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Stripes Plaids & Tartans

Stripes Plaids & Tartan fabrics
Photography of Cotton Seersucker - Gingham - Yellow 2.9m set piece

Cotton Seersucker - Gingham - Yellow 2.9m set piece

150cm wide soft cotton yellow and white lightly seersuckered check fabric.
Part number: 1285e
Product picture not available

Mothers Ruin - Gin and Lemon

Part number: 1858a
Photography of Wool- Blue Herringbone

Wool- Blue Herringbone

I could mention an island off the north west coast of Scotland but that wouldn’t be best practice but this cloth is very much like tweed from that part of the world, its different shades of blue herringbone tweed with a fairly typical highland wool feel.
Part number: 2040d
Photography of Wool- England

Wool- England

140cm wide. What in some people’s eyes would be described as a whist of England cloth, I’m not sure what that means but I have had a jacket at some point made of a whist of England cloth and this is very similar, a fairly fine but not thin, soft, smooth w
Part number: 2040b
Photography of Wool- Prince of Wales

Wool- Prince of Wales

150cm wide. Quite delicately patterned prince of wales check wool suiting in beige and a darker brown. It’s described as tweed and probably is in that it has quite a bit of weave interest. Quite at home in jackets, skirts or indeed coats.
Part number: 2040c
Photography of Wool- Country Tweed

Wool- Country Tweed

Wonderful British made county tweed check skirt jacket weight woollen tweed in grey taupe, pale blue and what appears to be a navy blue or black and there are different tones in the colours as the yarns cross each other to form this rather splendid good s
Part number: 2040f
Photography of Ponte Roma - Stripe

Ponte Roma - Stripe

A 150cm wide available in black with a fine horizontal white stripe polyester elastane knitted heavy jersey fabric, beloved of anyone that likes comfort and doesn’t mind VPL.
Part number: 2000i
Photography of Oops a Daisy

Oops a Daisy

This 147cm wide cotton shirting, would, if it was found, be described as a delicacy. It isn’t however, so we will have to think of something else. Woven in a Prince of Wales type check, all in white with different thicknesses of yarn forming the stripes t
Part number: 2082
Photography of TT


A 150cm wide fresh as a daisy striped cotton linen shirting in white, with variegated and different and differing green stripes. The stripes come in series of just one or two, then up to half a dozen, then back to one or two then half a dozen and so forth
Part number: 2076
Photography of Double Check

Double Check

A 150cm fine cotton very lightly seer suckered check shirting in a dark purpley-blue and navy blue check. That’s half the story. The other part of it is that it is in fact two checks. A sort of gingham check on one side, and a tiny jam jar sized check on
Part number: 2090
Photography of Pima Cotton Lawn - Galloping Major

Pima Cotton Lawn - Galloping Major

A 145cm wide fabulous cotton tana in a dark navy blue and dark cream/light beige stripe. That in itself would be enough, but printed within the stripes, across the stripes and through the stripes are little montages of people on horses, galloping, st
Part number: 1941h
Photography of Canvas - Bone

Canvas - Bone

A 155cm wide quite substantial cotton canvas in a French navy and off white stripe. The navy part of the stripe being about 2cm wide and the white 5mm wide. It has a surprisingly soft hand, but it still is a cloth that will retain its structure.
Part number: 1992e

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