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A selection of various fabric types with floral patterns for dressmaking.
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Nolah Faye

Pima Cotton Lawn - Nolah Faye

This lovely quality ivory pima cotton lawn, has a multitude of butterflies, fluttering almost in a set pattern. The wings of these creatures look as if they are painted in watercolours; with tones of navy, turquoise, green and off white. The tops of the w
Part number: 1941f
Photography of A Grand Design - A Likely Story

A Grand Design - A Likely Story

150cm wide navy blue with a fairly sparse but all over floral design in many shades of pink and some green, very striking, wonderfully elegant and beautiful to wear, I imagine.
Part number: 7316c
Photography of A Grand Design - Heavenly

A Grand Design - Heavenly

150cm wide a lovely mid grey with an all over beautifully coloured floral print.
Part number: 7316e
Photography of A Grand Design - Wheels

A Grand Design - Wheels

150cm wide dusky, mid blue, totally cover with opened flowers, but I think there are wheels. They are only small & they in different shades of blue and some white, fabulously soft.
Part number: 7316c
Photography of A Mess

A Mess

150cm wide cream, fairly tightly knit mesh cotton jersey, with an all over growing squawky floral design, in shades of grey.
Part number: 7301
Photography of Alhambra


137cm wide Black stretch polyester lace with a fairly open mesh knit with a very pretty black floral design which is quite dense. Beautifully delicate!
Part number: 2194
Photography of Alice Marley

Alice Marley

This  146cm wide very fine polyester georgette has a fairly large goth like floral abstract print in dark autumn colours of rust, blue, turquoise and brown on a black background.
Part number: 8152
Photography of Amnesia


146cm wide very John Kaldor fine cotton print with a satin finish it is the sort of design that one might expect to find in Polynesia, with a lovely dark blue background upon which is printed a largish south sea floral tongue jungle design in shades of pi
Part number: 7174
Photography of Anthology - Desert Daydreams  - Climber Rust

Anthology - Desert Daydreams - Climber Rust

Now here is a confession: I do not know what kind of plant this is. Perhaps a wild flower? It looks as if it could be a climbing plant to me... The outline of the flowers in a warm, rich brown are set on orangey-rust base. Very simple, yet very striking.
Part number: 1496c
Photography of As Night Follows - Day

As Night Follows - Day

150cm wide fine,cream beautifully knitted polyester jersey with a fairly large floral spray design in pink, pale peach and perhaps a hint of pale yellow.
Part number: 7279a
Photography of As Night Follows - Night

As Night Follows - Night

150cm wide fine, black beautifully knitted polyester jersey is a very dense and very colourful floral design completely covering the cloth and like number 1 is beautifully soft, light and wonderful to wear.
Part number: 7279b
Photography of Assegai


150cm wide black polyester georgette with an all over leaf/shield design in cream and the leafs are placed in such a fashion so though they have fallen.
Part number: 6131

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