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Fabrics made of stripes, woven and printed
Photography of Set Piece - Once Upon A Time - Narrow - Big Stripe 2m

Set Piece - Once Upon A Time - Narrow - Big Stripe 2m

140cm wide is a fairly fine polyester crepe in black with a stripe every 5cm.
Discount 10%
Part number: SP7381e
Photography of Marled Stripe

Marled Stripe

160cm wide fine but slight open marled jersey in grey and black stripes. The stripes are about 2cm wide and are they to be noticed. Very soft and drapey jersey, ideal for tops and wraps. Made from 50% viscose 50% polyester.
Part number: 6317
Photography of Cotton Jersey - Hello Sailor

Cotton Jersey - Hello Sailor

150cm wide fine black and cream stripe cotton lycra jersey with a soft hand.
Part number: 6314
Photography of Cotton Jersey - My Way

Cotton Jersey - My Way

160cm wide blue and ivory 100% Cotton striped jersey. Where the blue stripe is made up of ivory and blue so it does add a bit of interest. The stripes run horizontally and are 2 inches wide. Very nice and a classic fabric, perfect for tops and dresses, wa
Part number: 6313
Photography of Viscose Jersey - Complimentary

Viscose Jersey - Complimentary

This is the first of a little series of patterned or stripe jersey some of which complement the plain ones but they won’t meant to, so don’t read too much into that. This first one is 160cm wide quite brightly striped jersey in black, bright turquoise, pu
Part number: 6312
Photography of Rosita


It was a moonlit night in old San Antone, something stirs and from the shadows emerges Rosita selling her wares, you didn’t notice her because she was clad in a poncho, in fact she was totally covered in the poncho, with just her head protruding through t
Part number: 6298
Photography of This Parley is Over

This Parley is Over

A nice fairly chunky softly Yorkshire woven lightly pattern jacketing in a dark tweed of blue’s, grey, brown with speckles of lighter colours here and there.
Part number: 6294
Photography of Blue Horizon - Silver Grey

Blue Horizon - Silver Grey

150cm cotton and viscose suiting comes in black and grey with grey yarns in the weft. It gives the impression of looking at the sea at sunset but not necessarily around Briton. Beautiful Italian made cloth or another famous maker, it also comes in pale bl
Part number: 6272b
Photography of Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon

150cm cotton and viscose suiting in a pale blue with dark blue yarns in the weft. Gives the impression of looking at the sea at sunset but not necessarily around Britain. Beautifully Italian made cloth or another famous maker, it also comes in black and g
Part number: 6272a
Photography of Pimpernel


150 wide polyester jersey in a dark kingfisher blue on one side and on the other is a spider’s web design mesh in black so you wear the turquoise inside and you can see the turquoise through the mesh from the outside but you’d already worked that out have
Part number: 6271
Photography of Am I Old Fashioned or Just Vintage?

Am I Old Fashioned or Just Vintage?

This 100% polyester suiting in a black silver grey interlinked weave, which in fact isn’t woven at all it’s knitted. Could be confused with a crimplene of yesteryear but since crimplene of yesteryear has made a comeback in different guises of late, there’
Part number: 6269
Photography of Lifting


This 150cm wide cotton linen ‘denim’ lightweight trousering / shirting fabric comes in a light brown. Which with not a great deal of effort can become a cloth that might look a bit untidy but when ironed can look extremely smart.
Part number: 6250

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