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Ipcress- Green Palm Leaf Print Crepe - cu d

Ipcress- Green Palm Leaf Print Crepe - cu d

Approx Width: 59"/150cm Composition:  Polyester

There will be those of you who can cast your mind back to the days of Harry Palmer and skulduggery in White Hall and Scotland Yard, and our hero getting captured by some foreign neer-do-wells, and tortured and all manner of nasties. But this cloth put me in mind of the images that they used to try and blow his mind. This was in addition to the dripping tap, the thumb screws and having to go without an afternoon cup of tea. This 150cm wide fine polyester crepey-chiffony type cloth puts me in mind of the laser like flashing images that they tried to bring him down with. I suppose basically its an artist/designer gone made with his computer of his paint brush. There are splashes and slashes in mostly geometric shapes it has to be said, and in fairly subdued colours, black, navy blue, dark turquoise, pale turquoise, bit of mustard, bit of French mustard, and white. An extremely attention gathering cloth.

What Can I Make With This? Blouse, Dress
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