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144cm/ 56" and above

Fabric by width 144cm/ 56" and above
Photography of An Aaaaaah Moment - Hello Kitty

An Aaaaaah Moment - Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty - This beautifully woven and printed nursery cloth with quite a different nursery design depicting little toy cat and mice like characters pursuing various activities in the park, a very nice cloth.
Part number: 6358
Photography of And Afterward

And Afterward

148cm wide, black poly, wool, elastane suiting .
Part number: 7317
Photography of Approaching Paradise

Approaching Paradise

This 150cm wide polyester viscose dress cloth is of a colour that can possibly only been seen when approaching your own desert island and there is no grudge or impediment in the sea.
Part number: 2100b
Photography of Ark Right

Ark Right

This 150cm wide fine fabric is made from polyester and a little bit of a crinkle in the finish but what we have is a chiffon in black with an all over frond/ leaf design in lovely pastel autumn colours, quite see through despite a patterning and one which
Part number: 6258
Photography of As Good As

As Good As

Beautiful quality high twist viscose dress fabric from France. If you like viscose dress fabrics and you like a bit of a pattern, then this is the fabric for you.
Part number: 7866
Photography of As Night Follows - Day

As Night Follows - Day

150cm wide fine,cream beautifully knitted polyester jersey with a fairly large floral spray design in pink, pale peach and perhaps a hint of pale yellow.
Part number: 7279a
Photography of As Tears Go By, it is the Evening of the Day, I sit and Watch... Damson

As Tears Go By, it is the Evening of the Day, I sit and Watch... Damson

Even for those of us who can remember the era, for which that song came, may not had a garment made out of this rather fabulous damson polyester dress fabric, somewhat shiny. Definitely made for on the posh side of things. A rather beautiful.
Part number: 193m
Photography of Awful But I Like You

Awful But I Like You

A quite outstanding 150cm wide dull finish polyester satin blouse cloth in a dull but interesting beige.
Part number: 7309
Photography of Babies Bottom

Babies Bottom

150cm wide absolutely superb lightweight brushed cotton shirting fabric. As soft as a babies bottom, this will be a delight to wear, and. if made for me its smoothness could compensate for my old age. Wonderful as shirts and exceptionally comfy P.J's.
Part number: 6356
Photography of Bag Lady - Beige Brown

Bag Lady - Beige Brown

A heavy beige canvas, but the beige has been overprinted on one side to show a brown colour. 160cm wide. Suitable for bags, dog beds, play tents, craft etc.
Part number: 6364
Photography of Bag Lady - Blue Green

Bag Lady - Blue Green

A heavy grey canvas which has been overprinted and made one side dark olive green. 160cm wide. Suitable for bags.
Part number: 6364b
Photography of 1.5M SET PIECE Superior Satin Crepe - Royal

1.5M SET PIECE Superior Satin Crepe - Royal

A 150cm wide very superior fine polyester ‘silk’ luxury satin crepe dress cloth, in royal blue. It just hangs there. Rather splendid.
Discount 10%
Part number: 1989f

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