Good f
Part number: 6171b
Photography of A Small Gathering - Pale Sea Green

A Small Gathering - Pale Sea Green

150cm wide acetate changeant taffeta lining from a small but now defunct tailoring operation. it comes in a pale sea green with a hint of lilac.
Part number: 6171c
Photography of A Small Gathering - Pale Turquoise

A Small Gathering - Pale Turquoise

150cm wide taffeta lining from a small and now defunct tailoring operation. This is a lightly iridescent pale turquoise
Part number: 6171d
Photography of A Tangled Web

A Tangled Web

This 145cm wide linen lightweight suiting has been dyed in such a way as to give the impression of a stripe of maybe just mottling.
Part number: 7307
Photography of Absolutely Abstract

Absolutely Abstract

150cm wide very fine polyester crepe voile in an all over totally abstract design or splodges to you and me in shades of blue, lilac beige mushroom cream with hints here and there of black, gorgeously feminine cloth which will screw up into the smallest s
Part number: 6359
Photography of Ala Greque

Ala Greque

This 150cm wide fine polyester dress fabric comes in a shade of dark khaki/olive which to my mind is typical of grease goes well with olive skin; mind you we will be hoping that it goes well with white skins as well as other coloured skins. I am told that
Part number: 7212
Photography of Alice Marley

Alice Marley

This  146cm wide very fine polyester georgette has a fairly large goth like floral abstract print in dark autumn colours of rust, blue, turquoise and brown on a black background.
Part number: 8152
Photography of All of Kirriemuir

All of Kirriemuir

145cm wide old world brocade Italian dress fabric in a large black and green floral pattern all very subdued but very much a sort of thing that carried on dancing after you had stopped. Suitable for Waist Coats, Jackets, Dresses, Table clothes
Part number: 6357
Photography of Ambrosia


Beautifully soft 150cm wide 8 wale velvet German made corduroy in a taupe soft caramel colour; heavenly.
Part number: 6360
Photography of Amnesia


146cm wide very John Kaldor fine cotton print with a satin finish it is the sort of design that one might expect to find in Polynesia, with a lovely dark blue background upon which is printed a largish south sea floral tongue jungle design in shades of pi
Part number: 7174
Photography of An Aaaaaah Moment - Gallop

An Aaaaaah Moment - Gallop

Gallop – A beige cloth with a nice horse scene in navy. Suitable for clothes and soft furnishings and craft.
Part number: 6358b

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