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Photography of Stretch Breathable Lining - Frosty

Stretch Breathable Lining - Frosty

What a wonderful thing; breathable stretch dress lining made from viscose with 3% Elastane. Just that little bit extra give if You need it. At the time of posting we had this in 4 colours but we have limited stocks. This one comes in frosty grey.
Part number: 6121d
Photography of John Kaldor - Devour Me

John Kaldor - Devour Me

140cm wide white sheer polyester ‘silk’ made up of 15% silk 45% rayon and 40% polyester. A beautifully soft hand and comes in black, with an all over fairly large, yet delicate floral pattern in shades of brilliant orange, aqua marine and dark red all fee
Part number: 6307
Photography of Paisley Changeant Linings - Mustard

Paisley Changeant Linings - Mustard

145cm wide Paisley linings - presently we are offering it in six colours, a nice quality polyester/viscose lining. This one comes in Champagne with a pink undertone.
Part number: 990x
Photography of Am I Old Fashioned or Just Vintage?

Am I Old Fashioned or Just Vintage?

This 100% polyester suiting in a black silver grey interlinked weave, which in fact isn’t woven at all it’s knitted. Could be confused with a crimplene of yesteryear but since crimplene of yesteryear has made a comeback in different guises of late, there’
Part number: 6269
Photography of Escape To Peru

Escape To Peru

130cm wide loosely woven soft floppy almost suiting in many shades of grey made up of black and grey yarns in a multiplicity of woven patterns, all of which might be seen in a poncho along with the rotten teeth up in the Andes.
Part number: 6236
Photography of Hornswoggled


What a lovely word! This fabric certainly fooled me . It sat in the corner masquerading as a wool flannel, then on closer inspection it feels like a wool mix but no; I do believe this to be wholely polyester apart from a 2% content of a stretch yarn such
Part number: 6225
Photography of Only The Crumbliest

Only The Crumbliest

140cm wide chocolate brown viscose satin. The benefits of viscose satin over a polyester is that it is breathable and there is no static. They still have a superb beautiful hand and draping qualities. Suitable for dresses, blouses and fabulous trousers.
Part number: 6218
Photography of Crinkled


Here we have an unusual polyester blouse fabric, this has ended at 130cm because it has been pleated and crinkled. There is nothing uniform about the pleating, it is like it has been scrunched and then a rubber type screen print applied leaving you with e
Part number: 6211
Photography of Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer

130cm wide, beautiful quality pale rose pink net completely covered in tiny rose gold sequins from john Kaldor, hardly any weight in it at all so not just for tiny dancers. 
Part number: 6209
Photography of Called To The Bar

Called To The Bar

We are approaching the season when we spend our time being called to the bar or being dragged away from it. The time of year to sparkle, whether we feel like it or not! But when the time comes we just get on with it and enjoy it don’t we? This first cloth
Part number: 6206
Photography of Crest Of The Slump - Pink

Crest Of The Slump - Pink

140cm wide cotton needle cord in either a lovely warm pink, which has exceptionally thicker cords or a red which is a little bit lighter with slightly finer cords. Apart from looking good they do wear well.
Part number: 7312d
Photography of Crest Of The Slump - Red

Crest Of The Slump - Red

140cm wide cotton needle cord in either a lovely juicy red which has exceptionally fine cords or number 2, pink which is a little bit heavier with slightly thicker cords. Apart from looking good they do wear well.
Part number: 7312c

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