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144cm/ 56" and above

Fabric by width 144cm/ 56" and above
Photography of Voile Oh Voile

Voile Oh Voile

150cm wide polyester lightweight suiting in a lovely shade of mushroom, there’s a little bit of crepe-ness to the feel.
Part number: 3396
Photography of Mirage and Mary -  Mirage

Mirage and Mary - Mirage

146cm wide cotton poplin dress fabric in a pretty floral on a black ground.
Part number: 1988m
Photography of Chopped Floral Fur

Chopped Floral Fur

Italian 160cm wide chopped fur in black. It is basically a chopped fur where the chopping makes a floral swirl pattern. Hellishly expensive to produce and very beautiful.
Part number: 3350
Photography of Miracle Man Velvet  - Coral

Miracle Man Velvet - Coral

A fairly lightweight 148cm wide cotton velvet probably shirting in a lovely rich deep salmony pink with perhaps a hint of orange.
Part number: 3371c
Photography of Miracle Man - Velvet - Salmon

Miracle Man - Velvet - Salmon

A rather wonderful 148cm wide pale salmon, pale pink cotton velvet finely woven and very closely cropped, the gloriously soft and drapey hand
Part number: 3371a
Photography of More Yorkshire Wool - Gay Gordon's

More Yorkshire Wool - Gay Gordon's

156cm wide. Navy blue, dark green wool with a fine over check in yellow and blocks of white and interesting variations where the yarns cross each other. Lovely cloth with a beautiful hand
Part number: 3372a
Photography of Show Off

Show Off

146cm wide lining in cream and has the finest pinstripes in navy blue with sporadic interventions of a red one. Very soft and satiny, very fine and really is worth showing off.
Part number: 3385
Photography of Highly Slung

Highly Slung

148cm polyester Georgette in a rather large abstract geometric design with some animal markings within the triangles created in the design. The colours involve black, dark and light turquoise, dark brown with a hint of mustard
Part number: 3360
Photography of Miracle Man Jumbo Cord - Pale Grey

Miracle Man Jumbo Cord - Pale Grey

 152cm wide Another extremely softly finished baby jumbo cord in a soft pale grey, my trouser man would love this.
Part number: 3371m
Photography of Mercerised Cotton Jersey - Pea Green

Mercerised Cotton Jersey - Pea Green

160cm fairly bright pea green, superfine mercerised cotton jersey.
Part number: 4050a
Photography of Tailors Lining - Brown Twill Stripe

Tailors Lining - Brown Twill Stripe

160cm wide wide tailor's lining fabric of a quality of a bygone era and you don’t have to use this as a lining. In a brown twill weave with fine vertical stripe relief
Part number: CM002c
Photography of Deceptive


A 150cm wide quite coarsely woven polyester ‘tweed’ cloth in lots of lovely pale autumn colours. Mainly fawns and browns, but with some cream, white, pale turquoise and other hues where the yarns meet. It is meant to look like a linen cloth, and indeed it
Part number: 4101

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