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Geometric & Abstact

Photography of Clothworks - Moiré

Clothworks - Moiré

This Moiré fabric by Clothworks will certainly leave you wanting more-ay. The mutlitonal red swirled design would be a great cotton blender for craft projects, but could be a nice piece of clothing too.
Part number: CM1500
Photography of Anthology - Desert Daydreams  - Link

Anthology - Desert Daydreams - Link

Anthology is an American brand known for it's dedication to quality. From the Desert Daydreams range this fabric showcases white, black and orange 'links' on a red base, with an almost chevron effect.
Part number: CM1496a
Photography of Camelot - Les Tulipes

Camelot - Les Tulipes

111cm wide lovely quality cotton design by Rebecca Williams for Camelot. Great for a blender in a craft project but a stunning dress too.
Part number: CM1491c
Photography of Combed Cotton - Ukara

Combed Cotton - Ukara

145cm wide Zebra like black and white pattern with black large flowers scattered around with an abstract water coloured effect.
Part number: CM1470d
Photography of Combed Cotton - IGBO

Combed Cotton - IGBO

150cm wide blue, black and white African style cotton print with a triangle, diamondy shaped pattern continuously going through.
Part number: CM2470c
Photography of Viscose - Rhoda

Viscose - Rhoda

Rhoda - 144cm wide black and white floral viscose dress fabric reminds me of something I’ve seen somewhere that reminds me of the deep south of America. A bit sassy a bit classy and a delight to wear
Part number: CM1450c
Photography of Viscose - The Universe

Viscose - The Universe

144cm wide soft viscose shirting in all sorts of colours, imagine being out there looking down on the earth is what this cloths all about dark blues turquoises beige pink and cream in an all over mottled sort of abstract design. b) Big
Part number: CM1450a
Photography of If Only

If Only

144cm wide this polyester blouse cloth really does have the feel and appearance of a slightly firm silk, the design is totally abstract and comes in very muted shades of pink, silver, other greys and a bit of black and colour that might even be a dark kha
Part number: CM1452
Photography of R Marnie

R Marnie

144cm wide fine polyester shirting in a variegated stripe weave which goes from very fine to much less fine across the cloth which has then been over printed with an animal print design. Depicting perhaps footprints perhaps the spots the coat of an animal
Part number: CM1455
Photography of TLT


150cm wide Silky soft polyester very fine straw cloth type wear in cream with an all over reasonable sparse design in pink green lilac and black very arty design which the little man with short legs and a large nose would have been extremely proud. Soft a
Part number: CM1457
Photography of Millie Miglia - Maggi Grey

Millie Miglia - Maggi Grey

This is the same design as the other Millie Maglia - Maggi, but this time not as colourful, just in grey, black, blue, yellow and cream. Somebody’s trying to keep everybody happy.
Part number: CM1458i
Photography of Millie Miglia - Maggi Purple

Millie Miglia - Maggi Purple

This is similar to number Millie Miglia - Maggie Red in that is a mosaic design but this time browns, black, pale orange, dark olive, deeper reds, magenta and greens.
Part number: CM1458h

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