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Geometric & Abstract

Photography of All washed Out 1.5 m set piece

All washed Out 1.5 m set piece

140cm wide. Cotton with some linen shirting/dress fabric in a washed out navy blue and white abstract all over design, on top of which are swirls of ribbon cut from the base fabric and sewn back on, gives it a bit of a gypsy sort of look. This cloth has s
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Part number: 2028
Photography of Dream Coat

Dream Coat

Coating with an all over “embroidered” design in multi-colored yarns. The design shapes include stars diamonds and satin like squiggles so whilst the overall effect is obviously black the color in the ya
Part number: 2146
Photography of Release


Trousering in a fairly large all over tropical busy floral design in fairly dark colors of blue, dark brown, deep orange, black and lime green with odd big white and other off white flowers in and among the busy design. I think some brave lady would lik
Part number: 2144
Photography of Harry Lime

Harry Lime

Quite substantial polyester suiting in lime green, this colour is enhanced by a fancy and very clever large sort of /pyramid/ diamond design. It is very closely woven and has a very soft hand to it, jackets will probably go best with white trousers but if
Part number: 2143
Photography of Forever


Quite light weight stunning in black a densely woven tiny diamond pattern enhances the deepness of the color of the die. A bit on the narrow side but a wonderful cloth.
Part number: 1328
Photography of Quipton


As we travel through the universe we come to another explosion of design and colour in this 150cm wide German 94% viscose, 6% lycra jersey. It is not as colourful as Zara Hothra but it has still got lots of colour, however there are more darker bits and s
Part number: 3013
Photography of Secret Garden

Secret Garden

155cm wide fine 97% Viscose, 3% Elastane jersey in a very dense, quite large over grown garden diesign in black, purple, cerise, grey, mustard and cream a lot of depth in the colour on a very fine and sily knitted viscose cloth. 
Part number: 3011
Photography of Zara Hothra

Zara Hothra

A 150cm wide fairly fine viscose jersey. This is a colourful all over abstract detsign which could be a forest fire; it could be lightening flashing over a forest, or simply a figment of someone's imagination. All the shapes of which there are many, are v
Part number: 3011
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Zig Zag

Mambo Italiano - Zig Zag

Here we have a rich Italian cotton shirting in purple zig zag. Woven cloth with a fair amount of body and a supremely silkily soft.
Part number: 2110o
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Grandad Stripe

Mambo Italiano - Grandad Stripe

Here is another Italian completely different shirting this time a little bit heavier ,perhaps even a touch courser but not a lot. It comes in a Granddad sort of stripe in shades of grey with white it will make up both formally and look quite so. It's a be
Part number: 2110f
Photography of Mambo Italiano - Diamond

Mambo Italiano - Diamond

An exceedingly fine diamond woven design in white and pale blue. This Italian cotton shirting have a soft super silky finish.
Part number: 2110d
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Sherpa Fleece Green 3.18m set piece

Sherpa jacquard fleece in black and burgundy.The background is black with fawn interference as it were. It’s not too heavy, but looks warm and a thing of purpose, if you had an Airedale terrier he would get lost in this. Fabulous fabric.
Part number: CM452

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