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Stripes Plaids & Tartans

Stripes Plaids & Tartan fabrics
Photography of Seersucker - Blue and White Stripe

Seersucker - Blue and White Stripe

148cm wide blue and white stripe cotton seersucker fabric.
Part number: 3056b
Photography of Seersucker - Pink and White Stripe

Seersucker - Pink and White Stripe

148cm wide pink and white stripe cotton seersucker fabric.
Part number: 3056a
Photography of Tartan


148cm wide.Poly viscose lightweight tartan suiting in green, red and black.
Part number: 3394
Photography of Assistance 1.5m set piece

Assistance 1.5m set piece

Having spent several minutes looking at this multi-stripe fabulous quality, 100% fine cotton poplin shirting, and having looked at the samples I couldn’t decide which was what. Jayne came to my aid and pointed out how things worked, and it still took anot
Discount 10%
Part number: 1806b
Photography of A Definite Maybe

A Definite Maybe

A 150cm wide blue and white small check gingham suiting in blue and white polyester elastane. You may have seen this is in tightly fitted trousers, or indeed a fairly loose fitting jacket.However it also reminds me of a pale blue school check. 
Part number: 1863a
Photography of All Things Bright - Blue

All Things Bright - Blue

150 cm wide brightly striped cotton cloth in “deckchair stripes.” This one is in pale blue, cream, grey, dark blue and red variegated striped in a canvas weave.
Part number: 1337a
Photography of All Things Bright - Orange

All Things Bright - Orange

150 cm wide slightly heavier cloth in bright orange, red, yellow, green, navy blue and white multi stripe and this time in a twill weave.
Part number: 1337b
Photography of And Camilla

And Camilla

A lovely Italian made Wool brushed melton cloth in 1inch check in black, ivory and grey with a lightly brushed finish. it matches the same fabric Prince of Wales if you fancy being clever and mixing up the checks.
Part number: 1541a
Photography of Benartex Aria Madrigal

Benartex Aria Madrigal

Another craft/quilt cotton from American brand Benartex. Peach, yellow and the occasional green stripe; sometimes distinct, other times more blended. A sweet, citrusy sorbet of a cloth. 
Part number: 1760b
Photography of Blooming Heather

Blooming Heather

Lightweight tweed suiting in mainly greeny heathery tones with a fine line over check in pink rust black and pale turquoise and I think all of those tones and colours are actually in the heather mix base cloth. I can’t name names but this is one of the fi
Part number: 2197
Photography of Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder

A 150cm wide very soft poly viscose plaid check shirting in shades of blue, white and lemon. Not terribly macho, but a great shirting. Country of Origin: Portugal
Part number: 2043
Photography of Bruised - Navy

Bruised - Navy

150 cm wide blue/black large gingham check style suiting in black and blue, the colours are very much wove together so there’s no definitive edge to any of the check, it all melds in. How nice.
Part number: 4301a

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