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Geometric & Abstact

Photography of Are We in The Clear Yet?

Are We in The Clear Yet?

Not Likely, but if you were you would be spotted in this rather nice digitally printed polyester 'wool touch' dress fabric in blues and lilacs and many more colours it has to be said......
Part number: 1540b
Photography of Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

I happened to be singing along to Taylor Swift's latest single when I picked up this cloth, crikey it is a catchy tune but then she appears to be rather adept at that....
Part number: 1540a
Photography of PV - Can You Handle It?

PV - Can You Handle It?

This 60in (150cm) wide abstract print viscose spandex jersey fabric. This fairly abstract print looks as though they weren’t quite ready and they hadn’t got all the ink, in all the places
Part number: 1527b
Photography of Kiss French - Wear Italian

Kiss French - Wear Italian

145cm wide quite substantial wool mix jersey jacketing fabric. With a zig zag sort of pattern in pale grey, white, turquoise, dark grey, pink and hints of purple, all quite subdued and the colours meld into each other. It’s beautiful! And made from 70%
Part number: CM1482b
Photography of Houndstooth


Rhoda - 144cm wide black and white viscose dress fabric reminds me of something I’ve seen somewhere that reminds me of the deep south of America. A bit sassy a bit classy and a delight to wear
Part number: CM1450d
Photography of Heavyweight Champion

Heavyweight Champion

This 150cm wide quite heavy and densely knitted scuba polyester jersey transports you to that world in colours that you might find in other parts of the universe
Part number: CM1070
Photography of Hall of the Mountain King

Hall of the Mountain King

This 150cm wide quite heavy and densely knitted bonded polyester scuba jersey transports you to that world in colours........
Part number: CM1215
Photography of Taking Leave

Taking Leave

We are getting to the time of year when people take collective leave of their senses encouraged by retailers and makers of all things fancy, fattening and eventually ruefull. However, before all that comes the anticipation of the jollity to come. This is
Part number: CM1077
Photography of Space


150cm wide at least, polyester lyca jersey in an abstract design which could look like the earth as seen from the space station. There is nothing specific I can point out other than to say there are large splodges of blue, black, brown and some grey all o
Part number: CM1208
Photography of Love is Like...

Love is Like...

150cm wide polyester lightly satinised blouse cloth. I thought at first glance it was an abstract butterfly design but it isn’t there are shapes which could be mistaken for butterflies, leaves, or flowers. Indeed it could be all of those things so you wil
Part number: CM1213
Photography of Penelope Satin

Penelope Satin

142cm wide Spanish made printed satin, a lovely quality satin dress fabric with a colourful abstract print. This is a good weight and is lovley and soft. It will drape beautifully and won't crease.
Part number: CM1406
Photography of Clothworks - Moiré

Clothworks - Moiré

This Moiré fabric by Clothworks will certainly leave you wanting more-ay. The mutlitonal red swirled design would be a great cotton blender for craft projects, but could be a nice piece of clothing too.
Part number: CM1500

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