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Fabrics by width 130cm/ 51" - 143cm/56"
Photography of Set Piece - The List - Second Impression 1.3m

Set Piece - The List - Second Impression 1.3m

142cm wide. Superb cotton lawn, with a colourful abstract design made up of little spots. Not round spots, but spots that look as if they were made by dabbing a paint brush.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP1996m
Photography of Set Piece - Performance - Military Olive 2m

Set Piece - Performance - Military Olive 2m

This is a completely different in that its only 130cm wide but it really is a cloth and a half is very water resistant and is the sort of polyester canvas you could make anything from jackets, to bags, outdoor furniture protection, truly great cloth
Discount 10%
Part number: SP8207c
Photography of Set Piece - Poplin Prints - Dante 3.5m

Set Piece - Poplin Prints - Dante 3.5m

You could imagine this print artfully carved into a lady's dresser, where she would store her gown for tomorrow's ball. Although I cannot promise this cotton poplin will take you to a ball, I can promise the mixture of reds, green and yellows on a charm b
Discount 10%
Part number: SP1903
Photography of Chiffon - Black

Chiffon - Black

150cm wide lovely quality dead flat black polyester chiffon fabric.
Part number: 1323f
Photography of Jack Black

Jack Black

130cm wide densely woven great quality black jersey fabric.
Part number: 7348
Photography of Yoryu Chiffon - Black

Yoryu Chiffon - Black

140cm wide black polyester Yuryu chiffon dress fabric.
Part number: 7347
Photography of Viscose - Dune Full

Viscose - Dune Full

140cm wide, quite soft camel viscose dress fabric.
Part number: 7337b
Photography of Viscose - Wing And A Prayer

Viscose - Wing And A Prayer

140cm wide, quite soft white viscose dress fabric.
Part number: 7337a
Photography of Flowing


140cm wide, flowing black viscose dress fabric with brighter floral pattern.
Part number: 7325
Photography of Be Bold - Set Free

Be Bold - Set Free

130cm wide in a very pale turquoise in an all over chain link pattern in gold, deep aqua marine and yellow.
Part number: 7318c
Photography of Water Resistant Canvas - Black

Water Resistant Canvas - Black

145cm wide PU coated polyester canvas: Very strong and water resistant. Great for anywhere you need strong, water repellent fabric. Garden furniture? Bags? Covers for anything? This one comes in deep black. Classy. Approx
Part number: 1780i
Photography of Crest Of The Slump - Dusky Pink

Crest Of The Slump - Dusky Pink

140cm wide cotton ,spandex needle cord in a lovely dull dusky pink.
Part number: 7312b

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