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Vintage and retro style dressmaking and craft fabric
Photography of VW Campervan - Canvas

VW Campervan - Canvas

A 150cm wide, plain light beige cotton canvas with a Volkswagen carvanette print, in rows all over the cloth. The vehicles come in different colours and no doubted printed before the emissions scandal.
Part number: 1994
Photography of When The Weather is Fine... Laze

When The Weather is Fine... Laze

Some prints look full of energy... this one doesn't. Not that that is necessarily a bad things. The subdued blues, greens and browns of this cloth are relaxing to say the least. I envision summer shirts and good books. 
Part number: 1988h
Photography of Brocade - Christabel

Brocade - Christabel

This is an extremely feminine, fairly lightweight pink brocade. The pattern is reminiscent of the Victorian period, without looking too old. An undeniably classy cloth. 
Part number: 1981
Photography of Cotton Canvas - Paris Life Aqua

Cotton Canvas - Paris Life Aqua

This is a 44in 112cm wide printed cotton canvas fabric. The main of the fabric is aqua, upon and around which has been printed a pretty design reflecting Parisian life. A decent cloth albeit not European but it will do a good job at all things listed be
Part number: 1675a
Photography of Poplin Prints - Dante

Poplin Prints - Dante

You could imagine this print artfully carved into a lady's dresser, where she would store her gown for tomorrow's ball. Although I cannot promise this cotton poplin will take you to a ball, I can promise the mixture of reds, green and yellows on a charm b
Part number: 1903
Photography of Benartex Aria Sonata Yellow

Benartex Aria Sonata Yellow

If the flowers on this pale yellow quilting cotton were white, I would call them daisies. As they are not, I shall just describe them; simple yellow flowers with multi-tonal green leaves and stems. There are even a few orange berries. The back ground has
Part number: 1763
Photography of Poplin Prints - Conran - Autumn

Poplin Prints - Conran - Autumn

A fantastic little print, super for crafts and light furnishing and a funky blouse if you like. lovely cotton poplin fabric made up of various shades of reds and yellows.
Part number: 100b
Photography of Poplin Prints - Conran - Sherwood

Poplin Prints - Conran - Sherwood

A great graphic leaf print made up of various shades of blue and green on a super cotton poplin base
Part number: 100a
Photography of Poplin Prints - Conran - Pink

Poplin Prints - Conran - Pink

Pink Leaf Print Cotton PoplinDoes this remind you of something? I can't think what it is but this is a fantastic little print and will be super especially for crafts and light furnishing. A great graphic leaf print made up of various shades of pink.
Part number: 100c
Photography of Poplin Prints - Sonnet Red

Poplin Prints - Sonnet Red

Set on a red base, the sprigs of flowers, set in white ‘clouds’ are interspersed with white leaves and red flower heads.
Part number: 1679
Photography of Poplin Print- Marry Me

Poplin Print- Marry Me

112cm wide graphic print of a daisy, similar in style to Marrimekko, It comes in a coral orange on a pale cream ground.
Part number: 1567
Photography of Poplin Prints - Sewing Room

Poplin Prints - Sewing Room

A lovely quality cotton poplin, printed with all things sewing related. It makes me think of having a dress custom-made in a little French boutique... Oh I can dream.
Part number: 1540

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