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TT - Ivory Green Cotton Linen - cu d

TT - Ivory Green Cotton Linen - cu d

Approx Width: 59"/150cm Composition:  Cotton, Linen

A 150cm wide fresh as a daisy striped cotton linen shirting in white, with variegated and different and differing green stripes. The stripes come in series of just one or two, then up to half a dozen, then back to one or two then half a dozen and so forth down the cloth. The shades of green vary and the fanciness of the weave in the stripe also varies. An in between these, in the white parts is another little fancy bit of weaving. It is fairly coarsely woven but it is a fairly soft cloth and is the epitome of summer. But donít do what I did, at the first barbeque of the season, and put on all the fancy gear, got out there and splashed a load of dirty hot oil over myself. I didnít spill my wine though.

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