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144cm/ 56" and above

Fabric by width 144cm/ 56" and above
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Sunset Pink

Viscose Jersey - Sunset Pink

160cm wide beautiful soft yarn spun viscose jersey fabric in a warm sunset pink colour.
Part number: 7361c
Photography of The A List - Heavy - Navy Twill

The A List - Heavy - Navy Twill

150cm wide European made cloth and is a heavy navy 60% polyester 40% viscose twill suiting fabric. Woven in such a way that there is more viscose on the face plus no obvious twill so it doesn’t look like polyester or a twill and is actually very nice inde
Part number: 7355i
Photography of The A List - Uniform

The A List - Uniform

This is part of a selection of suiting fabrics that came from a local manufacturer, this one is a 150cm wide standard polyester hopsack in navy which is great for school wear and uniforms
Part number: 7355h
Photography of The A List - Grab It

The A List - Grab It

This is part of a selection of suiting fabrics that came from a local manufacturer, this is likely to be Portuguese or Italian. We don’t have much of this lovely cotton suiting, it has lots of interest, in navy with ribbed stripes in brown and a lighter b
Part number: 7355g
Photography of Candy Crepes - Lilac Blush

Candy Crepes - Lilac Blush

148cm double crepe dress fabric of a lovely quality. I'm not sure if this is a lilac or a blushing pink, hence the ambiguous name.
Part number: 1990f
Photography of Wool - Superfine - Taupe

Wool - Superfine - Taupe

150cm wide, superfine wool suiting in taupe, white, and lighter brown yarns, which prevents the cloth from bring plain. Almost fine enough to be a shirting it’s that good.
Part number: 7050b
Photography of Wool - Sporting

Wool - Sporting

150cm wide, lightweight 100% wool jacketing in grey, black and rust, sporting check.
Part number: 7359g
Photography of Wool - Pure New - Navy

Wool - Pure New - Navy

150cm wide, pure new wool, lightly brushed coating in navy, fairly substantial but still quite light.
Part number: 7359f
Photography of Wool - Lambswool

Wool - Lambswool

155cm wide. Just beautiful light weight lamb’s wool, flannel in dark navy.
Part number: 7359e
Photography of Wool - Highlands

Wool - Highlands

150cm wide, Yorkshire made highland inspired herringbone tweed in a mixture of heather coloured yarns.
Part number: 7359d
Photography of Wool - Hacking Suiting

Wool - Hacking Suiting

Fine 152cm wide, hacking checked suiting in grey and beige.
Part number: 7050a
Photography of Wool - Cuddlesome

Wool - Cuddlesome

170cm wide, knitted Italian made woolen suiting/jacketing in marl grey and navy blue, sort of check.
Part number: 7051

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