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Scooby-do - Dark Fawn

Scooby Do - Dark Fawn Scuba - cu

Scooby Do - Dark Fawn Scuba - cu

Approx Width: 52"/134cm Composition:   

Today I am wearing a pair of casual cotton knitted trousers, which I normally lounge about in or indeed go to my Pilates class in. This morning it was Pilates, and I couldnít be bothered to go home and get changed, so I have come to work, it has to be said, fairly scruffy. But they are comfortable and itíll do for climbing in and out of rolls of cloth with my poorly leg. And having recently seen a label called Scuba on three rolls of cloth, which to me has connotations of underwater these cloths are not at all suitable for that sort of activity. They are however, extremely suitable for clothes to be casual in. This is a 134cm wide sort of dark fawn on one side, and a printed denim blue on the other. A heavier weight than the other two, and is indeed a up half as thick again. Quite stretchy and forgiving fabric. Easy care and virtually crease proof.

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