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A selection of various fabric types with floral patterns for dressmaking.
Photography of Denim Stretch Floral - Sherwood

Denim Stretch Floral - Sherwood

Lightweight Denim Stretch Floral Dress Fabric
Part number: 1725b
Photography of Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Small scattered purple flowers on a very light pink polycotton It looks as if some cheeky younger relative has sneaked blue petals into the mix, I hope the bride doesn't find out.
Part number: 1720
Photography of Esme - Aqua

Esme - Aqua

A white cotton poplin with black, all over outlines of leaves and flowers. To my mind it looks as if an artist, possibly in a small ground floor apartment in Paris, has dipped his brushes into three shades of water colours; a mossy green, an almost royal
Part number: 1718a
Photography of Forest Garden

Forest Garden

A lovely white cotton poplin fabric full of all the flowers you might find in a forest. The flowers are in pink, orange, grey, green and some blue plants that look a little bit like dandelions. There are also toadstools and tufts of grass for sunbathing o
Part number: 1724
Photography of Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet

Purple flowers, wth darker purple accents, set on the palest of pale lilac bases. The polycotton is something to behold in it's sweet, feminine charm.
Part number: 1712
Photography of Jumping the Broom

Jumping the Broom

This mid-navy floral polycotton has a touch of the sixties about it, don't you think? Maybe its the shape of the bold scattered flowers? Maybe its the combination of navy, peach, yellow and pink? Who knows. Either way, its groovy baby...
Part number: 1711
Photography of Northfield


A rich purple polycotton with small pink, claret and white flowers all over it, the green stems and leaves just help to lighten this cloth. It reminds me of strolling through a field at dusk, whispering sweet nothings to your sweetheart; after staying to
Part number: 1709
Photography of Sea of Flowers

Sea of Flowers

146cm wide polyester crepe georgette, printed almost all over in a sea of flowers in subdued tones of none-primary colours, An awfully expensive cloth to make and to get the colour on to such a fine cloth is just unbelievable.
Part number: 1724
Photography of Denim Stretch Floral - Bowland

Denim Stretch Floral - Bowland

Lightweight Denim Stretch Floral Dress Fabric
Part number: 1725
Photography of Him With No Ear (loses specs) - 1.4m Set Piece

Him With No Ear (loses specs) - 1.4m Set Piece

This is 1.4m set piece. 147cm wide plain weave polyester fire peach skin shirting with a grey background and plethora of coloured floral and Fauna the artist himself would have been hard put to better. A wonderfully vibrant experience within itself.
Part number: 1443
Photography of Just a Little Bit More - Moonlight Girl - 1.5m Set Piece

Just a Little Bit More - Moonlight Girl - 1.5m Set Piece

This is a 1.5m set piece. Nice quality cotton poplin with a monochrome floral pattern.
Part number: 1240k
Photography of Embroidered Lawn - 1.2m Set Piece

Embroidered Lawn - 1.2m Set Piece

This is a set 1.2m piece. 148cm wide white embroidered cotton lawn fabric, wonderful to wear in hot weather and will go with almost anything.
Part number: 1320d

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