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Coating & Jacketing Fabric

A good coat can be real investment. So why not make your own to ensure it is a style and fit that you love? This is our selection of coating fabrics; some of the coating fabrics will keep you dry, other coating fabrics will keep you warm. So wherever you plan on wearing the coat you make, you can rest assured that it will serve you well.

Photography of Doeskin – Okayama - Blue

Doeskin – Okayama - Blue

This is scuba, a double knit jersey material and this one is two fabrics in one. A sueded double sided scuba dress material.
Part number: 1909V03B
Photography of Doeskin – Okayama - Coral

Doeskin – Okayama - Coral

This is scuba, a double knit jersey material and this one is two fabrics in one. A sueded double sided scuba dress material. The face is faux suede, printed with a coral / red floral Japanese inspired design. The back of the fabric is beige and is a typic
Part number: 1909V03A
Photography of Can I Have Ice Cream, Please?

Can I Have Ice Cream, Please?

Soft and fairly chunky 79% polyester 20% viscose 1% elastane jacketing in a quite ‘padded’ pattern which might deplicite from the primates or bettered, extremely cleverly done.
Part number: 1810M18
Photography of Coature


Brushed, quite heavy polyester coating in a large black and white multi line check – quite striking and in its own way I suppose fairly glamorous.
Part number: 1904B04
Photography of Zig & Zag

Zig & Zag

In my little golfing circle we had a couple of chaps who we christened Zig and Zag because of their method of getting round a golf course...
Part number: 1904J14
Photography of Brexit - 1 - Heavyweight

Brexit - 1 - Heavyweight

150cm wide, 100% cotton denim, chunky 14 oz, with a fairly fancy twill weave, without stretch and in traditional denim blue.
Part number: 1907B01h
Photography of Brexit - 2 - Devine

Brexit - 2 - Devine

150cm wide, lightweight (approx 7.5oz) cotton stretch denim, with a small amount of elastane. The perfect denim for a dress, boiler suit or culottes/ trousers.
Part number: 1907B01g
Photography of Brexit - 3 - Darkness

Brexit - 3 - Darkness

150cm wide, 100% cotton denim. Dark blue broken twill weave in a medium weight. (approx 8oz)
Part number: 1907B01f
Photography of Brexit - 4 - Comfort

Brexit - 4 - Comfort

150cm wide, 100% cotton (approx 8oz) denim in fairly traditional dark navy blue and this has an element of stretch.
Part number: 1907B01e
Photography of Brexit - 5 - Boyfreind

Brexit - 5 - Boyfreind

150cm wide, 100% cotton denim, in lighter blue, broken twill weave with a firm finish. Approx 10oz.
Part number: 1907B01d
Photography of Brexit - 6 - Boris

Brexit - 6 - Boris

150cm wide, very nice 100% cotton denim, approximately 8 oz in weight. This is a lightweight denim woven in a square weave which has the appearance of a chambray.
Part number: 1907B01c
Photography of Brexit - 7 - Pack Your Bag

Brexit - 7 - Pack Your Bag

140cm wide, 100% cotton (approx 12oz) indigo blue denim in a square weave. A good material for making bags and using for crafts especially because of its unusual patterning. 
Part number: 1907B01b

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